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The silver's tears

To make you whole again

Back on Asgard things weren’t good too, danger surrounding the realm everywhere and she has to fight all of this alone looking at her husband with teary eyes he was weak now too much pressure on him and knowing what happened to their son make he fall in Odin’s sleep again, she knew how much he mourned him , grieve has cast his shadow on him since this day though he tried to hide it she knew how much he loved him but his problem will always be not showing his love enough, when he realised the truth it was already late, holding himself the responsibility of Loki’s death only to find he was alive and being controlled by unknown enemy She didn’t tell Thor he has to stay there looking after his brother, she kept visiting Heimdall everyday asking about her sons seeking hope in Loki’s condition, but the realm endless responsibilities took her away till this day, he was the one who came to her this time “My queen I believe your son is in great danger” “Loki? Is he awake? What happened to him?” she said worried Heimdall told her everything till the moment Loki went missing , she listened to him with tears on her eyes for knowing how her son thinking of them, that they forgot him it only make her heart aching with sorrow Back on Midgard, silence controlled their lives casting its shadows everywhere, but it was a fake silence as the real noise was on their heads waiting for the moment they hear news about Loki hoping they don’t have to see him as their enemy again it has been three days now and still no news when they heard something “Who played this damn song?” Tony shouted “You think we are in the mood for this” Bruce scoffed when he jumped with shock on his face “this song? Only one person played it, oh my god he is back” Bruce yelled rushing to Loki’s room “Oh, hello again, I was just leaving, here you go I brought him back, he isn’t ready yet but after what happened I don’t think he will ever be, Pathetic” The blue eyed one smirked then vanished in the air and Bruce rushed to check on Loki but when laid an eye on him he started to scream Thor’s name who came running to the room wondering why is he shouting when he saw his brother “Loki” he cried crushing next to him and the rest gasped on horror of how he looked, his clothes were torn or burned they can’t tell covered with blood , his body was trembling weakly covered with blood and bruises “Out” Thor said quietly and they looked at him perplexed “I said out all of you” he parked at them they were insulted by his way but they went out anyway Thor held his brother taking him to the bathroom he started to cut the torn clothes careful not to touch his injuries , then he poured water on his body removing all the blood and the dirt fighting an urge to scream and smash everything starting to clean his wounds carefully sewing the cuts and bandaging other, when he finished he dressed him some of his large clothes and but him in bed wrapping him with a blanket and sat next to him sobbing quietly In the main room they were all worried and taken by Thor’s reaction, why was he angry with them “I think he doesn’t wanna anybody see his brother like this” Steve said sadly “But his wounds someone must look at them” Bruce said remembering it “When this voice said his toy did he mean that?... Torture” Clint said feeling sick “Man, this is too much” Tony yelled “No one deserves to be treated like that...not him” Pepper cried burying her face on Tony’s chest sobbing, he held her tightly patting her to calm down “You grew love for him don’t you?.....sweetie we all did , don’t worry Thor is with him and he would take good care of him”
After a long waiting they fall asleep only to wake up on a scream sending all of them on their feet, Steve was going to break through the door when it suddenly opened with Loki stumbling in front of them with horror look on his face, Thor ran to them tying to calm him “please, just wait, why are you afraid of me” Thor cried approaching him carefully , Loki stood up quickly running away with staggering steps but he soon fell to the ground again causing some of his wounds to open again He curled around himself trembling and a whimper came out of him , Thor tried to help him but he screamed again , Thor leaned to the wall next to him covering his face not knowing what to do They all sat on the floor watching him guarding him afraid if they turn away he will vanish again, Tony went to his room and came back with Loki’s blanket putting it on him it only made Loki flinches Thor started to mutter some words which Natasha knew were from a children lullaby she knew from her childhood she knew the Russian one, she moved near Loki and started to sing it in sweet beautiful voice, Thor did the same and started to sing it too Two different languages and two different voices yet it was beautiful and peaceful , Loki’s body started to calm down and his breath became quiet and normal Thor took the chance and put his hand on him patting him gently still singing he flinched again but their calming voices made him quiet he looked up at Thor with red eyes trying to recognise him like he knows this face but can’t remember whose but still he moved closer resting his head on Thor’s lap who smiled in return stroking his hair to sleep but he didn’t he started to sob quietly When the morning came they knew things won’t be the same and Loki they knew may be gone forever ,he was sleeping on his room he fell asleep late tired of crying, Thor refused to leave him afraid he might woke up alone and he was right he woke up screaming again making them only think what would he saw on his sleep After a while Thor came in alone “Where is he?” Steve asked and Thor pointed at a point behind him when they saw him , he was walking slowly leaning to the wall “Are you going to leave him like this?” he asked agitated walking to help him “Stop, he won’t let you, I tried...He won’t let anyone come near him or touches him” Thor said crushing on the chair holding his head They both watched him sitting on the nearest chair to the door, breathing heavily not daring to look at them, he was nervous and his hands won’t stop trembling When Pepper woke up she was happy to see him sitting with them and started to make him his favourite drink and walked to him giving it to him, Loki jerked back quickly dropping the glass and Pepper screamed from the surprise
“I’m sorry I... I didn’t mean to scare you” she said trying to help him stand, he crawled back hiding in the corner “It’s my fault I should have warned you , don’t go close to him you will only cause him to do this” Thor said in shaky voice starting to pick up the broken glass worried that Loki might step on it then he walked to him “Loki, she didn’t mean to, please come” he said gently , Loki stayed like this for minutes till he felt it was safe to go, he stood up leaning to the wall and sat on his chair again, Pepper made him another one but this time she put it on the table near him waiting for him to take it Loki moved his hand slowly till he reached it and put it in front of him , minute passed before he started to drink it They noticed how nervous he was, flinching at any sound around him or movement, that he was avoiding to look at them at all, not trying to communicate with anyone of them at all ,both Steve and Pepper found this problem as they won’t know if he is hungry or not so they make a timetable of when they should serve him food or drinks or even water They found out that he still goes to Tony’s lab messing around with his tools but Tony didn’t mind this time in fact he started to leave some of his work undone so Loki would find something to do and this turned to be of great benefit to both of them...Tony finding new solutions with his help and Loki finding something to do till one day Tony came to help him and he doesn’t flinch away, Tony was afraid at the beginning when he touched him by mistake waiting for him to run away but he didn’t this made Tony smiles feeling relieved that he won’t lose him he would miss the guy if he did Steve too shared a hobby with him , one day he was on the balcony drawing when he felt someone watching him, when turned to see who was there he found Loki standing there watching him drawing, Steve continued to draw till Bruce called him needing his help on something , he left Loki alone to come back finding him drawing, he stood watching him smiling, he was talented like Thor said and the look on his face was brilliant with his emerald eyes sparkling with joy Since this day Steve waited for him everyday so they would draw together with time Loki started to become familiar with his presence around him letting him helping with painting It wasn’t difficult for Bruce to gain his trust as both of them like reading so one day Bruce sat near him putting a book in front of him and started to read another copy of the book when Loki started to read too, later Bruce asked Tony to add another copy of every book to the library till one time Bruce was busy that he forgot the reading time, he found Loki standing in front of him putting a book on the table next to him and sat down reading , Bruce smiled taking the book saying “I’m sorry I forgot, thank you for reminding me” With Pepper it was easy she sat with him everyday making him his favourite drink and cakes and sometimes he joined her watching movies, she always made sure to pick a funny one or Disney movie when she noticed that the others joined them from time to time especially Steve only if they were going to watch Disney he was fond of it very much Thor and Natasha the night was their time they used to sing to him to sleep they split days between them , Natasha loved to do this for their surprise but no one dared to say a word about that or make a joke about her singing which was always in Russian they don’t want to die.
By the end of the week they found out that all of them have something to share with him, they used to have him around feeling he is one of them , they grew fond of him as he became important part of their lives except for Clint who was on a mission all this time thinking what would connect him to Loki and Thor simply said archery “Is there something he is not good at” Clint smirked “Won’t this be dangerous” Steve said “Only time can tell us” Thor said One day they woke up to find him missing again, Thor was terrified looking for him everywhere so did the others but there was no sign for him in the tower at all, tell they had a call from Fury shouting why the hell Loki was out, he told them that he was seen in the same place the last events happened and some people may have recognised him They arrived at once to the place once was their battle field against the one they worried about now, when they heard his screams , they looked around calling his name till Thor saw him, there was some police officers surrounding him trying to arrest him and one of them punched him severally in different places till Loki can’t take it anymore falling to the ground crying Thor parked at them and hit the man who hurt his brother throwing him against the wall and Steve shouting at the rest ordering them to leave at once Thor knelt in front of him calming him down holding him tightly he was shaking terribly and won’t stop crying , thor carried him and put him in the car, no one said a word all the way home, they were silent except from Loki’s whimpers and sniffling sleeping on Thor’s chest who was stroking him gently When they arrived Loki refused to eat or drink anything all the day staying in his room, they tried to bring him out of this condition by their own way, Steve was the first to try, he bought him a full drawing set and put it in his room , bringing his too and started to draw talking to him how is this new colours are amazing and Loki’s curiosity was the trigger making him to join Steve drawing Bruce was next, he brought new books and went to Loki to give him his copies “We will read this one today don’t forget okay, you will like it” He sat waiting for him afraid he won’t come when he came sitting next to him and started to read “Glad to have you back buddy” he said smiling The others did the same even Clint tried to do something for him but he didn’t know what he would like so at the end he brought him a big bag full with chocolates and ice cream though he had to bring more when Natasha looked at him enraged that he forgot to buy her some too. Two weeks passed since that day Loki decided to back to signing again, they felt everything became normal again except for these nightmare waking him screaming everyday in the middle of the night but they know it was Thor or Natasha job they shouldn’t interfere also not wanting to see him when he breaks not daring to ask what happened to him on the days he went missing and they found it good just to let him forget about it and may be one day he will just let it go but except this he was starting to act normal again and they know this would be a problem with these nightmares triggering him like that Thor was even worried he might think low of himself and he knew if this happened things won’t be the same for him with every nightmare so when a scream came out breaking the silence of the night they didn’t need to ask where it came from as all the eyes turned to the only room it can came from, Thor rushed to the room to find Loki curling on himself shaking and his clothes covered with cold sweat He left the room asking them to go back to sleep as he will handle it, Pepper offered to help but he refused politely Thor then went back to his room fetching Loki some clothes, he helped Loki to stand up and took him to the bathroom and took off his sweating clothes “You know what you need? A cold shower” Thor said in a cheerful voice trying to make him not feeling ashamed or pathetic, he knows how loki thinks very well But the scars on his body , Thor couldn’t stop himself gasping in pain, how he didn’t see it before Loki tried to push him away holding his tears “I’ll never let you go” Thor said quietly letting the cold water cover both of them, he didn’t care that all his clothes were dripping with water, he helped Loki get dressed then covered him with sheets and went to change his clothes “Better? Thor asked quietly Loki nodded at him “Then why you don’t Look at me?” Loki turned away wiping his tears “Brother of mine there is nothing and i mean nothing to be ashamed of” Thor said firmly “We all got bad dreams, we all cry, it’s normal Loki, you should saw me lately” Thor smirked Loki looked at him rising an eyebrow curiously *You cried? Loki signed with trembling hands “A lot I’m sure I lost count after the hundredth time” Thor chuckled Loki smiled a little and moved away slightly pointing at Thor to come “Are you sure? Last time you shouted at me said you’re a grown up now and kicked me off the bed” Thor whined imitating him Loki grabbed him enraged “Okay okay, move a little then” Thor said laughing and Loki curled next to him closing his eyes Thor didn’t sleep he laid there staring at his brother whose for Thor thoughts slept deep for the first time, when loki moved thor closed his eyes he doesn’t want to caught staring at him it will be awkward, he felt Loki rising himself up weakly trying to take his breath another nightmare he thought Thor opened his eyes finding that Loki is looking at him as he was waiting him to wake up “Come here” Thor said opening his arms and Loki put his head on his chest curling closer to him while Thor wrapped him with his arms “Still don’t want to tell what wakes you up terrified like this?” Thor said quietly stroking his hair he knows how much Loki loves this Loki shaked his head nervously “Fine, but i won’t leave you alone to your thoughts again I promise” Loki didn’t answer he slept again he can feel his breathing turning to normal again and soon Thor joined him a quiet night it was except when Loki wakes gasping but seeing his brother next to him calm him down and he fell asleep again



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise