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The silver's tears


"Mr. thor" said Jarvis "Yes Jarvis" Thor said feeling odd he really doesn't get the whole idea about this talking man with no body, technology was always his problem here actually "Dr Banner required your presence in medical section" "Something wrong with my brother?" Thor said walking out of the room concerned "Another panic attack I presume sir" Thor didn't reply heading quickly to him "Oh Thor thank god you came, help me to tie him up, fast "banner said trying to hold Loki's body which is stretching viciously now "Aye " thor said moving to help banner, loki still strong so it wasn't easy calming him down they managed finally to restrain him after he almost hurt them with some cuts and himself as well then one scream tear up from him again and his eyes were open wide it was blue for a second before turning green again leaving him unconscious again, they both let out a breath they didn't even know they were holding "I thought he will be better, that he was healing" Thor said in disappointment "Thor, I really don't think his magic is healing him, I mean it is doing it somehow but the memory you saw and the copy we saw it wasn't a side effect from healing I think his mind is trying to send a message" "Message?" Thor said holding Loki's hand between his hands tightly as he afraid he would disappear "His...his eyes were blue for a second ,blue like Clint's when loki was controlling him ,it is not the first time I see it thor ,every time he had a panic attack his eyes were blue then turn again to green right before he pass out again " Thor was shocked how he didn't notice that? Why he didn't think even for one time that his brother maybe controlled by them, Loki really looked very tired when he saw him and there was something strange about his eyes, how he was so blind and stupid like that? "Why I must be so stupid like this? Every time knowing the truth when it is too late risking his life every time" Thor shouted in anger and blame rushing out of the room "Thor wait" but it was late Thor already left, banner sighed checking Loki again before he go to the main room, when he arrived he asked Jarvis to call everyone for a meeting and made himself some coffee "It is 6 am for god sake I barley slept " tony complained "I'll make you some coffee it is serious deal" banner said tiredly "You still asleep till now tony you such a lazy " Clint smirked passing tony "Oh yeah try sleeping 4 am smart ass " tony said with a grin "Grow up a little, boys" Natasha said taking her coffee giving one to Clint "Ok mum" tony smirked "Hey I thought Steve is mum "Clint laughed "What, oh god , banner why you called us I was practicing " Steve said confused "Did any one saw thor in your way here?" banner said looking concerned "Yeah the big guy almost knocks me down I think he was heading to his room" tony said "Something happened to make him that angry?" Steve asked Banner sighed " apparently he was shocked about Loki's case now and the blue eyes thing" "You saw it? Clint asked "yes , loki was having another panic attack an hour ago and his eyes was blue for a second before turning green and passed out again like every time " "Why would he be angry?" Natasha asked "I don't know he kept repeating that he is so stupid and blind to see the truth when it is too late again" "You really believe that this guy…Loki was under controlled like me?" Clint said in a shaking voice that worried Natasha making her move close to him "yes and I think he is still under their control too , these copies and memories it is like a SOS his mind sending , I think they control him in a destructive way even if he survived I don't think his mind will " banner said quietly "You mean he may lose his memory?" tony asked "Maybe and this will be the least thing in the list too" "What? Noo "thor said in pain "Oh no " banner said shocked by Thor "Hey big guy don't worry I'm sure banner is only over reacting " tony said guiding Thor to sit down and calm "Y...yes I think I was just thinking loud" banner said looking away so Thor don't expose his worry and lies "Here, drink this" Natasha said giving Thor a cup of coffee "Why are you sad?" a familiar voice asked quietly "Oh Jesus, Loki, if he continues showing like this I'm definitely going to have a heart attack " tony said butting his hand on his chest Loki was standing in front of them holding a book and some papers looking at Thor waiting for an answer "Oh Thor I think he is waiting you to answer him" tony said "I know but this is strange it is not a memory it is a copy with its own thoughts" Thor said staring to Loki "So you should be careful of what you say we don't know what it may do or remember" banner said warning Thor Thor sighed and said "nothing Loki" I'm sure you did something reckless like always "loki grinned to him "What? no I didn't " thor said quickly defending himself , tony couldn't hold his laugh neither did clint , thor was like a boy caught by his father doing something wrong ,the rest just smiled a little "Alright you oaf but don't come to me for help after that, hope father caught you this time " Loki smirked and sit down preparing to read "Oh god Thor who is the older one here " tony said bursting into laugh "Stop it tony" Steve said but he couldn't hold himself too "Even you captain" Thor whined "Sorry Thor, but tony is right " Natasha said smiling "Lokii" Thor parked Loki flinched a little; he was concentrating on what he was writing when Thor blew at him "What you oaf?" Loki said in anger looking at his papers then he was shocked for a little before he shouted" oh no, you didn't" "Great that exactly what I need right now " Thor said in desperate voice "What? What happened?" tony said looking to Thor then Loki "Loki I didn't mean to ...you will solve it again easily" Thor said quickly "It took me a week till now, all this work is nothing now" Loki said sadly and disappeared Thor sit down covering his head with his hands he looked so desperate "Even with a copy of him I still make things worse" Thor said "He left his things here" Clint said "What was all of that about? Why did he get angry of you "Natasha asked "I should knew, he was studying, he was concentrated, he really don't like any one to disturb him during this" Thor said and sighed "Studying?" banner asked "Aye complicated things it must be to take a week from him to solve" Tony couldn't help being curios he started to read it soon banner joined him "Holy crap is this what I think it is?" tony said in shock "Yes I think it is but how? No one ever figured this out "banner said looking impressed "Thor your brother is a real genius" tony said "Could anyone explain?" Steve said "You really want to hear this? It is pure science AKA boring for you guys "tony smirked "Try to make it not boring then" Natasha said sitting down "All right you ask for it, it is a theory in particle physics actually, he is talking about antimatter" "And what is antimatter?" Steve asked "Antimatter is the extension of the concept of a particle anti article, where antimatter is composed of opposite particles in the same way that comprise the regular article of molecule" "In English tony" Natasha said "what tony means is that antimatter is material composed of antiparticles; which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge" banner explained
"Exactly Antiparticles bind with each other to form antimatter, just as ordinary particles bind to form normal matter. For example a positron (the antiparticle of the electron) which is electron with a positive charge And anti proton (proton with the shipment is negative) can form an antihydrogen atom "tony said excitedly "And what is an antihydrogen atom?" Steve asked "Antihydrogen is the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen. Whereas the common hydrogen atom is composed of an electron and proton, the antihydrogen atom is made up of a positron and antiproton" banner said "And these entire things are already known or Loki figures it out?" Clint asked "No we know all of this it is just an introduction" tony said "Just an introduction right, who want some coffee?" Clint said looking confused by all these information "A big one please " Thor said he was completely lost by now "So what did loki figure out?" Natasha asked "see antimatter is theoretically known for this (All materials around you now can have an antimatter, laptop and Office Chair and a glass of water and your colleagues at work, even you have an antimatter as a copy, but it is not, since this discovery, scientists could produce hydrogen atoms and helium atoms, if exist the article and the article against them in the same place will lead to a patio, huge energy production " tony said " Such as an electron and an electron anti has called the Positron, if you shake hands you and anti copy for example, Both of you will perish immediately and this enormous energy blast may exceed 20 times the energy that launches the rocket" banner said " But in the end, everything produced for 25 years so far of protons anti if merged with the original protons, it would produce enough energy to heat a cup of tea!" tony explained "Initially when the universe was younger and hotter, the power that was available at that time was supposed to create material and antimatter in equal amounts, however, today, being the material only" banner said "Antimatter cannot be stored in a container made of ordinary matter because antimatter reacts with any matter it touches, annihilating itself and an equal amount of the container. Antimatter in the form of charged particles can be contained by a combination of electric and magnetic fields, in a device called a Penning trap. This device cannot, however, contain antimatter that consists of uncharged particles, for which atomic traps are used. In particular, such a trap may use the dipole moment (electric or magnetic) of the trapped particles. At high vacuum, the matter or antimatter particles can be trapped and cooled with slightly off-resonant laser radiation using a magneto-optical trap or magnetic trap. Small particles can also be suspended with optical tweezers, using a highly focused laser beam" tony said so fast explaining to himself
"Hey easy there you make it worse, banner please translate this to English " Clint said holding his head "what tony meant is that the antimatter is a dangerous material can only be stored in specific containers but still the probability of risk high as it has the ability to destroy itself and the container causing fatal destruction " "Thank you banner, see this was easy not what you said" Clint smirked "And what exactly Loki did?" Natasha asked "What if the container was made from another antimatter so the antimatter inside it won't react with as it is almost the same, you can't destroy what is made from you, that what Loki figured out" tony said "But don't they probably try this or think about it?" banner asked "You can't even control it so how you think even of making a container from it? Natasha said "exactly here comes loki's part he found a way to combine his magic with it so he can control it and shaping it into a container form ,his magic reacts with it in harmonically way as if they are one thing " tony explained "So now we could have a safe stable container to preserve the antimatter and control it too, oh my good this is ..." "Genius I know" Loki smirked interrupted banner "you mortals become cleverer that is interesting" Loki said smiling to them "Now he sees us too great" Clint said "And you modest too " tony smirked "Well, yes of course" Loki grinned "Are you still angry of me brother?" Thor asked "well , no thor I was just in a bad mood " loki paused then said " and I really wanted to see the look in your face you always make when annoying me terribly" loki grinned at him" oh and that is mine I presume thank you " he said taking his notes then vanished "How old is your brother really...five " tony said laughing so hard .they stared at each other for a second then they all burst laughing until they cried from it


This was an awkward headache causing chapter !


This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise