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Second Chances

Chapter 16

Tony folded his arms over his chest and stared at Loki. 'You want me to what?'
'To grant me access to Dr Banner's secure cell for an hour a day without the cuff.'
'What for?'
'I wish to demonstrate my magic to Miss Tomson.'
'Is this some kinky Asgardian courtship ritual?' Tony curled his lip at the thought.
'I merely thought it may aid her with control of her own power, however if you do not wish to help...' He started to walk away, knowing full well Tony would take the bait. For such a smart man he could be very gullible.
'You're going to get Squir, I mean Cherry Bomb, to try her powers?'
'She needs control and I can teach it.' Loki replied simply.
‘Okay.’ He said thoughtfully as he narrowed his eyes. ‘Couple of rules, if I back you up on this. One, security cameras stay on.'
'Of course.'
'Two, if we get a code green and you have to get out in a hurry, meaning we don't have time to slap the cuff straight back on you, you don't make a run for it.'
'Simply deactivate the cuff rather than remove it.' Loki suggested. 'Reactivation can be a simple matter, instantaneous and at a distance if necessary.'
Tony gave him a look of disbelief. 'You realise for someone who is meant to be the God of Lies you just missed the perfect opportunity, right?'
Loki gave him a stern look. 'I only lie when it is to my benefit, Anthony, or when there is something important at stake. I have nothing to gain by lying about this. If I ran where would I go? I cannot access the bifrost without Heimdall's aid and that would seem a little pointless, don't you think?'
'Good to know you've thought this through. Sure, I'll put your case forward. I can't see it'll be an issue, as long as Thor agrees. Give you a chance to stretch your magical legs and be useful.'
'I am most grateful.' Loki bowed his head. 'Besides, if I was going to run I would not need Dr Banner as a distraction.' He smirked as he turned to leave.
'If you kept those remarks to yourself we'd trust you a lot more, Donner.' Tony called after him.
'Yet it keeps you on your toes, Anthony.' He called back, reaching the elevator as the doors opened, revealing Steve and Thor, both with dour expressions.
'Thor, Captain Rogers.' He greeted them but neither one moved from where they stood.
'Loki, we're going to have to ask you to come with us.' Steve said before looking at Tony. 'You too, Tony.'
'Team meeting?' Tony asked as he approached with a suspicious look on his face.
'Debriefing.' Steve replied.
'Don't you have to be briefed before you can be debriefed?' Tony asked and the look Steve gave him had him hold his hands up in surrender. 'Okay, lead on.' He shared a look with Loki and they all got back into the elevator.



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