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The silver's tears

Some fun won't hurt

Loki was fond of everything around him, the people, the shops and gardens he loved everything like a little child, trying everything happily
"What do you wanna do first?" Phil asked
"Surprise me" loki grinned
"You ask for it boy" Pepper said
They standed in front of an old fancy building
"You love books right, then come in" she smirked
Loki smiled following her into the building, it was huge with dozens of shelves full of books, he gasped in amazement
"You are welcome" Pepper said winking at him
"This…no one did this to me before…thanks" Loki said quietly and looked away but she could saw it….she could see this brightness in his eyes, the brightness of tears , she can feel him trembling trying to stay steady and calm, she moved towards him hugging him
Loki was about to say something when Phil messed with his hair saying
"Shh don't spoil the moment, just enjoy it" taking his hand showing him the place and pepper on the other side
They were amazed by his knowledge, it was almost impossible to find a book he didn't read
"what about this one?"
"Read it all" loki grinned
"Sir, you read all of these?" a young man asked, he must be one of the booksellers here Pepper thought
Loki nodded at him
"Wow, this is unbelievable" he said astonished
"I know, please can you help me find something he didn't read I gave up already" Pepper whined and loki laughed at her
"Umm why we don't go to another section, Did you read anything from john green works, sir?"
"In fact I didn't, what is it about?"
"finally" Phil said excited
"you will love it and I may know some other books you may be interested in"
"We will see" loki said following him
"Let it snow, paper towns, looking for Alaska" Pepper read the names of the books "Hey you forgot the most beautiful one, where is the fault in our stars?"
"Oh yes, I'll get it right away" the young man said searching for it
"you read this books?" loki asked her
"just the last one after I watched the movie, oh I cried for two days"
"Cried? Why?"
"It is a sad story, you will know it by yourself when you read it , you know I think I'll read it with you again then we watch the movie, what do you think? Good idea right" Pepper said smiling
"No…it is a great idea" loki said quietly smiling
“Just don’t mind me standing here at all” Phil smirked and Pepper hit him in the head
"I brought you this set of books, I hope you like it" the young man said handling them a huge set of books
"Woow, all of these" Pepper gasped and started to read their titles " the hobbit, lord of the rings, to kill a mockingbird, The picture of Dorian Gray, the shining, these are really good books loki”
“And look at this" Phil said giggling "Harry Potter you will love these sequel especially believe me"
"Fine, I'll take them all" loki said with a big smile
"No way we can carry all these, I'll give you the address and you send them to it ok" Pepper said to the bookseller
"with pleasure miss"
"with this set of books you won't be bored for a long time" Pepper said smiling
They walk together into the park enjoying watching the green around them and sound of children playing and laughing , they sit under a big tree drinking some juice
"You know loki, you might not remember this but you wake up from the coma once before this for almost a week and you spent all of it with me though you didn't recognize anything around you like you were in another world, but…but I felt it, you liked to stay with me, I used to read to you every day before you sleep it is silly I know but I loved doing this, sometimes I really thought you can understand what I'm saying and this was enough for me" Pepper said quietly leaning her head on the tree behind them
"You can do this again if you love too, he won't mind at all believe me" Phil smirked
“Hey” Loki said frowning blushing as well
"Oh I'll” Pepper said teasing Phil “ now tell me aren't you hungry?"
Loki laughed "What is your problem with feeding me?"
"You didn't tell me if you was hungry or not back then, so I used to make a schedule for you" Pepper giggled
"Now I'm embarrassed" Loki said blushing and they both burst laughing at him
"Come, let's continue our journey on midgard" she said in a funny way made loki laugh
"Our next mission buying midgardian clothes" Phil said imitating her
when they heard someone crying it looked like a little child crying , Pepper started to look around till she found a little girl sitting on the ground next to a big tree , she sat next to her
"Hey, why are you crying?" the girl didn't answer and cried more
"Hush hush, don't worry I'll look for your parents ok" Pepper said turning to loki who stood there watching them
"Loki, stay with her and I'll go with Phil searching for her parents will you "
"what…no, I don't like children they are annoying" loki whined
"Come on don't be mean, I won't be late"
"No but, take care of her understand" she said leaving him alone with child , she started to cry more, loki didn't know what to do he sat next to her
"Umm, are you thirsty? What about some juice…mango juice it is very tasty"
She looked at him for a while then took it and started to drink
"what is your name?" loki said softly
"Daisy" she said quietly
"this is a pretty name you have, what does it mean?"
She raised her shoulders and said "Don't know"
"well nice to meet you daisy , I'm loki "
"Loki… your name is weird what does it mean ?"
Loki laughed raising his shoulders "Don't know too"
"I wanna mommy" she cried again
"Don't worry just wait and see, she will come to take you any moment now"
"yes, really…now come let's go and buy you ice cream, what do think"
She nodded holding his hand, loki felt strange he wasn't annoyed at all he felt great and safe, she trusted him feeling safe with him, a thing he never felt before
"uhm, what flavor do you like?"
"Really, me too" he smiled at her "now let's sit and wait for them enjoying this delicious ice cream "
"You are so tall"
Loki burst out laughing surprised "what…no you are so short" he said teasing her
"No, I'm tall see" she said standing on tiptoes
"Oh yes, you are very tall "loki said gently
"mommy" she yelled running towards a young woman who looked exactly like her
"Daisy oh my child I was so afraid to lose you" the woman said hugging her crying
"me too"
"Are you ok ?"
"yes, loki played with me" she said pointing at him and he blushed
"played…huh" Peppet said teasing him
"Yes and bought me ice cream too " daisy said happily
The woman thanked him and pepper a lot ,they were leaving when the little girl ran to loki hugging him
"I love you loki you are so nice "
"me too " loki said quietly
"I wanna to see you again" she whined
"well every time you want to see me come here and call my name and I'll show up to you deal" loki said winking at her
"Deal" she yelled hugging him again
"ooh so sweet " Pepper said teasing him laughing
"Stop, and start walking you two" loki said sighing
"what is wrong?" Pepper asked
"Nothing…just this little girl…daisy she loved me and loved to stay with me , why?"
"Why not?" Phil said stopping
"what do you mean?"
"I mean loki, you must have faith on yourself, trust yourself , you're a good person loki and a nice one , very nice one too so why wouldn't she loves you ?" Phil said
"I…I felt safe with her can you imagine this? Safe with a little girl, how pathetic is this" loki smirked
"this is not pathetic loki at all, you felt safe with her like she felt safe with you…like I feel safe with you always, it is normal feeling loki you just didn’t experienced it before" Pepper said
"You feel safe with me ? "
"of course I do you silly" …"stop talking now and let's go shopping" she yelled dragging him into a big store
"Green, Black oh and gold …really loki everything you choose must be in this colors why?" Phil chuckled
"Easy…I love these colors" loki grinned
"fine it's my fault that is said you can choose the colors at least I can choose the style " Pepper whined
"Hope you have a good taste" loki teased her
"the best my dear" she said winking at him
"will see"
Try this" she said giving him a green hoodie with black patterns
"you know I think you mistaken me with thor" loki said showing it to her, it was so big for him , he looked funny they couldn’t hold themselves from laughing
"I think it's perfect" she smirked
"Get me a smaller one now"
'Fine , try these till I came" she said handling him some shirts and pants
She came back after few minutes "here, try this" but no one answered her loki wasn't there, he was gone and so did Phil
"loki, oh god where did he go ?" she started looking for him worried but in vain , she came back to the same place again hoping to find him there
"where did you go?" loki asked her appearing from behind with Phil
"me? Where did you go? I came back and you were gone" Pepper shouted at him she was worried
"Uhm, we thought you would like this" he said giving her a beautiful white dress with green patterns
“Don’t look at me it was his idea” Phil said
"wow, this is for me …it is so beautiful loki" she said hugging him "but don't disappear like this again do you understand you make me worried" she frowned at him
"sorry" he said blushing
"Oh my shy boy" Pepper giggled
"Stop it" loki whined
"Umm you know we forgot to buy the most important thing " Phil said
"What?" Pepper asked
"Some fancy suites"
"Black " Loki said quickly
"Yah I know…with dark green scarf, what do you think?" She said
"I think you have a wonderful taste"
"I told you" she beamed
"What next?" Phil asked
"buy some food and DVDs"
"fine, but don't forget the chocolate " Loki said
"and ice cream too " Phil yelled
"I'm so glad that thor and the others aren't here, we are acting like children seriously " loki giggled
"But I'm glad they are not here cause this gave me the chance to have time with you in peace” Pepper said holding his hand
“I’m glad to know you Loki” Phil said messing with his hair again
"why I can't say a word after every time you talk ?" loki whined
"Yep you just turn to red " she giggled
"Not again, this becomes annoying" loki frowned
"I think it is adorable" she said
"Stop it, let's go home now"



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise