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The silver's tears

Hidden In The Dark

Time passes quickly when you are surrounded by people you love , people you can call family, with them all your sorrows come to an end not because it doesn’t exist no more but because sharing it with them makes things easier, step by step you learn how to live again, you learn how to hide your broken heart behind a smile , and for the first time Thor finds himself truly understands how, he felt part of Loki was always there beside him keeping his promise, surrounding himself with Loki’s world listening to the songs he loved feeling its words always sad but beautiful just like he always was, not Tony’s choices no they found out that Loki made his own playlist.
Like his brother, Thor grew fond of these songs but eventually he moved to more lighter songs not Loki’s dark ones though he still memorising all of them.
But this peace can’t last for ever Hydra has risen from the ashes of Shield, cut one head and two will grow up they always said but this time not only two more grew but the whole body, Hydra was hiding inside the Shield for many years taking over all the powers and authority, it was the time when Captain America was called a traitor and Fury was killed, it was the time to fight an old enemy and to stop an old friend
The winter soldier or as once he was called Bucky Barnes is back and Steve found hope again to bring back his old friend...A friend who just killed his boss!
When a storm arrives you don’t expect just some rain no you prepare for the worst for the thunder to howl, so when Steve finds himself chased by Hydra with Natasha on his side he doesn’t suspect a thing ,when all the connection with the team cut down so what it happens all the time, but when he found that Thor went back to Asgard to fight an old enemy supposed not to be exist and Bruce went missing after a Hulk disaster, Tony almost get killed by his arch reactor and Clint deadly injured now Steve started to suspect a pattern here...
“Dark elves? What the hell are the dark elves?” Steve exclaimed
“I’ve no idea, Frigga is waiting for us in the tower, she said Thor won’t let her stay in Asgard till this is over” Natasha said punching a man in the face, they were under attack again by hydra
“And Tony? How is he?”
“last thing before it went black, some weird technology messed with his arch reactor leaving him almost dead” she said taking cover behind the cap’s shield
“Shit, Bruce went back to India again, don’t know what caused him to hulk like this and Parton sure you two have your ways to contact right?” Steve said throwing a man to the wall
“at your 9....yeah he is in the safe house just over reacting his injuries not that bad he will make it”
“we need to end this now, enough playing, Sam you copy that? Now”
“yah cap, already in, it’s up to you now” Sam answered
Sam Wilson retired soldier changed his carrier to help post traumatic soldiers works in military rehab, Steve met him during his morning jogging, it wasn’t a surprise to end up friends, soon Steve told him about his old friend Bucky asking for his help to find him, so in no time Sam became responsible of his case starting to search for him.
When things got messy, Steve found his only solution was to hide on Sam’s place, he was surprisingly okay with that as if it was finding two trembling avenger on your front door something happens everyday
Sam lied...well he wasn’t just a soldier he was in special team, with a fancy metallic wings and a title too...Falcon
Just the three of them against the world like Sam used to remind himself still don’t know how the hell he ended up teaming with Captain America and the black widow blowing a race erasing hellcarier jumping from a burning building seconds before it turns to dust
“Is it over, please tell me it’s over” Sam whined holding to his seat in the jet
“Not for us buddy, but for you keep looking for our missing person , we’re so close this time” Steve sais patting his shoulder
“What are you going to do now?”
“Back to Stark’s tower, finding ourselves some lost teammates, checking on others” Steve sais looking to Natasha who just nodded typing the new coordinates
“ if you need any help just don’t call me” Sam smirked leaving
“I will” Steve said nodding
“Please, tell me they are back”
“except for Thor, the team is waiting for us” Natasha said
When they arrived the first one to see was Bruce he was heading to the medical wing when heard the jet
“Hope you gave them a lesson” Bruce said smiling tiredly
“Oh, we did” Steve said walking to him
“How are you now?” Natasha asked quickly
“Fine, still shaken but better no hulk for a long time I just came to check on them”
“You are here because of who you are not because you’re just the Hulk, understand” Steve said firmly
“Our silly doctor” Natasha smirked hugging him
“Okay okay, sorry, come we have the most annoyed persons in the world whining in the same room' Bruce laughed
“How are they?” Steve asked worried
“They will be fine unfortunately they will still the same old Tony and Clint” he smirked
“That’s bad” Steve smirked
They walked to the room trying to hold their laughs as they heard Pepper yelling at them
“Listen to me both of you, whether you finish your food or I’ll take the Wii and leave you to this boredom”
“No, fine give it to me, are you satisfied now?” Clint whined eating his vegetables with closed eyes
“ugh, what is that? Something is swimming in it I swear” Tony cried and his face turned almost green
“just eat it Tony, if she took it I’ll kill you” Clint shouted then drank the whole water bottle
“Jarvis tell me you recorded this” Bruce said leaning to the wall laughing
“Jarvis don’t you dare” Tony yelled
“Oh, don’t worry I got it all” Natasha said holding her phone “Smile, guys”
“Gosh, how old are you two? Five” Steve said laughing
“Hope you like vegetables you two, mama Frigga is serious about vegetables” Tony scoffed
“mama Frigga” Steve said giggling
“She stayed with them all the time before we arrive” Bruce said explaining “And immediately she started to play the mother role on them” he giggled
“Lucky you, some has food in bed and other get thrown from a burning building” Natasha smirked looking at Steve
“can you smell that? Someone is going to try this very soon” Clint smirked as Frigga came with pepper holding some plates
“See, told you they would be hungry and what is better of vegetables after a battle” Frigga said to Pepper who tried not to laugh on their faces
“Thanks ma’am it looks delicious” Steve said taking one
“Of course he loves it” Tony scoffed rolling his eye
“Natasha too, right Nat?” Clint grinned at her
She took her plate mothing to Clint “I’ll kill you”
“Huh, what was that? Didn’t hear you?”
“Nothing, I was just saying it looks delicious too” Natasha said biting her lip
“Another Loki here” Frigga laughed a little at Natasha reaction “He used to do the same every time, pretending to eat it”
“Tell me about it” Pepper said smiling sadly remembering him
“But Thor of course loved it” Tony scoffed trying to light things up
“he used to eat for both of them” Frigga sais giggling
“I miss the big guy, when will he return?” Steve said
“didn’t you watch the news, they were here, something about the words parallel collapsing , what did Erik said? Yes, all the realms parallel to each other causing the opening of the passages between the realms, yesterday was like the end of the world they appear then suddenly vanish, we found a birds flock in the kitchen before they just disappear in the air, but things are quiet today I think the fight is over” Pepper said taking her breath.
“Don’t you see that is strange, I mean the timing suddenly we all are chased by something want to kill us” Steve said
“and these visions” Bruce muttered looking worried
“Wait you too?” Natasha said , they all looked at each other, everyone thought the same
“I want everyone to start talking now, what exactly happened with you” Steve said grabbing a chair
“I’ll start” Bruce said quietly “I went back to India after an urgent call about some serious cases, when I arrived at the address I was given, I found no one there, the building was old abandoned for years, but there was this strange cold it wasn’t normal bringing fear to your heart then this whispers like people are shouting in your head but in very low voices, then there was this voice repeating some words over and over it made me very angry I couldn’t control myself anymore turning to Hulk destroying everything in front of me I was fighting invisible enemy, pouring his lies and elusions here...in my head” his voice started to break “ when I woke up of this elusions there were destruction everywhere and people running and screaming , helping the wounded ones , they looked at me in fear and horror, whatever was that he made people saw what Hulk really was...just a monster”
“This sounds awfully familiar” Tony said quietly his face was pale
“What did you see?” Bruce asked concerned
“No, no I ...don’t wanna remember it again” Tony said shaking his head nervously
“Tony, it’s okay just tell us” Pepper said softly sitting next to him
“I was in my lap finishing some work when what exactly Bruce said happened, suddenly there was this alien monster this huge worm like monster in front of me then I saw all of you...dead, it was the end everything was destroyed and the earth was no more, I heard your screams, I tried to help you but it was over, Steve was the last one to...die, he grabbed me saying that I could have done more, that I didn’t try enough” Tony said trembling his anxiety returned again, he looked afraid and guilty but something didn’t happen but for him it was real, Pepper held him tightly calming him
“Tony...look at me, Tony” Steve said holding his face “ It was just a bad dream okay, nothing of this happened and won’t, you know why? Because we have you by our side how many times you saved us huh, who risked his live taking the missile into a worm hole? Because of we’re here today, I would never say something like this to you because you of all is the one who will always have the last word saving us all you oaf”
Tony was calm now relieved by Steve words he was in desperate need to hear this, and it was enough to bring the old Tony again
“When we turned into the Asgardian brother remind me will you? Oaf” Tony smirked
“Oh shut up, it was the right word” Steve said hitting him on the head
“My turn then” Clint said smiling a little “no mire mind control for me, I’d my time before, I felt it when the cold started and the same scenario but nothing controlled me I was attacked, they were the one who was controlled not me, one if them managed to injure me bur hell I won at the end”
“okay smart ass, and you Nat?” Tony asked
“we split up, remember Steve? Then the same happened with some old memories and my past again you know it already when Sam found me unconscious and helped me” her voice was shaken
“Come here you” Clint said quickly and Natasha sat next to him
“Whatever you saw it was the past okay, the one in front of me now had nothing to do with the one you saw understand”
Natasha nodded hugging him tightly
“Easy there “Clint giggled hugging her back
“And you cap?” Bruce asked
“Nothing to make me worry, I saw it everyday” Steve said normally
“Geez, a man without a past that scary” Tony scoffed
“Well, may be you didn’t see it yet” Steve smirked
“Now, who else? The big guy, this will be nasty” Clint said gulping
“Oh dear, what if he saw it already, and went to do something reckless” Frigga said worried
“and I was wondering from where did Loki get that feeling all the time” Tony smirked
“What is thing that connects what we all saw?” Natasha asked
“The cold, the whispers and the voice “ Tony said counting them on his hand
“No, think”
“We all saw our worst fears” Bruce said
“Exactly, and what does Thor fear the most?” she said looking to Frigga
“To be blamed of his brother’s death” Frigga gasped
“No, Loki made his choice, Thor wouldn’t think like that, would he?” Steve said wondering if really Thor thought that
“Is it only me, or you too feel something bad will happen very soon” Clint said worried when they heard the booming of the thunder and terrible crush sounds out side
“Thor” Frigga said in relieved for seconds before it turns to worry she saw who arrived , it wasn’t thor who came but three men accompanying by woman
“Sif, what are you doing here?” Frigga asked shocked
“My queen” Sif said bowing to her so did the three men
“We came looking for Thor, he left after the battle without saying a word, we feared something happened to you” she said
“Sorry for coming by this way but we were worried” Fiendral said smiling
“So, you are Sif right and you are...the three warriors?” Tony asked slightly agitated
“It’s lady Sif for you” she said quietly glancing at him
“We know exactly who you are, all of you, we heard a lot about you” Clint smirked
“Like he described not even messed a thing” Tony continued
“Boys, behave after all they are our guests” Pepper said quickly
“Yeah, unwelcomed ones too” Tony scoffed
“I see, what lies did the little trickster tell you” Sif grinned
“Don’t you dare to just talk about him” Pepper shouted
“What? Don’t tell me he played the innocent rule on you, you really fell for that? Stupid mortals he threatened your little world and you defend him”
“Sif, don’t forget who are you talking about” Frigga said firmly
“Sorry, my queen but we all know what did he do, he betrayed asgard and tried to kill the heir if the throne and finally tried to role a world wasn’t meant for him, he is a traitor and should be punished not defend him”
“punished?” Tony parked at her “is this some kind of fucken sick joke”
“What did you just called my brother’ Thor’s voice was cold full of anger he grabbed her violently
“Leave her Thor, she doesn’t worth it” Steve said trying to let her go with the help of the warriors
“What is wrong with you all, Thor you attack Sif for that liar sake?”
“Damn it, will someone make them shut the hell up” Steve shouted out of breath crushed under Thor’s power, who was enraged trying to just put a hand on them
“Didn’t you tell them?” Natasha asked Frigga shocked
“No, only his father knew, it wasn’t the right time all the realm was preparing for the war, not a good for grieve and seeking answers” Frigga said calming Thor
“Grieve?” Sif asked confused
“Oh yes, didn’t you know? the man who you just called him a liar and traitor died saving all of us” Clint rasped at her but in a broken voice
“What in helhiem you talking about?”
“Listen you maybe Thor’s friends but for us you all just a bunch of liars and pathetic filthy soldiers” Natasha said quietly but full of hatred no one hates them more than her, why not and she is the one who spent the longest time with Loki , all these nights listening to him in his sleep remembering what they all done to him, how they treated him
“Natasha” Thor said quietly standing in front of her, he was there too when Loki had these nightmares , they both understand this better than anyone here
“Make them leave Thor, or forget you know me” she said firmly , Thor nodded at her holding her hand and without looking at them he said
“You heard her, leave now”
“But Thor” Sif said shocked
“That’s is an order, soldier” he said coldly
They looked at each other and left enraged by how he treated them
“I was blinded once but no more”
“Thor, this may sound crazy but did you see any strange nightmare or vision maybe... I don’t know” Tony asked still angry by the unexpected visitors
“No, why ?” Thor asked frowning
“Nothing, don’t mind me at all” Tony said looking at them worried
“Stark, what is it?” Thor said glancing at him suspiciously
“Guys, some help here” Tony whined
“Don’t hurry Thor, sooner or later it will happen” Bruce said feeling the cold
What are you two babbling about?” he shouted at them leaving the room
“Why you acted like that” Steve asked quickly
“Yeah, this was creepy” Clint said staring at them
“Bruce, why you said that?” Tony asked him ignoring the others
“You felt it too, don’t deny it...The cold” Bruce said in a shaking voice
“And we just let him leave, wow” Tony exclaimed
“I’m not feeling well” Bruce said weakly his eyes rolling before he fell unconscious
“What the hell” Tony said, shapes fading around him, he watched all of them falling unconscious before he joined them too
Blue mist surrounded them and started to take a shape....A human shape but to judge a book from its cover is just stupid.
He walked in the dark whispering some words which soon turned to singing quietly his voice was cold like anything else about him
He moved among them casting some kind of energy above each one of them
“Now, where is my prize” he said looking around “Yes, of course” he smiled walking to Loki’s room where Thor was laying on the bed also unconscious
“Here you are” he said excited “You miss you brother, oh so sad” he whispered on his ear in a pretended sad tone
“Won’t it be nice if I let you see him again” he waved his hand above him casting some shadows in blue and green colours
Thor gasped opening his eyes but he couldn’t see anything, it was dark around him, he stood up stretching his hand in front of him walking slowly, he felt so cold , he wasn’t in Loki’s room that’s for sure.
“Is this what Tony was talking about? Am I dreaming?” He muttered though it doesn’t feel like a dream at all
He walked for how long, he doesn’t know, till he saw a fire, far yet strong to be seen, it flames were red more like crimson red , seeing it gave him the silliest thought, is the fire angry? When he reached it he thought it would be bigger but it wasn’t more than camping fire, it reminded him of the one Loki used to set when they camp, he enchanted it to make it shine brighter , but it was always calm not like this one
“Fire changed like everything else” a voice said sadly, voice Thor knew very well...voice his only wish was to hear it one more time
Thor turned looking around everywhere, this voice ! His heart is racing not to rip his way out
“He is dead , stop looking for him” his mind protested, but how can he? When Loki gone in the first time, he really thought he lost him for ever, he was sure that he was dead, but this time no, everything in him shouting that no he isn’t dead, no your brother us still out there lost waiting for you
“Good to know that someone still believe I’m alive even I started to think i died”
“Then where are you?” his voice came muffled as he was covering his face, he just asked not waiting for answer, he knows he is dreaming...Dream is the only way his brother will be still here
“dream maybe, or a vision you know , yeah vision is much better it means that it could happens, or maybe someone is playing with your mind, I don’t know, whatever it is...good to see you again”
He can’t see him but he felt his presence near him, his cold hand holding
his, whispering some words to him “winter is coming , embrace it”



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise