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The silver's tears

A new journey

when they wake up from this strange sleep or whatever it was he really doesn’t know like someone knocked them
Thor was the only one still unconscious and it seemed like he was taking his part now of these strange visions , they all sat there waiting him to wake up afraid of the vision affect on him
“loki” Thor gasped opening his eyes in fear
“Hey, take it easy buddy, whatever you saw it was just a dream not real okay” Steve said worried
“I....I saw Loki” Thor muttered lost in his thoughts
“Oh Thor, it was just a dream” Frigga said sadly sitting next to him
“No, it wasn’t a dream it was real I know it was” Thor cried
“Remember what I told you about these strange visions and that you will have one soon?” Bruce said quietly
“You don’t get it, my vision was different than yours you all seem to be afraid by what you saw, mine wasn’t a bad one”
“What do you mean Thor? What did you exactly see?” Bruce asked
Thor told them what he saw not missing the slightest detail, he was excited more convinced now that Loki is still alive
“Thor we know how desperate you want to believe that it was him and he is out there, but you must believe me this was just a dream” Natasha said
“No, why you don’t believe me? Loki is not dead” he yelled at them
“Thor, please stop it” Frigga cried “He is dead”
“Come with me now” Steve said grabbing Thor’s hand and walked out of the room
“What?” Tony yelled
“Stay here, no one follow us”
“Steve, please you have to believe me” Thor pleaded him
“I do” he said quietly
“Huh?! Why?” Thor was surprised
“The winter is coming, don’t fight it...embrace it...That’s what he said right?”
“Y yes , you know what does it mean?” Thor asked quickly
“I think I do, but it must be kept just between us okay?”
“Won’t tell the others?”
“No, not now anyway” he said firmly
“Fine, what does it mean then?”
“I’ve been searching for an old friend for a while now, I once told Loki about him” Steve said hesitant
“They were the same in many ways, every time I looked at Loki I saw him”
“An old friend? Doesn’t this mean he must be dead by now?”
“He died in front of my eyes or that what I thought, he fell off the train then when the hydra problems started to show up again I found out he is still alive they kept him alive the same way it happened to me”
“And that is not good right?”
“They are controlling him they... Wipe all his mind, he doesn’t remember me anymore and now he is known by the winter soldier”
“Oh, you mean Loki was talking about him but why? How is he related to Loki?”
“only one of them can tell us and the fact that it is impossible to look for Loki”
“Leave us with only option...your friend”
“You know where is he don’t you?
“Well, it’s a bit complicated I don’t know where is he but I’ve friend looking for him, we’ll leave to meet him as soon as possible”
“And what are we going to tell the others exactly?”
“You will see” Steve smiled at him going back to them
“We have secrets now or what?” Tony said agitated
“Don’t be a child Tony, we just think we may find a clue to know if this is real or not, me and Thor will follow it, you stay here both you and Clint need rest, don’t do anything stupid till we come back, understood Stark”
“Yeah whatever” he said looking sad
“Bruce, Tasha you both in charge now keep an eye on them please” Steve said worried
“Oh mama Steve we’re not fucken kids” Tony yelled
“Language boy, someone need to learn some manners” Frigga said
“Uhm sorry” Tony muttered
“Not enough, four of you will go back with me to asgard, it’s not safe here” she said firmly
“What” They whined
“Good idea, our healers will take of you, and you banner will help you control your anger we have a healer who will help you very well, and Tasha you will do fine” Thor beamed at them happily
“We can’t just go...what if we are not welcome there, your father...” Bruce said worried
“ you will be treated the was we treat our victorious warriors, and father will welcome you you’re my friends”
“And Loki’s friends too” Natasha said quietly
“Another reason for father to welcome you, to honour him in anyway possible” Thor said looking away
“Thor” Frigga said patting his shoulder
“Why he doesn’t admit that he misses him huh? Is there something wrong on showing how you feel about your child? Why he must act like this? Like he had never existed” Thor said enraged
“It’s not easy to lose your child twice my dear, and you know your father always so careful about what feelings he shows” Frigga said sadly
“He is the reason his foolish pride caused me losing my brother twice, not stopping loki in the first time and not saving him in the second, he killed Loki” Thor parked and left them
“Uhm now everything is set, we will leave, see you soon I hope” Steve said going after Thor
“Asgard then” Tony said gulping looking at them worried
“Is it safe? This bifrost thing?” Clint asked
“Yes but you should know it’s a rough teleporting especially for those who never travelled between realms before”
“Yay” Tony said “I’ll be killed by a rainbow”
“Don’t be silly” bruce said “when are we leaving?”
“Now if you are ready” Frigga answered
“Now?...um Tony I remembered I’ve some important work so have fun” Pepper said quickly
“Nice try pepp, but still you’re coming with us” Tony grinned at her
They watched Thor uses it many times but they never thought that one day they will use it too, to be killed by a rainbow Tony didn’t stop whining about the idea making them only more nervous about it trying to make him shut up but they knew it was just his way to not thinking about another hole in the sky he had to get through it, yes every time he sees it reminds him of the worm hole he went through risking his life ... triggering his biggest fears...to the nightmare to become true....to see them die and only him left alive.
Pepper stood next to him holding his hand tightly grabbing him out of his thoughts, Tony looked at her smiling nervously trying to hide his fear
“Gosh, if you weren’t only like him in this” she said quietly
“What? Like who?” Tony asked perplexed
“You’re giving up on yourself on us just like he did” she said in a breaking voice
He didn’t need to ask to know who is she talking about, she still didn’t get over his death though she pretends all the time that she is fine that she understands that he had to do this but just like Natasha she is feeling betrayed, feeling hurt....the fact that she didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye or to...stop him
“Come with me” Tony said grabbing her hand gently walking her away ignoring her protests and the wonder look on the other’s faces of his strange actions
“Tony, stop we have to go back now or we’ll be late”
“They will wait for us the important thing now is you” Tony said gazing at her
“M..me ? What did i do?”
“Did you think i can’t see it, how much you pretend to be okay, maybe the time you spent with him affected your skills of hiding your feelings but not from me pepper”
“Tony, please it’s not the time or the place for this talk” she said looking away
“No look at me, now is the perfect time you know why? Cause in few time we will be in asgard and you know what that means first you will meet these bunch of assholes , and sure frigga will show us his room and you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of things reminding you of him so hell yeah this is the best time to talk” he said nervously
“Well yea I am afraid of going there actually I’m freaking out right now, be there around people I only know them from his nightmares of his bleeding every night to leave him alone and not to hurt him of course I don’t wanna be near these monsters” Pepper cried trembling
“Oh pepper, why you kept all of this inside you? You and him ...why both of you didn’t say anything about it?” Tony muttered holding her
“What did you wanna me to say huh? That only mentioning asgard was enough to make him crack... That even when he started to talk he would only say anything when someone ask him to or when he wanted anything i knew he had to think thousands of times before he could ask for it, when I asked him how he was treated back there he didn’t say a word just look at me smiling sadly, but i knew the answer, two years of being tortured by these chitauries weren’t big deal for him, yeah physically he was hurt badly but mentally was the real torture back there you heard what Thor said maybe just part of it, how he was treated always feeling unworthy, always feeling so small so low” she started to sob loudly
“Pepper” Tony said worried looking at something behind her, it was frigga standing there and the others, she was crying quietly listening to her words
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to...” Pepper startled
“No you are right, for Loki asgard was never his home, I always felt that, I did my best to make him feel the opposite but I failed, in front of us they all treated him with respect even when he came to me when he was just a kid crying that they called him weak and fight like girls I... I told him that they are just playing with him trying to make him angry that’s all and the more the years passed the more their tries to what I called anger him continued till he jut gave up on us and kept it for himself swallowing his pride not letting anyone see through him”
“And you all thought that he was happy and that no one was bickering over him right?” Bruce said little agitated
“Yes because they weren’t kids anymore they are warriors strong one too, say that you were in his place a warrior a prince of the realm and the ones so called your friends in front of everyone treat you with disrespect will you go and whine to your parents about it like a little child or will you keep it for yourself planning to pay back though it will hurt you and break your heart yet you don’t give them the chance to see your weakness to see that their insult have any affection on you, some people are so proud that they don’t even try to change what people think about them even if t was all wrong, that was my Loki “
“Think i end up with he wrong brother” Jane smirked and they all turned to her surprised by her presence “sorry, i didn’t want to interrupt you” she said smiling
“Jesus, no I think you end up with the one who suites you, none of you bother to knock before giving me heart attack” Tony said taking his breath
“Yeah I think so” she giggled
“Where are we going?” Darcy yelled excited
“Why you bring her with you, she will drive everyone insane” Tony whined
“Hey, I go wherever she goes” Darcy gazed at Tony angrily
“Okay okay”
“Oh but what are you doing here?” natasha asked
“Thor told us to come, don’t know why but he was talking about pay back or something like that”
“Oh, my bad boy this will be a chaos” Frigga laughed
“wait a second, they are coming with us to Asgard” Tony yelled
“You said where?” Darcy shrugged
“Pay back huh?” Bruce thought for a while “Don’t tell me this lady Sif has a thing for Thor”
“And who is this sif?” Jane asked coldly
“Oh shit” Bruce whined covering his face
“I’ll kill him” Tony muttered



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise