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The silver's tears


Clint didn’t know whether to knock first or just open the door, Thor said he is asleep so no need to knock right! He turned on the light to see him curling on the bed shaking from the cold “This stupid blonde doesn’t know how to cover someone well” Clint said to himself, wrapping Loki with a blanket then sat on the chair next to him checking his temperature “Burning like hell yet covered with cold sweat” he whispered wondering why, he didn’t wait any longer going back to his room looking for pills he takes when get sick and some packs and went back to him A gel pack would do for now he said grapping a book he found “Be in English please be in English” he muttered opening it and it was English After hours of continuous reading interrupted by checking Loki’s temperature till it fell down, he was waken at last , looking around in fear as he was making sure it was just a dream at first he didn’t seem to recognize Clint's presence , he stroked his hair nervously taking a deep breath helping him not to cry then he covered his face shaking slightly “Morning, lazy” Clint said trying to make his voice normal not taken by seeing him like this Loki was taken by his presence thinking he is still asleep and this must be dream , he just stared at him rubbing his eyes , then he recognized him and started jerking back in fear trying to call Thor but his voice didn’t come out, he cursed his weakness why he is so afraid of him “Having a bad dream again?” Loki didn’t answer he needs to be alone the last thing he wants is someone watching him, but he seemed nice and may be what he really needs is a new face distracting him of these dreams but he is not going to admit this easily so he looked at him in boredom and angry a little “ look before you start to scream or fight me, your brother is in the next room resting so why can’t just sit together in peace like adults cause I swear I’ll scream if you did anything nasty” Clint said in a funny childish way making Loki chuckling thinking who is this crazy “Well it need a crazy to know one” Clint said teasing him “So, my name is Clint they call me Hawkeye clearly for my excellent archery, I’ll be your host tonight” Clint continue talking funnily like he was playing a role in a play
“You won’t find a problem in signing to me , I understand it and yeah swallow this” he said handling him a pill and glass of water *What is it?* he signed suspiciously “Poison” Clint scoffed “Of course medicine you silly” Loki took it quietly but his face was turning red “Now are you angry or shy ? I can’t find a good reason for your face to turn into tomato” he smirked Loki shrugged coughing and laughing *Stop it, you are crazy* “I told you it needs one to know one” *Archer then?*looking at him “You too, I know Thor told me, maybe we can see who is the best when you get better” *Me of course but deal* he signed teasing him “In your dreams but for now aren’t you hungry I’m starving” Loki touched his stomach nodding *Me too* “Then come on” Clint said grabbing his hand and Loki started sneezing “This won’t work” Clint said opening the cupboard and Loki watched him with opened mouth “Here go and wear this” he said throwing some heavier clothes to him , Loki stood there staring at him “Move it boy” Clint yelled pushing him to the bathroom and closed the door, when Loki came out he couldn’t stop himself from laughing, it was so big on him “Oh my god, you look ridiculous in these clothes” he said laughing hard Loki sat on the chair frowning and refused to go out “You will starve here and I’ll eat all of it” Clint said in amusement Loki shaked his head and looked away “Oh, common I’m starving” Clint said pushing him to walk *slow down you forgot I’m ill or what * Loki leaned to the wall holding head breathing slowly “Sorry, we almost there let me help you and no I don’t think you’re weak or anything maybe in this empty head of yours” Clint said quietly he wasn’t joking this time he knows his type, they will do anything just to prove they are not weak not waiting for your pity, how he knows all of that ? Simply because he was describing himself not Loki
Loki leaned on him he didn’t argue at all why? For the same reason made Clint comes to him in the first place, for the same reason he didn’t feel he needs to play cold when he found him in his room, Clint act on his nature so did he . when you find someone like you it makes you feel intimacy feel safe you feel home like you knew each other a long time ago like you met before in different time and place, for these reasons you be yourself cause you knew they will be the same . Clint helped him sitting down he was feeling dizzy again “Here, drink this it will fresh you” he said giving him some orange juice *Hungry not thirsty* he whined “Just drink it till I see what we have here to eat” Clint said laughing “Maybe some pancakes” Steve said quietly but not for them Loki shrugged on his drink almost choked and Clint gasped dropping the plate he was carry “For god sake , you wanna kill us or what” Clint cried patting Loki’s back whose face was red now “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you like this” Steve said frowning but clearly he was trying to hide his smile it was funny except the part that Loki almost choked “Knock next time will you” Clint said without looking at him “Uhm is he okay?” “He will live but I’m not responsible if he hated you for that , poor guy” Clint smirked giggling *Shut up* Loki poked him in spite “Ouch he is the one who scared the hell out of you and I’m get punched “ Clint whined funnily and loki chuckled on that coughing a little “Are you hungry or not?” Steve asked smiling he was glad how these two get along quickly , he made Loki laugh it’s the first time he heard him laughing he looked young “If you don’t mind , where is the food? “Clint shouted in theatrical way “Now you love pancakes?” Steve smirked putting a plate full of cakes in front of them “I’m starving I can eat you and still find you delicious” he said in muffled words as hew was busy wondering how many cakes can eat in one time Loki started to eat too, but of course in more human way and slowly, he was enjoying his meal “Oh brother, good to see you well” Thor beamed hugging him , Loki gasped and try to push Thor away before he kills him
“Th..Thor” he said waving his hands , he was crushing him “He won’t stay well if you don’t get off him now” Clint yelled at him “Sorry, did I hurt you?” Thor said worried *Fine, don’t underestimate your power again please* taking his breath “You know I’m not good with words and this how I show you” he stopped talking as Loki holds his hand looking at his eyes and said weakly “I...know” and hugged him *see, this can do the job instead of crushing me* he signed smiling and sit down continuing his meal “Why you didn’t talk to me? “Clint said frowning *You talk a lot* he grinned *just some words, not good with words? I can’t even say two words right* he smiled bitterly his mouth twitching “This won’t last for long have faith brother” Thor said comforting him “What is your plans for today guys?” Natasha said taking a cake “Nothing, the usual but I really wanna watch this new movie” Clint said “What movie?” “This Sherlock guy” “It’s a series you fool” Tony smirked “Whatever, you gonna watch or not?” “DUH,Of course” “What about you Loki , join us” Steve said Loki’s face turned red when he realised everyone is looking at him, he moved closer to Thor hiding behind him a little grabbing his cape “Hey, don’t worry I’m here with you right ? And they are friends” Thor whispered to him stepping beside him “Aren’t we friends? So common it’ll be fun” Clint said approaching him Loki nodded smiling a little going with Clint and Thor stayed back for a while with the others “Wow, he is still acting the same” Tony said surprised “Like a child again , why” Natasha asked Bruce “Dunno, but may be his memory loss taking another side effects you know” “You have theory?” Tony asked “the last examination results showed strange activity in the brain , if a normal person had it he might be dead now or suffering from failure in brain functioning, but he seemed okay, only some side effects” “Are they harmful?” Thor asked worried “Until now, no, you will realise some changes in his behaviour he will become more ...Frail “ “Like a child?” “not exactly, you said he was good at hiding his feelings, now he will find this difficult they will express themselves even in a more obvious way and he can’t help it or realise that he is doing this” “you mean it'll be like his normal nature for him that he won’t feel a difference?” Natasha asked “exactly” “Well, this can be good , for once I’ll be able to know how he feels without pretending” Thor said smiling “But it won’t last along” “Better not waste it then” he said walking away “Any other effects you won’t tell ?” Tony asked him quietly “Some, but still haven’t make sure they exist” “Keep me updated will you” “yeah, sure, now let’s join the other” Thor was sitting on the sofa with loki leaning on him with his head on Thor’s chest while Natasha and Clint on the other sofa and Clint resting his hand on her shoulder and Steve on the big chair , so they had to sit together on the left sofa It was awkward for all of them to sit together like this watching telly, but it was warming made them felt like a real family Loki presence make it more stranger, their previous enemy sitting with them and everyone of them is trying his best to make him feel comfortable and home, and his reaction when he first see the telly was the best, he couldn’t hide his admiration and wonder not like Thor when he first saw it , he destroyed it to see where these people come from then claimed it’s a dark magic Loki was more into it, he looked at it like the key to a new world ...a world need to he discovered by him, so he kept in his mind to come here after they sleep to explore it They were all excited by this show , it was genius like Clint used to say every time Sherlock make a deduction, except for Loki who found it boring in the beginning, he even yawned many time almost falling asleep “Someone is bored” Tony smirked “What? No way, you don’t like it?” Clint whined Loki raised his shoulder signing *People deduct everyday” “I’m 100℅ sure ordinary people don’t do that, Sherlock” Clint scoffed “Guys, shut up” Steve said trying to focus “At least cap like it” Clint said chuckling The next episode was much more intense even Loki was taken by it, this Moriarty controlling everything like they all just puppets in his hands “Yeah I know, like watching me right?” The voice smirked “Bad choice, how they make you watch this, don’t they know you are already living it?” he said in a pretended worried tone Loki started to move nervously and looking around worried “Is everything okay?” Thor asked him realising his restless Loki didn’t answer instead he shacked his head nervously trying to make this voice stop “Hey, what’s wrong!” Thor said holding him as he started to tremble again Everyone looked at them worried of could’ve happened to him “Doesn’t this John remind you of someone?” The voice hissed “You don’t hurt him or any one of them....your fight is with me only me” Loki started to cry, he can stand to suffer to live like this forever but Thor he can’t let anything happen to him, he doesn’t deserve this, only him deserve it. “Ugh, you such a drama queen, all this nonsense just because i said i like this Moriarty guy, no more telly for you kid, my god you make me feel sick” he said in spiteful tone “Loki, answer me what’s wrong?” Thor cried shaking him “ Please, why you don’t answer me” he started to worry so did the rest, they stood in front of the trembling curled body unable to think or do anything all what they can hear now was something loki said before” How could you fight what you can’t see” they knew it was him again poisoning his thoughts , they prepared themselves for whatever lies this voice is pouring in his head but it was Thor they were worried about this time, how much he had to handle yet Loki moved slowly sitting straightened covering his face breathing deeply “What happened for god sake” Clint yelled “Coward” Loki shouted in a husky voice trembling “What?” Clint asked stepping pack” No, you listen to me well I don’t know what he said to you this time and I don’t care, but to call yourself a coward why?” he shouted at him “No he is right” Thor said walking away “Not really a good time Thor” Steve said “But he is right, this here, whoever is he , is not my brother” “What the hell are you saying?” Steve shouted looking at Loki worried who was staring at his brother in disbelief with tears gathered in his eyes “My brother...my Loki was nothing like this, he was arrogant yes full of ego crap yes mischievous always, but also naïve silly child but coward? Never Loki i know was anything but coward so if this was really him, he must better get his shit together and be the man i know he is” Thor said moving towards him and grabbed him to stand up Loki stared at him with red eyes he thought he was going to cry again but what he didn’t know that he was angry so angry, loki stepped forward almost stuck to him, he took a deep breath then he punched him with all power left on him but it was enough to knock him down “Hey, easy buddy” Clint shouted holding him back while Steve and Bruce moved to help Thor “Coward you....you call me a coward” Loki shouted ignoring the pain it caused “When will ever use...the empty head...of yours....you will always..be..stupid oaf” he started to cough badly biting his lip from the pain “You angry?” Thor said shocked “ I thought you were...” he gasped crushing on the chair covering his face “Just to be honest Loki, I think we all thought the same go easy on him” Steve said trying to calm the situation “Yeah, how we supposed to know that, you are hard to read man” Clint said Loki took a deep breath then he walked towards Thor grabbing him up “Loki, just sit down and talk” Clint yelled moving him away from Thor “No, stay away...let him do what he wants” Thor said and walked to him “wanna hit me again do it, there is so much anger in you I know I can feel it but first tell me why” Thor cried *you wanna know why I’m angry? Fine, I won’t tell only you but all of them and this bastard if he is here* he sighed tiredly, he knew this will cause him a long night of pain but it must be done “Angry...this...threatened to hurt ... You ... He dares to just think of this...you called me coward...no Th...Thor I’m not..weak, just can’t stand ...the idea of you getting hurt...because of..me” he leaned to the chair trying to stop his trembling when he felt his bones crushed in the arms of Thor, he didn’t push him away as he felt his warm tears on his shoulder and his shaking body, he was crying...Thor was crying he gasped , he never saw him crying since they were children even when he told him he cried the past few days he didn’t believe him he thought he was saying this to make him fell better but now all his doubts goes away, he really loves this big oaf , he can feel his powers slips away the cold surrounds him again but he doesn’t really care he hugs him back closing his eyes, everything seems peaceful now and so quiet.



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise