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The silver's tears

Who was he !?

“He remembered you” Sam said once he saw Steve , he didn’t think how much will this mean to him or how would this affect him
Steve froze in his place repeating what he just heard , bucky remembered me ,his mind was in deep conflict does this mean he is back or it was just a slip , an error they will fix that at once so he won’t remember him again , and if he is really back does this mean he will come back to him again , does this mean he got his second chance at last to live up to his past , to his life again , that he will finally feels that he belongs to somewhere or someone that will understand how he really feels , someone knows the life as he used to know, so many hope so many dreams , and now he really understands what did Thor mean when he said hope is a dangerous thing, he was right it’s not only dangerous but it can destroy your whole life in a second if this hope turns to be just a daydream you wish that it will one day become true
“Steve, where did you go?” Sam wondered
“Huh, nothing i was just thinking “ Steve said shaking all the ideas from his head
“Now you knew what I meant before” Thor said quietly staring at him
“Yeah buddy and you are absolutely right it’s dangerous too dangerous” Steve admitted
“Hi, wow, Thor, right , I’m Sam” He said staring at Thor with eyes wide open
“ The Falcon, I heard everything about you on the way , Steve told me everything about your bravery and your willing to help us” Thor beamed crushing him in a hug
“Oh, he did?” Sam said before he started to cough trying to take his breath and continue “ Of course I’ll help you guys , you’re The Avengers, how can I refuse”
“Now, guys focus, Sam you said he remembered me? How did you know? Have you met him “ Steve said
“No, I tracked one of hydra agents i know he was on the team working on the winter soldier programme, and he was so kind to tell me everything and how that they had to wipe all his memories again cause after the last mission, the one we met him on it, he kept saying after it that this guy knew him and eventually he started to remember you Steve , screaming that he knows you and that somehow he was returning to his old self again, they feared the consequences so they wiped all his memories but still they still afraid they would lose control on him again “
On hearing this Steve’s face turned to red , so many thoughts came into his mind at this moment ,so many mixed feelings : anger, hatred, sadness and hope ! Hope that one day he will have bucky back in his life again and for this to happen he needs to focus on the mission putting all his feelings aside
Thor knew exactly what was going on in his friend's mind, how wouldn’t he and he lived the same moment before with...Loki
Oh how much he needs to just hear his voice once again , just one more time even if it was a bloody illusion , just one miracle for him to be not dead
“Thor, he is alive” Steve said quietly grabbing Thor out of his thoughts
“How...How did you know i was...?” Thor asked perplexed
“Cause i feel the same and think the same , and i have two people not just one”
“Who would even thought this would be true !? “ Thor said laughing nervously
“What are you two talking about i don’t understand a word!?” Sam shouted at them
“Nothing buddy let’s just focus on the case, shall we” Steve said smiling sadly
“Alright then ,hope you brought some heavy clothes with you cause our destination is Moscow”
“Oh boy” Steve whispered afraid of what will happen next and the moment he meets....Him !!
Back on asgard things have been quite peaceful with slow rhythm , Tasha and clint found a good company in the asgardian warriors practising with them most of the time , Banner was taken by their culture , sciences, spiritual practices especially the ones about controlling your anger and help increase your concentration , Jane also but with another type of science; astrology
As for tony it was like an open holiday so he spent most of his time sleeping, taking long walks and drinking always babbling about how their drinks are the best thing he ever had in his life
Pepper ! Like always on the library or taking long walks with Tony listening to whatever he was talking about though she never really listened to what he sais, enjoying the beauty of the nature , or in Loki’s room going through his books , sketches and life !
As for the three warriors and lady Sif they pretend they don’t care about all of this but deep inside they all were wondering the same thing , why him? What did these strangers saw on him they didn’t see? Why they grieve him that much? Why Loki!? .
Sif was the one who took the first step she waited for the right time to talk to the only person who can gave her the answers she wants , she waited for her to be alone and when the moment came she made her move
“I have some questions for you midgardian” she said approaching pepper
“First the name is pepper, second why should i tell you anything!?” Pepper said coldly
“listen,pepper, i just want to know something that it” Sif said agitated
“Alright I’m listening , what do you want to know?” pepper said feeling curious
“Who was Loki?
“What!...Are you high or something!?”
“Just answer me, who was loki according to you people !?”
Pepper stared at her for a second, she is really asking her about loki ? But pepper knew what she means by this question...
“A friend to some, brother to some, younger self to some and loved by all “ she said smiling at her
“Why!? What did all of you see in him we didn’t!?” Sif shouted can’t understand
“Who was loki!?” Pepper asked her suddenly
“He was a liar, cunning, evil, he always did his best to destroy us , he hated all of us whatever we did to him”
“You talk and all i see in my head is a picture of a pale sweet face smiling from his heart with his emerald eyes shine with tears like always, you talk and I all I can see is the kid we used to sing to him to sleep, or stay with him all night so he won’t wake up in the middle of the night afraid screaming, you talk and all I hear is his crying begging you all to stop, to just leave him alone, you know how many night I had to stay awake by his bed listening to his sobs and mumbling about all of you.
What did he ever do to you ? Only wanted to be one of you guys but you mocked him cause of his magic , you laughed at him , calling him names , calling him weak , so he just stopped , stopped talking to you, stopped trying to be one of you burring himself in his books and study , so don’t you dare say he was evil or liar cause these eyes, these sweet innocent eyes only knew how to love when he lived with us , you know why?! Cause we accepted him with all his problems with all his broken self , we accepted him like he was not like what we want him to be , we accepted his difference , we loved that he was different, and what you know ! He was the same like every and each one of us,we loved the way he talked even if it was by signing, oh yes he didn’t talk for weeks afraid , we loved his smile , did anyone of you tried to make him smile or laugh? Gosh his smile was the sweetest thing and his laugh just like a child , how would his face turns red when someone say something nice to him, how he beamed with happiness when someone compliment him ....You all just hated him because he was different than all of you , we have a very bad saying back home, people tend to mock what they don’t understand and sometimes hate in your case” pepper said not realising the tears rolling on her face walking away leaving Sif with millions thoughts but only one question:
“ who was Loki!?” and for the first time she really doesn’t know the answer



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise