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The silver's tears


This morning was different none of them heard the scream last night and Tony knows well he shouldn’t say a word about it determined to talk with Thor again when they are alone, but also Thor was strange this morning sitting near the window staring to the city which become his home recently , not rushing to his brother like always they started to wonder if something happened while they were asleep “Aren’t you forgetting something Thor or someone?” Bruce asked “he didn’t sleep well so he must be still asleep” Thor said without looking to them “Am the only one feeling we missed something?” Clint said perplexed “I know you don’t want to be another problem he has to deal with but this doesn’t mean giving him the feeling that you don’t care” Bruce said firmly “With due respect my friend but he is my brother and I know what he thinks of and how to deal with him , he is the one who forgot something not me” he said quietly then left to his room “What was that?” Clint asked “That’s my friend is a live example of how a relationship can be complicated” Tony smirked “Not only complicated it’s almost impossible” Steve said sighing “Better start making breakfast this show won’t end soon” “Wow Cap lost hope that’s serious” Clint exclaimed “If Loki will be awaken soon better make him some hot cocoa then “ Pepper said joining Steve “Doesn’t he eat or drink anything unless it has chocolate in it or what” Tony smirked “He likes it” pepper giggled “And he is coming this way” Clint whispered to them, when Loki entered they stop talking trying not to stare at him , he ignored them and looked around for Thor frowning on not finding him here, he was heading back to his room when he felt someone grabbing his arm to stop “You oaf you think you will get rid of me that easily” Loki’s eyes spangled with tears on hearing his brother’s words “You forgot” Thor cried “How could you forget this? I stayed all the night waiting for you” his voice was breaking and Loki started to cry quietly “But I think that’s how it supposed to be, come here” Thor cried grabbing him in a hug and loki didn’t push him away instead he put his hands on his shoulder wrapping him tightly “Oh that’s sweet” Tony giggled “Shut up” Pepper said hitting him on the head “Ugh, what the hell pepper” he whined and Loki glanced at him angrily “What? I didn’t do anything” Tony yelled “You don’t have the simplest manners on how to talk to a lady” Thor said “As if it wasn’t enough we have Captain language here, What the fuck now?” he said surprised Loki stared at him flickering waving his hand slightly causing the glass on Tony’s hand to froze “Whoa “Tony yelped dropping the glass holding his hand staring at him with shock “I think this mean language” Clint smirked “Someone is using his other powers now” Thor said patting Loki’s shoulder causing him to flinch a little giggling “Well I never saw Tony stunned like this, Loki you’re the first person to really shut him up” Steve said laughing , Loki blushed putting his hand on his mouth to stop himself from laughing “Good to have you brother” Thor beamed messing Loki’s hair causing him to frown stepping back stroking his hair when he failed to keep it straight he pouted going back to his room “Your brother is sweet” Pepper said sighing “Yes he had always be” Thor said smiling “And the fact that he turned my drink to freakin ice” Tony whined “Maybe you learn to hold your tongue more from now on” Clint smirked “I’ll make him some hot cocoa, Jarvis, is Loki in his room? Pepper asked “No, he didn’t go back to it” “Where is he then?” Thor asked “He was wandering till he reached the lab, that’s his location now” “My lab ? He is in my lab” Tony yelled “Isn’t it locked and only you can get in?” Steve asked “You really think this will stop him” Tony whined “Don’t worry Stark my brother is skilled” “That’s what worries me , show me what’s he doing” Tony yelled and they all stared at the screen Loki was wandering around amazed by everything, till his eyes fell on a huge metal armour he stood in front of it observing it before he started to discover it ! “My suit, he will broke it” Tony whined “It’s already broken Tony don’t fool us” Pepper said “Whatever, no one touches my things” he said running to the lab “What a child, better follow him before he drove him angry” Pepper said “Look at Loki” Bruce said and they all looked at the screen again with eyes wide opened, he wasn’t just playing with it he knew what exactly need to be done and suit started to work again “Oh shit, I remember this one it is not broken it shoots anyone the moment it switched on” Pepper said on horror “Oh my god” Steve shouted running after Thor who didn’t waste a moment “Jarvis, connect me to Tony now” pepper shouted “What’s it now?” Tony voice came agitated “Tony, you must hurry , the one he is toying with is the one that shoots directly” “I can’t” “What do you mean by you can’t?” she yelled “He ruined the lock, can’t open the door” “what to do now? You had to make a door that can’t be knocked down” Steve exclaimed “Only him can open it from inside, so Thor convince your brother to open the door” Tony said quietly “Loki, brother open the door would you, it’s stuck” Thor shouted “Really! And he will just listen to you and...” the door was opened before Tony finishes his talk “Oh, never mind” he scoffed rushing towards him They expected to hear the shooting any moment now but nothing happened except a song started to play suddenly , they followed the sound till they found him “My iPod” Tony whined , Loki was annoyed by the loud voices shouting till he founds a quieter one, he liked it “Louder than thunder...The irony of the name” Tony said laughing forgetting his anger “Come brother , you continue while having breakfast okay” Thor said upset by the words of this song and Steve noticed it too , Loki walked with them looking for another song “I think will have a songs roll now” Tony smirked “Oh thank god you’re alright” Pepper cried hugging him , Loki looked at thor confused blushing “We thought the suit will shoot you” Thor said trying to hold his laugh *But I fix it why would it shoot me* “yeah we know you’re genius and you can fix it now give me my iPod” Tony whined “Someone had a night study” Clint smirked Loki shacked his shoulder playing another song which was a really bad choice “Not this one” Tony shouted worried and the others looked at him surprised by his reaction but then they knew the reason Loki face was plain no reaction can be seen on it, skilled at hiding his feeling they always said, but for how long all the questions he had been asking himself , all these nightmares the thoughts , all of that translated on a song When the song ended Loki put down the iPod heading back to his room silently thinking of how he was really...Shattered!

“You only listens to Ac/Dc so where the hell this one came from” Pepper yelled “I was bored” Tony said “Now what should I do? He was finally getting over it and this happened” Thor said enraged “It’s just a song Thor, he get over it” Clint said “No it’s not just a song, this was like someone telling you your life, I know he has so many questions on his heads worried to ask it afraid of answers he might hear, not knowing was and will always be his worst fear, so what do you think he feels now about not knowing a whole part of his life” Thor cried “Will we need to cheer him up now don’t we” Pepper said excited “What about a movie?” Bruce suggested “Disney movie” Steve said immediately “appreciate your efforts my friends but he tends to sleep and to stay by himself when he is sad , I’ll leave him for a while then I’ll go and stay with him, but it’s not wise to be with him when he is angry” “Another day then” Steve said disappointed Loki made sure no one will interrupt him he closed the door and sat on the floor leaning to it thinking of this midgardian song though he was sad by its words but he can’t hide his admiration of how some words can describe his feelings like this he grew fond of this city already, sitting near the window watching the people, the streets , the sky at night so dark so beautiful full with the stars, he remembers his home can he still call it home anymore? Can he go back to his mother....Frigga how he missed her did she miss him too? Did father thought of him asking Thor to bring him home? Maybe they just forgot about him Thor thought of a way to make Loki forget what happened and most important to find a way to tell him that he will never be alone he will never be shattered !! A song hurt him so only a song can make him feel better Thor hoped, he took the iPad Loki left and went back to his room, it took him a while till he figured out how it works, listening to song after song till he got headache from this noise he was going to give up when he heard this one , he felt his tears warmness it was the one, but how to make Loki listen to it or him !! Thir didn’t notice it was midnight already, so when he heard the scream he worried that they may try to enter his room , and Loki!...he won’t love this to feel this open in front of them, this weak , it will only make things worse

He rushed to his room to find them already there, but Tony ...he was standing in front of the door preventing any one from getting in , he sighed feeling relieved that he wasn’t late “Just tell me, why you don’t wanna us to get in” Steve asked agitated “I said no that’s it, you idiot why you left him alone, what did I tell you” Tony shouted at Thor grabbing him “I...don’t know what to do” Thor muttered “Just tell him what you feel, tell him what he needs to hear, understand” Tony said quietly ignoring the eyes staring at him with shock, he cares! So what? None of them will know how it feels like him, only him lived this before, if any one has the right to interfere it will always be him Thor openned the door slowly then turned the light on after he closed the door making sure they all left, he looked at his brother in pain , he was curling around himself shaking badly awake of course, he won’t dare to sleep again this night , seeing him like this made Thor remembering the song, it was his only chance he thought He sat next to him without talking for moments, then he put his hand n his shoulder it only made Loki jerking back in fear, he didn’t realise that he was here at all ! “Please, just let me stay here with you, I can’t leave you like this, please” Thor said pleading Loki felt all his anger fade away, he needed him to stay how can he deny this but he won’t admit this never, he gave him his back covering his face with the blanket like before Thor smiled sadly knowing that Loki would never admit his weakness...sentiments is weakness in his eyes but not for long Thor said to himself taking out the iPod and played the song whispering to Loki “ song made you so sad, hope this one will tell you all I can’t say” Loki listened to Thor’s words in boredom thinking it will be a silly one, sentimental like him, but when it started Loki only felt pain...so much pain Loki turns to him his eyes were red not from crying but anger, he was so angry Thor didn’t know why worried “Loki, are you okay? I...” Thor was shut when Loki threw the iPod to the wall breaking it to pieces “But why...” Thor muttered hurt stepping back “Lies” Loki signed leaving the room not knowing where to go but any place is good without Thor in it Thor followed him trying to control his anger, lies? What the hell? After all this time he still doubting him “You stop here right now and explain yourself” Thor yelled at him grabbing his arm His grip was strong Loki felt pain in his arm but didn’t show that instead he pushed Thor with his other hand and continued walking away, he can’t stand him right now

Loki was good at hiding he always was so if he wants not to be found by Thor or anyone else it won’t be difficult, Thor knows this well it only took him to be distracted for seconds to lose him Steve watched them worried that things may get bad soon so he asked Natasha to keep an eye on Loki she was the only one who can do this without being caught by him While Natasha following Loki Steve and the others stayed with Thor trying to understand why did they fight this time but even Thor doesn’t know the reason only Loki knows But what they all don’t know that while Thor was in Loki’s room there was another one there too talking to Loki filling his head with his poisonous words When Loki started to listen to the song Thor said it described his feelings he felt his presence, being in his head he knows exactly how Loki was thinking about , who is he missing?
“Miss you? Why would they? Who are you to be missed ? You’re just a stolen relic “ The voice said in a fake sad tone Loki ignored him not wanting to think of how his words were true, didn’t Odin said he only kept him to use him in the future to role joutinhiam, did he really say that? Loki thought his mind was blur what was true and what wasn’t, he didn’t know “You poor child, for how long will you keep asking for his love , forgiveness, appreciation? Keep putting yourself in danger rescuing your own life to prove to him that you are a worthy son when he can only see Thor, killing your own father, your people for who you thought was family He was angry so angry ,this voice was saying the truth wasn’t this what happened? What excuse do they have to leave him here all this time, the day he fall they celebrated yes but he remembers this? Loki ran from the voice from Thor from everything, is this the truth? That he is no more than a stolen relic turned to be worthless “ If they really cared about you they wouldn’t have left you lost in the void for two years not bothering themselves looking for you even once” The voice whispered to him before he appears in front of him taking his shape but instead of green eyes his eyes were blue...dark blue “I told you I’m your only friend Loki...I am you” his voice was cold just like anything else about him Loki was busy with something bigger, he said two years? He was missing for two years didn’t Thor say just few months ? why did he lie to him ? more secrets, more lies ...all his life was just a big lie so why is he surprised now, he felt the need to shout, to cry , to destroy everything... He screamed and screamed full of anger of pain of...betrayal They all heard the scream it gave them a chill of fear they can feel its anger, they heard a sound of glass shattering ,Natasha called them to come at once her voice was shaking she doesn’t dare to get in, afraid of what would they found Thor was the first one to enter the room breaking through its door shocked by what he saw...there was two of him but this one’s eyes are blue Thor gasped ,they all stood staring at both of them “I told you I’ll come back to take what is mine” The blue eyed one grinned “Loki, step away from him, we will take care of him well” Thor said waving his hammer “Why would he? After all I’m not the one who lied to him isn’t this right Loki?” he said looking at him “What lies? Brother just don’t listen to him and come here please” Thor said worried Loki looked away hiding his tears then he nodded to the other one standing next to him “Welcome back my boy” he hissed putting a hand on his shoulder and they vanished in a blink of the eye “No” Thor cried falling to his knees when he heard the voice again “This midgardian songs we both grew fond of it, and this one I’m sure you will love it, think of it as a last message from Loki ,well I owe you this after what I told him but after all a lie can be bearable than the truth, isn’t the all father forgetting something, or someone maybe...enjoy”
Please, please forgive me, But I won't be home again. Maybe someday you'll look up, And,



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise