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The silver's tears

Whispers in the dark

Sif thought a lot before sharing her thoughts with the others , she was always the strongest one in them never letting her feelings or desires led her but she can’t keep it to herself anymore , it was barely midnight when she asked them for one of their private meetings , the three of them sat in front of her with red eyes fighting their need to sleep
“It better be something important” Volstag said yawning tiredly
“it is about Loki” she said coldly avoiding looking at them
“What? Have you been poisoned by their thoughts too ?” he said harshly
“What poisoned thoughts? No one hated him more than me and you know that very well” Sif said in anger faded quickly replaced by confusion, why did she hate him that much? And for her surprise she couldn’t find an answer
“Well I didn’t” Fandral said raising his hand admitting it
“Yes, and why was that ? I always wanted to ask you” She said looking at him wondering
“And why should I hate him !? He was always kind to me despite whatever we did to him, he was always there, how many times he gave us the best ideas , ideas that helped us a lot and we never thought for even once to thank him”
“Thank him!? Have you lost your mind” He said enraged
“No, it’s you who is blinded by hate that it turned you to a fool, so much un justified hatred why!?”
“He is cunning, liar and ...he hated us” Sif said not knowing if she was admitting it or questioning it !
“What is his name?” Fendral asked them interrupting her
“What” she said perplexed
“just go along with me”
“Loki what ?”
“That’s nonsense” He shouted preparing to leave
“Sit down” Fendral said grabbing him “And answer me” He said
“Loki Odinson” he said trying to control his anger
“Loki Odinson .... Thor Odinson , the same name the same family,the same position, so why you treated them differently!? “ they didn’t answer him waiting for him to talk
“You loved Thor and respected him cause he was just like all of us Warrior he used a sword to fight but loki he was a whole different story , he couldn’t hold a sword so you mocked him, he used daggers so you underestimated him , he learned to fight using magic so you disrespected him , and eventually you hated him. Why, just because you thought of him weak, just because he used magic , and only women use magic right!? So you thought of him in womanly way doesn’t have right to be called a man nevertheless a warrior “ Fandral said bitterly
“That’s not true” Sif shaked her head in disbelief
“Cut it out Sif, you of all the people he thought you would understand but turned out to be you’re just like the rest, like us”
“A woman who dresses like men carrying a sword fighting in battles, isn’t that a manly way my dear” Fandral sad accusing her
“I'm not less than anyone of you” she spatted out enraged
“See this anger? This rage? That’s what he hid inside of him all this time “
“How do you know?” Volstag scoffed
“ the same words , the same anger , i heard them before from him”
“What?! When was that?”
Fandral walked away to the window staring to the sky “It was just like any other day, we were practising and he came asking us if he could join us, and like always we did what we do best , we mocked him sending him away, laughing at her back calling him names, just an ordinary day like i said, but this time i too left cause i was tired and wanted to get some rest, when i saw them...” Fendral stopped
“Them!?” Sif asked standing next to him
“Some of the king’s guards, they were surrounding him stopping him from going anywhere, i hid to watch what’s going on , one of them pushed him to the wall and started to grab him by his hair
“Short hair? First time i see a woman with short hair” he said grabbing it harder and the rest just laughed at him calling him disrespectful names
“I’m not a woman, and i order you as your prince to let go off me right now” Loki shouted at them but it only made their laughs louder
“When i say you’re a woman then you’re one you filthy freak, don’t know why the all father won’t just kill you and spare us this shame” he said punching him in the stomach and Loki fell to the ground trying not to make any sound
“Rot in hell you freak” another one said kicking him and the others did the same then they left with the echo of their laughs was louder to be not heard
I looked at his curled body trembling weakly and i could hear a whimper coming out of him , he stayed like that for nearly ten minutes before he started to move slowly , grabbing himself up to his feet , wiping away his tears, he started to shout with all his power, it was full of anger, frustration, desperate and the desire to revenge , at this point i saw his real powers by just one cry he make all the glass around him shatter into pieces then i heard him, his voice wasn’t that sweet kind one anymore, it was harsh and cold
“No more....No more weakness or running or even keeping silent... Why will i be silent when they bury me? Dare they insult me and stain my name , now their screams shall be heard and god help who dares to stop me”
and at this point i knew something changed inside of him, and i was right, only one week later terrible screams were heard no one dared to go and see what was happening but eventually we knew , all Asgard knew about the group of soldiers who were seen fleeing from the castle with horror crafted on their faces , no one knew what happened to them or what did they see to make them ran away like hell has been break loose but I knew , I just knew that he kept his word and that he won’t be the same man anymore and yet he was only 14 years old “.
“They got what they deserve” Hogun said something at last
“And what about us!?” Sif asked “We didn’t even spare him when he was ill remember these days?
“I remember “
“My queen” Sif said shocked
“Didn’t mean to overhear your conversation but i was simply looking for you , but the conversation was about a past i was afraid of the moment it will come back again” She said sighing tiredly
“I...we..are” Fendral stuttered doesn’t know what to say
“Lets continue, the past we can’t change but we can control what follows”
They all nodded running out of words
“These days you mean , were when my boys were abducted and cause of our king's foolish bride my son had to suffer , like always, What Thor knows or remembers was that they failed to sew loki's lips shut but you know what really happened , they did sew his lips shut and both of my boys suffered from this terrible incident, Thor spent a week unconscious and when he woke up he couldn’t remember what happened after they tied Loki and we kept it this way but loki , he remembered every moment of it from tying him up to sewn his lips till the second our healer cut the strings , we waited for him to cry or shout but he didn’t just staring to nothing with his tears rolling down his face silently, a week passed and another one and another one till it was a whole month and he didn’t change a bit , you under my orders took thor aways to the healers of niflheim who treated him from the shock leaving him with altered memories, ones he can live with it normally, while I stayed with loki day and night never letting him go three months passed and he was the same till one day i wanted to do something , the moment i started to walk away he moaned crying at me with no voice like a child who just started to talk and that’s the only sound he would make was crying no words nothing at all , no one knew what happened to him so we kept it a secret and what people of Asgard knew was just the little prince was very sick that it affected his ability to talk well but not everyone was kind to him or understood his suffering, kids started to bully him calling him the mute , the freak, but they were just kids ,naive , but you ? You knew the truth yet you treated him like them why not if his own teacher did the same scolding him shouting at him cause he thought this will force him to speak , he even hit him calling him stupid because he couldn’t answer anything , do you believe that my Loki called Stupid and being hit? Odin was that close of killing this foolish man if i didn’t stop him , throwing him out of the realm, and from this day i was his teacher, he voice , his everything, and he wasn’t stupid not at all, he was brilliant and beautiful , he even started to laugh again it was voiceless in the beginning but at the end i heard his sweet laugh again , then we heard of this language , the sign language, we didn’t waste anytime learning it at once ,which by the way you didn’t even care to learn its simple basis till he was nearly ten years when he started to talk again slowly we started step by step like we did in the past when he started to talk , a baby just learned how to walk and talk, and i didn’t find any problem in that , my baby will talk properly at the end and that’s all what truly matters”
“This lady pepper said he didn’t talk for a while , when he was living with them, is that right?” Sif asked fighting deep pain in her heart
“Like the 7years old boy came back again in a body of a grown one, even though loki's memories about the incident were replaced just like Thor, the only thing he remembered when he woke up was not to talk, his mind fooled him that it will hurt if he did so he didn’t dare too, pain was the last thing he wanted to feel again after all what he suffered “ she said leaving them thinking of everything , leaving them wondering how will they live with such a burden ! Not knowing that their little talk was heard by someone far away from here, someone who one hearing all of this was more angry and determined to continue what already has started , leaving one soul to suffer , to be filled with anger and hatred , the whispers took the message to his soul directly and he could hear it clearly even more he started to accept it
He Is Hell , hell that they shall live
No more prayers
The last whisper came calling him
“Would you like to cheat death !?”
And he accepted the call ....!



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise