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The silver's tears

The ice's fire

“what do you want this time?” Tony snarled
“Nice to see you too Stark, how is Loki?”
“Fine” Tony said bored
“okay then, pack up you all have a new mission”
“What mission?” Steve asked
“several actually cap, you and Nat are needed in the headquarter”
“For what?”
“all I can say it is related to hydra”
“and us?” Tony asked
“Well Clint is required in Moscow, stark Thor and Bruce an alien technology believed to be the Chitauri had been detected in Germany”
“What? Again!”Thor parked
“And what about me? We can’t all go leaving Loki alone” pepper exclaimed
“We need Stark industries to make an offer for some bad people and you are the one “
“still we can’t leave him alone” Thor said enraged
“Uhm, that’s why I’m here”
“What? Don’t tell me you do babysitting now“ Tony smirked
“I’m afraid I’ve no chance to refuse this, it will only be for couple of days till miss Potts finishes her job”
“You will stay here? With Loki?” Tony said trying not to laugh
“I can’t take him to the bus can I? My team will definitely recognise him and his presence here on earth must be kept unknown”
“But he doesn’t know you and we have very bad days to make him trust us beside this is not a good time to leave him” Thor cried
“But it’s emergency Thor, those aliens are back and god knows what they are up to this time” Steve said
“Maybe we can get some information from them about you know who” Tony said
“Fine, but I won’t leave till I speak to him first”
“Of course buddy “ Steve said
“Hey, Coulson he doesn’t remember anything so don’t dare tell a word to him” Clint said firmly
“Wow, Clint what did he do to you ? You changed a lot” Tony smirked
“I saw him Stark the real him so some nice won’t hurt”
“Don’t worry all I’m asking for now is you to tell me everything you know about dealing with him” Coulson said smiling
“Well he won’t trust you and will try to play the tough guy role of course” Tony said
“To make him eat ugh you will need a miracle” pepper said
“He loves pancakes though” Steve giggled
“And anything have chocolate in it” pepper said excited
“Does he love company or leave him alone?”
“No, you can’t leave him even if he didn’t wanna you to stay” Thor yelled
“Why?” Coulson was confused
“Uh, he get ill yes ill, so you can’t leave him” pepper said hesitating
“Guys, no secrets please, if there anything I need to know say it”
“Well there is this bastard who turned his life into hell, pouring lies into his head, he can’t talk properly so I hope you know sign language, he is ill very ill, he had nightmares every time he closes his eyes , enough or do you need to know more” Thor said in anger though his voice was breaking
“Thor, I’m sorry I... I didn’t know” Coulson said feeling sad for him
“He is awaken sir” Jarvis said
“Okay I’ll go first then you bring him after a while” Thor said leaving them
“Don’t be angry with him it was just a really bad day “ Steve said patting his shoulder
“I’m not, I just have the feeling that I got the hardest mission here” he said gulping
“Man, you don’t know” Tony said chuckling
“Alone with Loki, god I can’t even think of it and today particularly god be with you my boy” Clint smirked
“But you said he is nice right? Not a bad person” Coulson whined
“Can’t nice people be grumpy for a while, beside he loses his nerves quickly , he is Thor’s brother what did you think he would be” Clint scoffed
“Don’t be mean, Loki is nice and...”
“Pepper, I swear if you called him cute again” Tony whined
“But he is cute, Tony” pepper said and both Natasha and Clint nodded agreed
“You need to spend some time with him , you only see him if there is a disaster” Bruce said
“Ugh, even you, what about you cap?”
“Well, he is nice that’s for sure, I don’t know but he reminds me of someone I know very well” Steve said
“So I’m the only one here” Tony yelled
“You know both of you may get along very well, he is genius you know” Pepper said
“Yeah, he will understand your English imagine that” Clint smirked
“You forgot we do this already or what” Tony smirked
“Phil, there is something else” Pepper sighed looking to Bruce
“I hoped to keep this from you guys for a while but after today I think you should know”
“Dude, you creeping me out just talk already” Clint said feeling worried
“He may suffer from some certain side effects till now it showed no harm to him but we don’t know how it will be later”
“And it started to show up or what?” Clint asked
“The inability to talk well, dizziness, headache, and not be able to control his emotion he can’t hide them as well behaving strange express his feelings in sever way, this what we know for now”
“Will he recover from it?” Coulson asked
“Honestly we don’t know, just let us hope it doesn’t exceed this”
When Thor returned to him, Loki was sitting wrapping himself with his cape, he looked nervous that he didn’t feel his presence searching for his mother frowning
“She left a while ago, she needed to go back but she promised she will come again with father this time” Thor said and Loki just nodded
“still angry?” Thor asked sitting next to him, Loki didn’t answer he looked at him then looked down again
“You fool child I’ll keep calling you this, I’m your big brother I’m the one who should take care of you not the opposite, a silly threat from this filthy voice made you that afraid that angry, don’t underestimate your powers Thor isn’t that what you keep telling me huh? Why you don’t follow your own words you idiot” Thor said holding Loki’s face to face his
“But..” Loki was about to say something when Thor put his hand on his mouth shutting him
“No more talking for you today, enough what happened to you already”
Loki sighed smiling a little and signed*I was always there by your side protecting you even if you don’t need protection but now it’s different I’m not strong like I was before if anything happened I’ll useless and only slowing you , I’m afraid of losing you Thor, You have all the right not to believe me cause I never showed you that I care about you but I always did by being there for you , I didn’t need words then but now words are the only thing I can give to you, yes I’m afraid now, how to be brave when every step I take I fall*
“How to be afraid when I’m with you in every step you take I’ll be there right next to you, you will never slow me or cause me losing you know why? Because you is all what matters nothing else, I lost you once losing myself now you’re back you think I’ll let you go”
“think I’m fortunate then*
*I never lost you and when I did all its memories are gone, and I’m willing never to lose you*
“Gosh, can you stay like this for ever please, all I can see now is my little brother who used to come to my room afraid of the thunder “
*you used to pretend to fight it with your wooden sword and winning every time* loki giggled
“Of course I were always the mightiest warrior” Thor chuckled and Loki hugged him tightly
“How Am I supposed to leave now?” Thor whined wiping his tears laughing
*Where are you going* Loki asked frowning
“The people you fought and caused you this are back and I have many questions needing answers and I’m determine of getting them”
“You have to go?* he looked sad
“Yes I’m afraid”
“Uhm, Thor may I come” Coulson said embarrassed
“Son of coul, of course come in”
“get in buddy, god, I don’t know who is going to take care of the other” Tony smirked pushing Coulson
“This is agent Phil Coulson he will stay here with till one of us come back, okay Loki” Pepper said smiling
*You all leaving?*
“I feel terrible now, why he has to look like a kicked out puppy” Tony whined
Loki chuckled softly of Tony’s face covering his mouth stopping himself from laughing
“I can stay really” Pepper said staring at him making him feel shy again
“Goodbye, god , can he be more adorable than he already is” Pepper said leaving quickly
“You are losing her Tony” Clint burst out laughing
“Bye Loki, see you soon” Natasha said kissing his forehead
“What is the trick tell me!” Clint whined
“Thank god Jane is not here” Thor muttered
*What did you say”
“Huh, nothing, stay safe ok and don’t do anything stupid till I come back”
*How could I , you taking all of it with you* he grinned
“Goodbye, take care of yourself Bucky” Steve said and Loki stared at him perplexed “I mean Loki, take care of yourself Loki” Steve said leaving the room quickly “God, everything at him reminding me of Bucky why?!”
“Common guys we are not leaving for ever” Tony yelled
“Shut up Stark, now you take your medicine on time understand and Phil is here to make sure you follow this” Bruce said
“When I get back we will have our game okay bud” Clint said missing with Loki’s hair teasing him
“Uhm, hi, so it just you and me huh” Phil said doesn’t know what the hell is he going to do
Loki looked around searching for his note and looked back at him
“Oh, no, you don’t need to, believe it or not I know sign language”
*Good, then, are you going to stand all the day* he grinned
“Huh? No” Phil said sitting down
*They called you agent what does it mean?*
“We all work for this organizatin’shield’ your brother and the rest they are called ‘The avengers’ part of shield too”
*Who are the people Thor went to fight?*
“I’ve orders from your brother not to tell you anything about it, it’s for your own good”
Loki frowned disappointed with his answer *I’m not a child to hide things from me*
“And who said you are? But there are things better kept a secret for the sake of everyone” Phil said smiling
*I’m bored* he looked annoyed by his answer
“well, I’m sure we can do something about that” he smiled getting up “watch a movie maybe”
Loki nodded with a hint of a smile on his face
“Choose a movie from this set till I make some popcorn”
Loki was perplexed for a moment before he started to read the names appearing in the screen and watching its posters he finally chose a one with drawing of fish on it
“Finding Nemo, I love this one” Phil said childishly “Uhm, popcorn?” he blushed and Loki giggled
They watched the movie well Loki watched it while Phil was secretly watching him seeing how reacts with it sometimes he frowns another he laughs it seemed he was enjoying it very much
When it ended he looked at him saying “You loved it?”
Loki nodded and signed*Can we watch something else now? The news maybe”
Phil knew what he is up to, trying to get information about the people Thor went to fight
“Can’t let you, sorry your brother’s orders”
“orders? To Lock me up here not telling me anything * Loki signed agitated
“No, you get it wrong” Phil said quickly
*Explain then* Loki gazed at him
“It’s only for your own good, you know Thor won’t do anything unless it’s for your sake and to keep you safe” he said in calming way
*What? Can’t I take care of myself? I’m not a child why you all treat me like one* Loki felt the anger controlling him why they always try to make him feel weak feel pathetic, like he always needs protection he is warrior too for god sake
*If you excuse me I would like to go back to my room now*
“But.” Loki didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence he left the room without giving him any attention at all, Phil sighed sitting down pouting
“What a good first impression “he smirked , what should I do now Thor warned me of leaving him alone but he didn’t say this include when he sleeps or not, why is even must be my responsibility, last time he almost kill me and now I supposed to babysitting him this is absurd for god sake, he is worse than Thor and I thought Thor to be edgy , well what you know!,
“Now I have to deal with this paranoiac edgy guy who seemed to be genius as well, this must be my lucky day” Phil whined
“Sir, I must remind you of Mr Thor instructions which you obviously neglecting it”
“I know Jarvis, no need to remind me I didn’t forget I simply can’t think what the hell I’m supposed to do”
“You may start by giving him his medicine”
“Is it time already? “ he wondered looking at his watch
Phil stood on front of his room hesitant of knocking “really Coulson Fury will demand your head if he saw you now” he shaked his head pouting then knocked on the door , he got no answer so knocked again thinking this was a bad idea and when the door was opened he was sure that is was.
Loki stood there glancing at him angrily then he simply turned going back to his bed ignoring him completely, Phil couldn’t miss to notice his unsteady walking like was dizzy he thought
“Hey, are you okay?” He asked in a worried voice surprised him
“Fine” Loki said in weak husky voice despite his try to make it his normal cold tone
“Your brother said you shouldn’t talk” Coulson said quietly pouring some water on the glass
“I do what I want” Loki parked in anger which didn’t last long as he started to cough again badly
“Okay okay “ Phil said quickly raising his both hands in front of him to calm him down “Now , can you at least take your medicine please”
Loki hesitated for a moment it always makes him fall asleep and he doesn’t want to , It will only give him more bad dreams and ...Thor won’t be here when it happens
He noticed the worried look on Loki’s face he knew this drug cause the person to sleep was he afraid of falling asleep or maybe he doesn’t trust him not to try poisoning him but Pepper did say he had nightmares and Thor was nervous about it too
“Look you don’t have to worry I...” Phil paused as Loki stood in front of him taking it from him then went back to the bed again
“Of course you will do that” Phil muttered don’t look surprised what else he expected from him, though he doesn’t know him well but he won’t be anything but like his brother, never show weakness in front of anyone
But what Phil didn’t know is that Loki was doing his best not to let his fear or weaknesses taking even the slightest appearance on him
“Well, goodnight then I think, if you need anything I’ll be in my room” he said leaving him but can’t stop himself feeling worried or was it guilt of leaving him alone despite all they told him but Loki won’t let him stay in the room and he prefer not to mess with him
He lay down on his bed moaning a little his injury didn’t heal completely yet causing him terrible pain with any wrong or ridiculously unaware movement, but he was glad that he was alive, he let a laugh get out of him remembering that he is here now to take care of the one who caused it, though he listened to all of them explaining how Loki was controlled too like Clint and that he wasn’t that evil he still has his doubts what if it was just a trick and he is waiting for the right time to kill them all , well of course he thought of this many times even shared his concern with fury remembering his answer
“You wouldn’t be alive now if he was evil”
And he was right they told him that who stabbed him wasn’t meaning to kill him it was from a short distance and even a child can’t mess it, a few inches from his heart they said, but doesn’t this mean that part of him was awake all the time!!



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise