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The silver's tears


"Thor left" that was the first thing I heard in the morning, I asked Steve why he would do that but it seemed like even him is wondering why..
But I guess I figured it, staying here locked up while loki is out there somewhere alone, staying here in the warm while he knows for sure he is out there in cold of December if he was on Midgard as they call it, no he won't just stay, patience is a virtue he doesn't have neither do I, not all of us can keep their mind together in these situations like Steve does, here we are locked up waiting for them to find us instead of finding them ourselves, so,, I'm leaving too,to know who I really was I better stay here but to konw what tomorrow has stored to me I must find him, I must find loki before all of them, we're bound to be together that's the only thing I'm sure of.
"It's time" she whispered to herself, she did her part now it's time to set him free even if she doesn't want to let him go, he belongs with her but she can't handle the consequences of that choice no-one can
She hated doing this to him, lying to him fooling him to think that they all betrayed him but she must follow the orders if she wants to stay alive, if she wants to keep him alive...
Her role was very simple fool them till they believe you are the one caused them all this pain, no-one must know who are they really fighting.
"Sory my love but I did it all for you she promised me she will spare us, soon we will be together as it was always should be, together.., but now I must make sure he never reaches you or everything will be doomed to fail"
Something doesn't feel right, Heimdal thought, someone is messing with him, someone or some force, he can't be sure all what is he sure about is he can no longer see his king, Thor, Stark nor Bucky but he can see Loki!
He asked all of them for immediate meeting, they don't get along with each other but there is no time to waste
"You can see Loki!? What... What do you mean by that? He is alive... " The queen stormed can't really handle what he just said, he is alive
"Uhm sorry don't mean to ubset you but he also said he can't see the others so..." Bruce said concerned of the outcomes of this sudden events
"That's exactly why I asked all of you, we will split missions between us every group following a certain lead hoping to reach some point where we can really understand what's going on" Heimdal said and despite hating being in the place together they all nodded in agreement
"Me and clent will go after loki, pepper you're thb only one who knows how to find stark so it'll be your mission with Bruce" Natasha said ending any discussion may begin
"Finding loki means finding Thor or at least any clue where he might be" Bruce added
"That leaves you four to search for our king" Heimdal said to the four warriors
"I can help" a voice said from behind, everyone turned around quickly searching for her..
"I know you but I'm certain I never saw you before how is that possible" Clint said gazing at her
"You all know me but not in a friendly way I'll explain everything but first, uncle I'm so sorry for what I'm going to do" She looked at Heimdal charging a bolt of energy towards him a blue one
"Are you nuts? Who the hell are?" Clint shouted at her and everyone was alerted by her
"He was under her control all this time, in fact she used him to hide loki I just helped him escape her control"
"What are you talking about!?" Natasha asked her
"Her? You mean her?" Heimdal shouted in desblief
"Oh for god sake does anyone care to explain?" Bruce said agitated
"My queen, I believe you know Sygen, you met her before when she was younger, she was.."
"loki's childhood friend" Frigga said in surprise
"That's me"
"But you disappeared after loki's incident, no-one could find you anywhere" Sif said finally recognising her
"That's along story in short I got lost or she made me i don't konw, but when I came back loki couldn't recognise me, uncle said you made them wipe all his memories about me too and I couldn't live here anymore with him not knowing me"
"So I sent her to Midgard"
"Yeah I had a good time there till she found me again making me work for her"
"But why? Of course by now you know how much she hated them" Frigga said in desblief
"That's exactly why I agreed so I could always be one step ahead of her, stopping her in the right time"
"Who is Her" Clint shouted
"Her name is Hela and she is our oldest daughter"
"And she is pure evil" Heimdal added and everyone was left in shock



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise