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Don't Overthink This

Don't Overthink This

“What do you think it means?” Bucky’s panicked filled voice rang out through the dark-haired girl’s bathroom. She could imagine it now Bucky’s heartrate elevated as he tried to decipher 21st century text. Biting her plump red lips to stop her from letting out the chuckle she was desperately holding in she heard him whisper out her name.
“Yeah I’m still here sorry.” The amusement evident in her voice and if Bucky hadn’t needed her help he would have told her some chosen words. “I think it means you have a date. By the sounds of it you are picking her up at 7 so you best start getting ready.” She chuckled, his groan following her into her bedroom as FRIDAY switched rooms with her. “Oh, incoming hang on a moment.” She spoke out as Steve’s face flashed up on her vanity mirror. “FRIDAY allow call.” She spoke out rummaging through her drawer looking for the black lace underwear set that instantly boosted her low riding confidence.
“Are you on a call with Bucky?” Steve’s voice rang out just as she found it, she was about to answer Steve beating her too it. “I know you are, and, I know it’s not about mission talk! How many times do I have to tell you this line is only for emergencies and mission talk!” Steve’s stern voice caused her to roll her eyes, thankful he couldn’t see her.
“It is mission talk actually, he’s going on a solo mission tonight and I was ensuring he was aware of what that meant.” She smirked sliding the lacy thong up her freshly shaven toned legs.
“You know one day there’s going to be a real emergency and you two are going to be too busy socialising for us to tell you.” Steve warned. “Anyway, there’s a file in your inbox you need to read it before tomorrow at 10 when we have a briefing.” He told her cutting off before she could protest.

“Ugh I know someone else who needs a date.” She spoke out, her intention was for Bucky to hear, but, she noticed the silence and that’s when she saw Bucky had cut off. Grabbing the bra, she quickly fastened it and gave herself the once over in the mirror she smiled to herself, the smile quickly dropping when the door swung open revealing a wide eyed, mouth open Bucky. Normally her reactions were quick, but, something stunned her when her best friend and team mate burst through the door. He was wearing a black dress shirt that strained over his biceps and black jeans that weren’t supposed to be skinny but sure were, she couldn’t help herself thinking about how he attractive he was especially with his long hair in the bun she pretended to hate. “Oh my god turn away!” She quickly snapped to reality rushing over to the bed grabbing the oversize t-shirt and throwing it on as Bucky made no attempt to move or turn around. “Jesus Buck!” She scoffed throwing a pillow at him which he caught, him too coming back to his senses.
“What the hell are you wearing!” He shouted back as her cheeks had gone that red she was sure you could toast marshmallows on them.
“It’s called underwear grandad.” She sassed him walking over to the dressing table and sitting with her back to him starting on her make up. “You should get used to it, if you play your cards right tonight you might see” she looked at him through the mirror trying to remember the girl’s name he had been talking about for the past ten minutes, “Marsha’s.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him causing his cheeks to go red.
“Your disgusting.” He glared at her, the playfulness in his eyes not missed. “I need your help. What do I do?”
“Well I’d say picking her up at 7 would be a good start if you want the date to go well. How did you meet her anyway?” She asked her eyes meeting his through the mirror as he plopped himself down on her bed. “Is she coffee shop girl?” She quizzed as he nodded, falling back on her comfy bed. He could smell her usual scent of perfume and cherry. “That’s good you’ve been saying how pretty she is.” Her softer voice came out when she decided he’d had enough teasing. She knew how hard things like this were for Bucky, especially since he couldn’t always hide his abnormality like she could.
“Yeah she is, I just never thought anything would happen. I mean I hardly speak to her, I get so nervous and then she just writes her number on my cup one day? Next, I’m going on a date with her? What next marriage? Oh god.” She watched his impressive chest rise and fall quickly, his own mind running away with him.
“Ok easy soldier. She might think you’re an arsehole after this date so I’d hang on before sizing up her ring finger.” She laughed spinning around on the chair, the top rising a little so Bucky could easily see her muscular thighs, something Sam had insisted she worked out. “Just go to the restaurant and be yourself. You underestimate how great you are, plus some woman dig a nervous guy.” She shrugged.

Bucky noticed how she’d done her make up to look effortless, it was subtle except for the dark purple lips that for some reason made her blue eyes shine brighter. Her black hair was quickly tied up into a stylish ponytail, her fringe sweeping to the side as she smiled over at him. “You seriously need to not overthink it. Just be you.” She offered the rubbish cliché advice walking over to her closet and disappearing inside for a moment. Bucky had never noticed how stunning his best friend was up until now. When he first came to the tower she was out on a mission, Steve had told him about her; how nice and caring she was, but, Bucky was still nervous on meeting her. It took him about two seconds to get over that though when he saw her walk in to the front room where they were all watching a film, throw her mission bag down on the floor and grab a slice of pizza from the cardboard box that was sitting on the table and devouring it with a sigh and a shiver. Turns out Rory was a massive fan of food, not just any food – fatty unhealthy food – and so soon her and Bucky were in each other’s rooms sneaking any banned food when they were preparing for a mission. They had made it a thing that whenever one of them came back from a mission without the other they ordered pizza and just devoured it watching a crappy movie.

“You okay out there?” He heard her voice shout before the soft footsteps as she walked out wearing a knee length black dress that had a tight bow tied at the front, the cut dropping low meaning Bucky could see down it when she bent down to grab the pair of heels from the shoe rack.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” Bucky shook his head dragging himself away from the thoughts he shouldn’t be having about his best friend. “Where are you going anyway?” He asked trying to distract himself from the situation that was happening in the ridiculous jeans Natasha had convinced him to wear, shifting position to hide his embarrassment.
“Oh, Natasha’s bright idea of ‘oh let’s go out and have some fun’ you know what she’s like won’t drop it until you agree.” Rory laughed looking over at him with a small smile. That was another reason they got on so well, they both hated social situations and would much rather be back at the tower eating or sleeping; each having the own insecurities to hide. She made her way over to the bed flopping down at the side of him sliding her feet into the shoes as she fell back. “I need to fasten the shoes, but, this is so much more comfortable.” She rolled her head to the left to look over at him with a chuckle. “You’re going to be fine Bucky tonight.” She smiled reassuring him by grabbing his hand and squeezing it softly. She watched his face twitch with uncertainty and she swallowed the feeling of hurt that he was going on a date with another girl. She’d never admit it to anyone, but, deep down she cared for him more so then the others. She had done so well to hide her feelings even fooling Wanda when they had girl’s night and the topic turned to her singleton life, never once did they pick up on it and Rory couldn’t help but feel pride that she hid her secret from one of the world’s best agents and someone who could literally see into people’s minds!

“I just think she’s pretty though, it doesn’t mean I like her.” He whispered as she chuckled deeply.
“You won’t know unless you go on the date with her tonight.” Rory whispered back flicking the stray strand of hair that wasn’t long enough to go in his bun, sliding it behind his ear. “Stop overthinking.” She scolded him, sitting up when he slid himself off the bed and onto his knees in front of her. “What are you doing?” She laughed, squealing when she felt his cool metal hand on the back of her soft calf as he held her leg in place fastening the clasp of her ankle boot, looking up at her with his eyebrow raised. “Look if you get there find you don’t like it ring me and I’ll come get you and say we have a mission or something, okay? But do me a favour and give the girl a shot.” She smiled at him, standing up once she was secured in her shoes now the same height as him. Her bright blue eyes staring into his own icy orbs and for a moment she was lost in them, that was until she felt chapped lips on her own painted softer ones, her eyes flickering closed as she slipped further away from reality, his hands grasping at her hips pulling her closer so she could feel the effect she was having on him. She grasped at his shirt at the waist never once letting up, both working in perfect unison pulling away eventually for breath, soft pants filling the room as they both stared at each other realisation hitting them both “What did we just do?” She whispered, normally she’d laugh at the fact he was covered in lipstick, but, that was her lipstick.
“Don’t overthink it.” He whispered taking her cheeks in his hands and covering her lips with his own again, her hands resting against his chest. They finally pulled away as she stared at him her teeth grabbing at her own bottom lip tightly. “Cancel your plans.” He whispered to her, his hand sliding into his back pocket grabbing his own phone as he heard ‘cancel yours’ as he quickly typed out the message.
“It worked.” He messaged his unlikely alley, Sam who smirked down at his phone high-fiving Natasha at another successful mission.



This was amazing!!!!