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Second Chances

Chapter 13

Heimdall was surprised when Thor approached him instead of walking straight towards the bridge to the palace.
'Greetings, Your Highness.' He bowed his head respectfully.
‘Heimdall. I need you to seek someone out for me, if you would.'
'Whom do you seek?' Heimdall approached his viewing platform.
Heimdall stopped and looked at him. 'You have lost Loki?'
'I know where he is. I need you to start with him.'
'Very well.' Heimdall focused on the younger prince. 'He is in a sterile environment. He is...worried.'
'And the woman he is with?'
Heimdall looked, then, assuming he was mistaken, looked again. 'It cannot be.'
'You see what I do?'
'She is dead.' Heimdall turned to him.
'She was. Loki does not seem to recognise her as we do.'
Heimdall thought for a moment as the weight behind Thor’s simple words sank in. ‘If you are suggesting what I believe you to be it may be to protect him from being presumptive. To allow his feelings to develop naturally.'
'And if it is who we think it is?'
'Then your brother is not only lucky but being watched over. Not many get a second chance such as this.' Heimdall said seriously.
Thor didn't answer, he didn't need to. Instead he just smiled knowingly at Heimdall before making his way to the healing rooms.



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