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The silver's tears

Believe you're strong

Phil was busy making breakfast when he felt something grabbing him gently from his clothes just pocking him, he turned around to see Loki standing in front of him frowning
“Why did you get up? And why is this face?” Phil said putting a plate down looking at him
Loki made his hand into a fist and rub it against in a circular motion across his chest
“You sorry ? For what? Phil asked perplexed
*For shouting at you the day before*
“Oh that, I forgot it already, look I know you are getting through really bad times and I get it, beside you are really like Thor” he grinned “ even more edgy”
Loki shaked his head childishly folding his hands around himself
“Oh, come'on you know this well” Phil chuckled giving him the milkshake
*That’s all I really wanted but no one seemed to notice it* he frowned not taking the glass
“You mean to be like your brother? But you are already, if they can’t see this it’s their problem not yours” Phil said giving him the glass again determined “sure you’re different from him but this what makes you special this what makes you what you are now”
*And what am I now*
“You really don’t know? Well you will find the answer in Thor’s eyes” he smiled at him
*And they call me silver tongue* he grinned
“That’s because you can have all what you want with just some words, it’s a gift you know, what can you do with some words, I have too other wise how would I convene you to this” he giggled pointing at the empty glass
*I love chocolate that’s all*
“Thanks to pepper ,she is one discovered that” he said laughing
“Someone said my name?” Pepper asked coming out suddenly causing both of them jumping out of their seats
“Were you hiding or what?” Phil yelled taking his breath
“I just arrived” she giggled walking to them
“You spent a lot of time with Natasha didn’t you” he smirked
“Maybe, but why” she grinned at him then turned to Loki who was laughing quietly
“This is what I really missed” she hugged him , Loki froze didn’t know what to do he just blushed
“I didn’t see this coming” Phil smirked and she nudged him “ ouch, but really how can you make him blush like that” he chuckled
“He is my baby” she said messing with his hair smiling
“Your what” he yelled looking at Loki whose both eyes and mouth were wide opened and his face turning red
He grabbed her hand walking away leaving Loki perplexed of what she said
“Pepper, my dear he is not a child”
“I call Tony a child too” she smirked “what can’t you see it? It’s so obvious”
“You mean?
“Yes, just another genius with some certain problems maybe more complicated but yeah he is the same ,more nicer and cute though” she said smiling
“With his brother temper too you know”
“What more than Tony? I don’t think so, listen I care for him okay I really do, I was the one next to him the first time he woke up, I took care of him , I saw him suffer a lot and seeing him now getting better I can’t help myself I really love him so he is my baby and you can’t change this” she said going back to Loki , he didn’t say a word smiling at her maybe that what Loki needs now more people around him, loving him making him forget all what happened
“Why is he still not talking?” she asked
“You said not to let him, that it hurts him” Phil said joining them
“That’s nonsense, I went to the doctor asking him, he said it’s mental he needs to face it” she exclaimed
“what do you think?” he asked Loki worried
He was going to sign again when he stopped thinking of what she said, it made sense he knew that he was just avoiding more fights with Phil about talking or not
“Fine, but just avoid making me angry” he smirked
“This maybe a problem you are always angry” Phil scoffed
“Of course he is, if I was stuck here all the day I would be angry for sure”
“No, don’t even think of it, you want Fury to kill both of us” he yelled
“You mean going out?” Loki asked remembering the last time he did
“yes, aren’t you bored of staying here all the time?”
“But the... last time I..” his voice was shaking starting to startle again
“Hey, calm down no need to worry, you won’t be alone this time” she said patting his shoulder
“Loki, why don’t you go take your medicine and I’ll follow you right away” Phil said quietly, he just nodded walking away
“See what you did? He is startling again, this is not a good idea what if someone recognized him again? Last time I watched all of you failing to calm him down after what he saw lying to him about it , remember?” he said quietly worried Loki might hear him
“Yes, but this time we will be with him nothing will happen believe me”
“there is something you need to know” he looked worried
“sorry sir, but it’s happening again” Jarvis said
“No” Phil cried running and she followed him shouting for explanation , when she saw it, Loki was on the floor blood coming out of his mouth and his body was shaking badly , she looked at Phil with horror but he was busy to explain to her, she watched him injecting Loki then holding him straight patting his back letting the blood stuck on his throat to come out then he holds him putting him on the bed sitting next to him covering his face pouting
“Why you lied to me why” she heard him whispering this words , was he crying ?
“Phil, what’s wrong with him , what is this blood?” she cried
“I don’t know , he said he was feeling better this morning I shouldn’t have listened to him”
“What...what do you mean?
“We’re losing him, nothing works, I tried everything but in vain , only two days past and he has been under sedatives most of the time”
“But he was okay, when we left he was getting better” she cried
“that’s the point , he is getting better and nothing is wrong with him all the results came this way but he is not, he is dying and all we did was injecting him to sleep or waking him from nightmare, the one time I was gone just for hour I came back to find him almost chocked in blood”
“But he was just okay now , how this ...” she gasped in fear
“I don’t know I really don’t...but no sedative this time I swear enough of this torture” he said holding his hand like he was promising him
Pepper sat down next to him sobbing quietly will she have to see him suffer again , can’t they just have some peace in their lives when she heard a whimper , she looked quickly finding that he was awake with pain crafted on his face
“Loki” she cried sitting near to him “My sweet, everything will be okay” she said stroking his hair
Loki felt her around he opened his eyes looking at her before he hugged her burying his face on her clothes crying “I’m tired, when would this end” he started to sob
“Hush now, it will be over soon I promise” she said still stroking his hair singing him to sleep like she used to do before, Phil wrapped a blanket around both of them and sat on the chair in silent listening to her
The moment he closed his eyes he found himself in the place where all this had started, the same dream every time since this night remembering what happened after he fought with Coulson, he went back to his room cursing his pathetic state when this damn headache controlled him again feeling himself slipping again to his dark world, but this time was different there was another one here , it was him.
It continued every time with another copy of him, one with blue eyes smiling at him evilly another one with also blue eyes but looks lost and afraid, a young one too sitting away from them , and one looked exactly like him now no blue eyes and many others just wandering around but this one he didn’t see him before he was chained to the wall bleeding from everywhere screaming without a voice or he is the one who can’t hear? He walked towards him realising that the others did the same circling around the chained one but the one with the evil smile stood in front of him preventing the others from reaching him, Loki felt his pain he heard him in his mind calling for help to release him from this he started to
hear him clearly now he was screaming in pain pegging them for help again when he tried to release him the blue eyed one stopped him touching his forehead then everything starting to fade away except from a whisper came from the chained one it was one word ..one name ....Thor
He gasped opening his finding both of them staring at him in fear and pepper holding him again tightly
“You woke up” she said crying happily
“What?” he asked in a husky voice confused
“It has been two days Loki” Phil said quietly
“But it was just a moments ago how could this be possible” he muttered in shock
“What matters is that you are awake now, god, I was so worried” she said hugging him again remembering how these two days passed on her, watching his soulless body listening to his heavy breathing and mutterings pleading him to open his eyes, Phil tried to make her have some sleep or rest but she always refused leaving him, she was afraid he would go forever slipping from her hands
Phil on the other hand was feeling hopeless, he called Fury again who showed up quickly to be with them as the team will be late for more couple days, he called one of his truthful doctors who came with his full team starting to examine Loki , trying different medicine and watch how will his body react to it, for two days trying everything every medicine but no change till he woke up by himself , they wanted to examine him at once but Fury asked them to wait when he saw Pepper and Phil surrounding him talking with him , they left for now with Fury giving them time to prepare him
Loki looked at pepper whose eyes were red and her face was pale, he frowned
“You look terrible didn’t you sleep at all?” and instead of her holding him, he moved holding her and she rested her head on his shoulder “You sleep now” he said firmly
“Are we switching places now” she smiled tiredly
“Your baby has grown up” Phil smirked happy that Loki is acting normal
“I feel different...better” he said blushing a little
“Good to know blushing is your normal thing” she giggled
“Better? Are you sure this time cause believe me you will stay under my watch 24/7 mister” Phil yelled
“So no personal space I suppose”
“In your dreams kid” he smirked
“Shush, she slept, can we go out?” Loki said putting her down covering with the blanket
“You okay? Sure?”
“Yeah, little dizzy but nothing more”
“Then come” Phil said holding him “I’ll will help you” Loki didn’t object he Leaned on him walking slowly
When they got to the sitting room fury was there, Loki jerked a little in Surprise.
“Come, don’t worry this is director Fury, remember what I told you about our organisation he is the director” Phil said assuring him
One look at him and Loki felt nervous something in him reminded him of another man not that they look alike not at all it’s just that you don’t meet one eyed man everyday yes he reminds him of his father...
“After all you still call him father? Longing to the day you go home “ a voice echoed inside his head but this time it was familiar it was his voice not someone else’s
“Loki, are you okay?” Phil asked worried of his silence
“What...yes” Loki said sitting down
“I’ll make us some coffee, you wanna some” Phil asked
“No coffee for him” Fury said quietly
“just...some water...please” he said taken by the surprise staring at fury
“I’m their boss remember” Fury smirked “ Stop staring at me for god sake , your brother first and you now , is there something funny “ he said agitated
Loki pointed at his eye patch then looked away covering his mouth to stop himself from laughing
“What, you never see one before” he snarled
“Father” Loki said out of breath from laughing
“Oh, that’s why Thor always looked at you like this” Phil giggled giving fury coffee
“If everyone I know roles have an eye patch remind me to tell Thor to have one” Loki smirked
“Why, don’t you want to be king too?” Fury asked him
“Me?” Loki shrugged “I never wanted to be one...” He said quietly
“So he says he feels better this is good news” Phil said trying to change the subject
“Sure, cause I’ve a full medical team ready to examine you to figure out what was that”
“No need to, I think it’s just connected to these dreams not big deal”
“Not big deal, you should have seen yourself” Phil yelled
“It will end soon” he said quietly
“How can you be so sure?” Fury asked
“I just know” he said raising his shoulder
“I must go now but we will stay in touch and yes about what you asked for Phil I agree but you will have the full responsibility if anything went wrong understood”
“Yes sir” Phil said excited
“What was that?” Loki asked
“This was our permission to go outside, so where do wanna go?”
“Really, I missed the fresh air and walking surrounding by green”
“To the garden then...lets go see pepper if she wanna come with us”
“Yes of course I made a full programme we will go to the park , buy new clothes , books and eat ice cream we will have so much fun” she said jumping happily
“wasn’t she tired when this happened?” Loki whispered to Phil smirking
“She is living with Tony what do you expect” he laughed
“What are you too whispering about huh?”
“Nothing, uh Loki you better go and change your clothes”
“yes, good idea , you too” he said and both of them left quickly
Few minutes later loki came out his room wearing his usual a green shirt and dark pants
"Yep shopping is a good idea" Pepper smirked
"But I like wearing them" Loki frowned
"No, no, you're lucky that I'll let you choose the colors , now move it"
“Poor guy” Phil smirked



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise