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Second Chances

Chapter 14

'How's she doing?'
Loki glared at Stark's blunt way of announcing his presence in the silent room. 'She has yet to wake.'
'I can see that.'
'Unless you are here to remove my cuff, I would appreciate you leaving us in peace.'
'She's my friend too, Blitzen.' Tony pulled up another chair and sat beside him.
'You patronise her with your constant badgering. I would hardly call that a friendship.' Loki spat.
'I've seen friendships built on less.' Tony took a bag of dried apricots out of his pocket and offered one to Loki who waved it away. 'Thor's gone to get your medicine or whatever.'
'It would be quicker to let me share my energy with her.'
'You can't do that with the cuff? I know it doesn't cut you off completely.'
'But enough that I cannot replace what she used.'
'Well, as that's not going to happen we should discuss whatever that black crap was that tried to make a meal of you.'
'Has FRIDAY been able to offer any further information from what it gathered?'
'It's a she, and no, not a thing. Magic, or whatever it was, is meant to be your area of expertise.'
'I could have read more without this.' He held up his arm where the cuff glinted.
'An educated guess then. Who hates you that much to send whatever it was after you? And how come you got a warning?'
'I don't think it was a warning so much as a threat.'
'Like their way of saying they were coming to get you?'
'Trying to scare me.'
'Did it work?'
Loki gave him a look full of contempt. 'Not at all. It takes more than vague words to worry me.'
'Like your crush getting hurt, for example.'
'I am a little old for a crush, Anthony.' He scoffed.
'All the same, I've seen how you look at her, how you treat her, and what an effect she's had on you.'
'Am I not allowed to find just one out of the billions of Midgardians on this planet tolerable?'
'You more than tolerate her, and I don't blame you. You make a cute couple.' He ate another apricot and put the packet away before going and washing his hands in the sink. 'If she's well enough, first dance is all yours.'
'I am so grateful for your permission.' Loki said sarcastically but Tony ignored him.
'You know, now I've seen her use her powers I can't really call her Squirrel any more. Maybe Cherry Bomb. What do you think?'
'I think I would rather you not have a pet name for her at all.'
'No need to get jealous. I do it with everyone.'
'I had noticed.'
Tony leant on the end of the bed. 'I think Cherry Bomb suits her. I'll start with that. So, when you going to make a move? Please say at the party.'
'She deserves better than for me to "make a move" on her. I have invited her to the theatre and she accepted.' He said without looking at Tony, expecting some sort of teasing.
'Nice going! Good choice too, you’re both culture buffs. What are you going to see?'
'I have no idea.' Loki shook his head.
'Tell you what, leave it to me.' Tony offered and he suddenly had Loki's full attention. 'I'll book you tickets, limo, the works. Just show her a good time, she deserves it.'
'You would do that for me?' Loki looked at him in confusion.
'I'd do it for her.' He pointed to Maia's sleeping form. 'Let me know when she wakes up.'
Loki didn't answer, he was too busy trying to process the fact that Stark had just become his unofficial date planner.



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