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The silver's tears

Songs Without A Voice

Today was a little different Pepper was invited to a gala and she has to go
"I just called them to confirm that we are going , they told me it's more like a prom and everyone must wear a mask it'll be wonderful night loki" she said excitedly
"Are you sure you wanna me to go with you, there will be a lot of people there , if someone asks you who I am , I know my presence here is secret so what would you say then ”Loki frowned
“Don’t worry everyone will be wearing masks and will be just two agents working with Pepper” Phil said assuring him
“I don’t know what to wear” he said frowning
“Come I’ll help you” Phil said laughing at his childish way
"I know exactly what I'm going to wear" she said heading to her room
And came back holding a white dress with green patterns
"Are you sure?...you've a lot of things better than this" Loki said surprised looking to Phil who nodded
"But you brought this for me and I think it's the best one…it's our party so we will wear what we brought to each other"
“I didn’t get anything” Phil whined
“We bought you a suit too we were going to make it a surprise present” Pepper giggled
Pepper came out wearing the dress she looked beautiful Phil said to her smiling
“You look the same Phil I never saw you wearing anything else but suits but you know it was made for you that’s sure”
They waited for Loki who like always takes a long time dressing, when he came out they both stared at him with amazement
he was wearing this amazing black suit and put on the mask a silver one which covered half of his face make you only focus on his gorgeous green eyes and his neat long dark hair
"Wow" she gasped "you look like a real prince”
“I’m a prince” Loki muttered blushing
When they arrived to the party, people looked at them in curiosity, Pepper was holding her mask in her hand so everyone know who she was but they didn't know the other two, Phil was holding his mask too, but loki kept it on his face, loki could hear them whispering trying to find out who this masked man is, he grinned at them
"Miss Potts, welcome it's very nice of you to come to our little party " an old man said approaching them
"Mr. Mark lovely to see you again, wonderful party by the way"
"Mr. stark is busy like always but I think you got yourself a good company here " the man said looking at them
"Oh…this is agent Phil Coulson and this is Mr. Odinson ..loki Odinson " Pepper said
"pleased to meet you" the man said stretching out his hand to shake Loki’s then Phil
"Pleased to meet you too" loki said quietly shaking his hand
"Well, I hope you enjoy the party, have fun"
"thank you" Pepper said smiling at him
“This won’t end good” Loki muttered
“Just keep calm and enjoy your time” Phil said smiling nervously
When the music started again Phil asked Pepper to dance with him and Loki stood watching them, when a young lady asked him to dance with her, he tried to refuse but she insisted taking his hand and they danced together
“You’re a very good dancer” she said to him after the song ended kissing his cheek and left him blushing
“Did she just..” Phil said to him laughing
“You let her kiss you” Pepper yelled at him
“Someone is jealous” Phil teased her
“Hey no one touches my baby” she whined
“After all this time you keep calling me this” Loki whined frowning
“Let me, you will always be my baby right” Phil imitating her laughing
“Yes, Do you have any objections?” She asked
“No , of course no right Loki” Phil said
“Yeah sure” then he leaned on Phil whispering “ She will kill us if we say anything right?” and Phil nodded holding his laugh
“It’s late we should go home”
the team came back at last after two exhausting weeks, the place was dark and quiet
“Where us everyone? “Steve asked surprised
“They went to the gala sir” Jarvis said
“A what?...is it safe to take him out?” Tony yelled
“Loki” Thor muttered worried when they heard noise and footsteps approaching, they are back, they listened to their laughs and their conversation
“No galas for you anymore and if we go you will stay with me” Pepper said agitated
“Not again Pepper it was just a kiss , what will you do if she invited him to dinner or something” Phil smirked
“What” she parked at him
“Both of you give me headache won’t you stop, why I danced with her” Loki whined entering the room finding eyes staring at him shocked
Loki jerked back surprised and step on Phil foot
“Watch out” he said holding him when he realised them he yelped too
“Jesus, don’t you knock or cough or anything” he said taking his breath
“who are you talking to?” Pepper asked following them
“You came home, finally” she said happily hugging Tony
“Where is Loki?” Clint asked
“You kidding right” she frowned at him and Loki started to giggle he was still wearing his mask maybe they were so tired that they didn’t recognise him
“You still own me this game” he said taking off his mask standing in front of them
“Oh my god, you look different” he gasped and Loki frowned “No, still you” Clint said messing with his hair
“You look very good Loki” Thor said to him smiling and Loki hugged him tightly
“Two weeks, how could you?” He said almost crying
“I’m sorry, won’t leave you again but hey you look better and your talking become normal” he said happily
“It was rough and terrible days” Loki said looking away
“Just be thankful it didn’t happen again” Phil sighed patting him
“What happened?” Thor asked worried
“Come Loki, you take your medicine and sleep” Pepper said taking his hand
“Start talking Coulson” Clint yelled at him worried
“Just after you left he started to have this strange seizures, I found him unconscious blood coming out of his mouth then his body always paler and cold” Phil said trying not to remember this again
“And you didn’t think to call us at all” Thor cried
“What would you do huh ? Nothing, I did everything , best doctors examined him and they all come to the same result he is fine in fact he was getting better, but it didn’t stop, and the nightmares became more vicious sometimes he woke up feeling good and we think it ended to find him on the floor blood surrounding him, the last he was in coma for two days and when he woke up it was over no more seizures nothing he was just fine”
“So he is getting better” Bruce said relieved
“Yes, but this only means another problem” Phil said
“What now?” Clint snarled
“Nightmares didn’t end I know that but he started to more secretive about it he doesn’t share his fears with us like before, heck if he had a nightmare you wouldn’t even know that”
“Old Loki is back then” Thor said quietly when Pepper enter the room
“Won’t let you stay with him huh” Phil asked her
“You remember his only rule never make him angry” she said sighing
“And of course he will come to you first thing in the morning to say that he is sorry” Phil smirked
“It’s like there is two of him the one we know most of the dime except from the moment he goes to sleep till after he wakes up” she said frowning
“What were you talking about when you arrived about the gala?” Tony asked
“Pepper here was jealous because someone danced with Loki and kissed him” Phil giggled
“What” Thor shrugged
“What did you do Pepper?” Clint smirked
“Nothing, she just shouted at us” Phil scoffed
“Yes no one”
“Touches your baby” He interrupted imitating her “Thank god we left before someone heard here” he laughed
“No more galas” she muttered frowning
“You saw how he looked like, of course this was gonna happen, taking prince charming with you” Tony smirked
“Don’t remind me, he was almost hiding behind us from their looks , I told you this mask was too much” Phil giggled
“Wonder how would you look in a suit Thor” Pepper said
“Can we talk about something else, please” Thor said and his face turned red
“Not only Loki huh” she said giggling
“Where is this music coming from?” Natasha asked joining them
“Yeah about that, Anthony Stark I’ll kill you”
“What did I do” he whined
“You left your iPod here, and guess who found it again” Phil said
“How bored were you exactly when you chose this songs” she yelled at him
“Good thing is we use it know how he feels since he stopped talking about it at all” Phil smirked
“And what’s he listening to now?” Thor asked
“You really don’t wanna know” Natasha said
“What?” Clint asked her
“Is it that bad?” Thor asked worried
“Like it was written for him “ Tony said playing it



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise