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Second Chances


'I'm sorry we've ended up confined to the tower.' Maia wrinkled her nose. 'I guess it puts a crimp on our date, and being able to show you around any more.'
'I am sure there are plenty of ways you can educate me within the tower.' Loki assured her. 'And worry not, I shall take care of the other.'
'I trust you.' She smiled. 'Do you think whoever sent that darkness will try get to you here?'
'I think you will have given them something to think about.' He crossed one ankle over the other where he leant on the wall of the elevator. 'There are few beings who could summon such an item, which shall shorten my list considerably. They may rethink their strategy, which gives us time to help you tame what beats inside you.'
'You really think I can? It'll be like breaking the habit of a lifetime.'
Loki stepped away from the wall with a smile and took her hand in both of his. 'My sweet Maia, I shall not break you, merely unlock what I already know you are capable of.'
'I wish I had as much faith in me as you do.' She looked down as she spoke and he caught her chin with the side of his finger and tilted her head back up to face him.
'I shall try and teach you to trust yourself.'
Maia just nodded. She didn't know what else to say, wasn't sure she could even string a sentence together with him so close. She could see the many green hued flecks that made up his eyes, her heart pounding almost out of control.
Loki glanced at Maia's parted lips then back into her eyes. He wanted nothing more than to push her back into the wall and take them as his and his alone, but he wanted to go slow, treat her like the precious thing she was, not to mention she had only just woken from what amounted to a magic induced coma. That meant time and being gentle, but a simple kiss could be permitted. He lowered his head slowly towards hers and she didn't pull away, rather her eyes closed expectantly, her breath sighing against his lips...as a ping sounded the arrival of the elevator on her floor.
Loki sighed and leaned to the side, pressing his lips to her cheek firmly. 'Let us get you home.' He murmured and all she could do was nod.
Her apartment was the fourth down the corridor and Loki held her hand all the way until she needed it to get her key.
'I'm not really ready to sleep again yet.' She admitted as she put the key in the lock. 'I'm probably going to watch a movie or something. You're welcome to join me, if you want?'
Loki thought for a moment, pleasantly surprised by the offer. 'I shall agree on the proviso that if you wish for me to leave you shall tell me.'
'Cross my heart.' She did so then let them in. 'Do you mind if I change? I feel like I've been wearing this for days.'
'Please do. You need to be comfortable.' He followed her in then looked around in horror. What a small space this was. The entire apartment would fit in his room. The windows were adequate but the furnishings basic, functional yet pokey.
'Would you like a drink?' Maia asked.
'Thank you, but allow me. You go change.'
'Thanks. There's iced tea in the fridge, if you fancy it.' She headed towards the bedroom door. 'There isn't much else, I'm afraid.'
'I shall find it.' He assured her and, removing his jacket, set about pouring them each a glass.
She was back in minutes, wearing an overly large grey Xavier's shirt and yoga pants. 'I don't really have anything in here to watch movies on. The couch is actually pretty uncomfortable.' She laughed unfunnily at the nice but firm item. 'I've been using my laptop in the bedroom.'
'If you are comfortable with the idea, I promise to be a complete gentleman.' He smiled. 'And it would assure you were resting. However if you prefer not, I can leave. I take no offence.'
She shook her head. 'I don't mind, a bed's just a big flat couch, right?'
'Very well.' Loki followed her with the drinks and she sat crosslegged on the bed, logging into her laptop.
'What do you want to watch? Something light? Funny? Anything but scary, really.'
'Light, perhaps?' He suggested, putting the drinks on the cabinet before removing his shoes.
'Have you seen...Back To The Future?'
'I do not believe so.' He got on the bed beside her, leaning back on his hands with his ankles crossed.
'It's a classic.' She smiled at him. 'I hope you enjoy it, it's one of my all time favourites.’
She put the laptop on the cabinet on the wall opposite the end of the bed before moving back next to him. She arranged her pillows so she was part reclined and looked up at him beside her, regarding her patiently. ‘You can get comfy too.’
He arranged his pillows to a position similar to hers but shifted down the bed so their heads were level. ‘Better?’ He asked.
‘A bit. You look overdressed though.’ She said before blushing. ‘I mean with your tie.’
‘I shall loosen it.’ He said with a small smile. He did so and she laughed softly as he settled back again.
‘Here.’ She rolled onto her side and undid his top button. ‘You don’t look comfortable like that.’ She glanced up as she finished and realised he had turned to face her, so close their noses brushed as she turned. Her heart skipped a beat at him suddenly so close, her hands still touching the front of his shirt as his came up to cup her cheek.
‘I hope the start of the movie is not imperative to the plot.’ He said, his voice low.
‘I’ll catch you up.’ She whispered and he took it as an invitation, closing the small distance between them to press his lips to hers.
Maia made a small incoherent noise as he kissed her, just a soft pressing of their lips, but it was so much more, touching her on levels she did not yet understand, and when he drew away she was satisfied yet disappointed at the same time.
‘You need to rest.’ He reminded her softly, his lips brushing hers as his thumb caressed her cheek.
‘Okay.’ She managed to reply, and when he moved to wrap an arm around her so she could rest her head on him she didn’t complain, just sank into his embrace, his thumb rubbing her shoulder and his cheek resting on her hair.
Loki didn’t know what it was about her that captivated him or if it were many things, but he knew no one had made him feel this way in a long time. He had thought it over, while she was in the hospital bed, and he was sure it wasn’t just some fascination. He truly liked her, found her pleasant company; intelligent, amusing, beautiful but not vain, and she treated him well, not like a criminal or someone to fear. She made him feel like he deserved happiness, and he hoped he might find it with her.
Maia was asleep before Marty McFly was even hit by his grandfather’s car, and Loki shortly afterwards, curled up together in the dimly lit room, their tea forgotten.



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