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Second Chances

Chapter 12

Loki sat on the chair by Maia's bedside, watching her chest rise and fall with each breath she took. They could find nothing physically wrong, for all intents and purposes she was asleep, but he knew she needed to replace the energy she had used, either with sleep or healing. He had offered the latter but they still would not remove the cuff, claiming from her medical notes only sleep and time would help her recovery. Instead he made Tony contact Thor and demanded he come at once. There was no one else who would understand what he had felt.
'If you do not wake soon I shall have to eat your lunch as well as my own.' He tried to say in a light tone, but his voice held the worry he felt. The doctor had suggested talking may aid in her recovery but Loki knew what she needed would not come from words. All the same they did make him feel like she was still there.
There was a single knock on the door and he looked up to see Thor in jeans and a t-shirt coming into the room. He stood and they briefly embraced.
'Thank you for coming, brother.'
Thor nodded and looked at the small red haired figure laying in the bed. It couldn't be, surely? 'Is that...?'
'Maia. Maia Tomson.'
Thor frowned at the unfamiliar name. 'She is your handler?'
'More of a guide. More than that even.' They approached the bedside together and Thor didn't know how Loki couldn't see what was right before his eyes, but perhaps there was a reason.
'What happened?'
Loki explained everything he had felt from Maia, their warning, how she had destroyed whatever it was, and how he had not felt its like on Midgard before.
'I know what I felt. If I could offer her my energy she would wake, I know she would. She expelled every bit of herself to protect me, and these Midgardians know nothing of the physiology they are dealing with!'
'You think her a descendent of Asgard?' Maybe Loki had noticed after all.
'She is what they call a mutant. An enhanced human, but her power acts like that of an Asgardian sorceress.'
'Sleep will aid her, brother, even in that case. If you are wrong your power could be detrimental.'
'Dammit to Hel, I know what I felt!' Loki growled angrily.
Thor studied him hard and hid the small smile that accompanied the realisation he had just had. 'You like this woman.'
Loki glared at him, angry perhaps more with himself for wearing his heart so blatantly on his sleeve. There were many who would use that knowledge against him, but Thor was not one of them. 'I find her pleasant company.’
'You're going to make me say it, aren't you?' Loki snapped.
'It would be good to hear.' Thor shrugged.
'Fine! I have feelings for a Midgardian! After a ridiculously short time I have come to care for her!'
Thor put his hand on Loki's shoulder. 'I am proud of you for admitting it. Let me speak with Hill. I shall see if they will allow the temporary removal of your bonds. If not I shall return to Asgard and bring a healing elixir.'
'Thank you.' Loki said reluctantly.
'She will be fine, brother. If she holds power she is obviously strong.'
Loki could think of no reply as Thor left again. He took his seat once more and sat back to wait.
'Well?' Tony asked as Thor arrived back on The Avengers floors. Both he and Hill were waiting for him to return.
'Loki asked to have his cuff removed to aid in her healing.'
'And you know why that's not happening.' Hill stated.
'Indeed, although I believe his request to be from the heart. But I may be able to acquire a healing elixir on Asgard to aid in the healing process.
'Xavier said it's normally twelve hours, max.' Tony relayed the extra information he had managed to get after a quick call to the school.
'I will be no more than an hour.' Thor assured them as he held his hand out and Mjölnir came to him from where he had left it on the bar. 'Would you relay this information to Loki?'
'I'll tell him.' Tony said. 'I want to check on the Squirrel.'
'Squirrel?' Thor frowned at him.
'Don't worry about it.' He waved a hand dismissively.
'I shall return.' Thor headed towards the balcony.
'He's not telling us the whole truth, is he?' Hill watched as the balcony lit up and Thor disappeared.
'When do any of us?' Tony remarked before heading to the elevator.



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