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Second Chances


Loki woke first. At some time as they slept they had moved and her head now rested on his bicep, her back pressed against his torso snugly, his other arm around her waist and she held his hand, fingers entwined. He marvelled at the feel of her in his arms, she fit as though she were made to be there, their bodies together like two pieces of a jigsaw. Her hair smelled like honeysuckle, and he tried to commit every detail to memory. It had been a long time he had felt a sense of belonging, as though the biggest part of his home had died along with Frigga, and he still regretted his last words to her, it had taught him a valuable lesson; to leave nothing unsaid if it mattered, and not to lie to harm those who were his. He hoped he could count Maia as one of those who belonged to him. She certainly made him feel possessive, among other things.
He could tell the exact moment she began to wake. Her muscles tensed and she took a deep breath through her nose, letting it out slowly with a soft murmur as her hand squeezed his.
‘Good morning.’ He whispered against her ear and she shivered at his breath on her skin.
‘Morning.’ She breathed in reply, turning her head to smile at him. ‘Thank you for staying.’
‘I confess I did not mean to, but I too fell asleep.’ He admitted. ‘And I should warn you, this may be my new favourite way to wake up.’ He raised their joined hands and kissed her knuckles.
‘Mine too.’ He leant up on his elbow as she rolled onto her back. ‘But maybe next time we can use blankets.’ She rubbed her cold feet together.
‘There are many things we could do to make it more enjoyable.’ He said softly and a blush scored her cheeks at what he implied and his own eyes went wide. ‘I didn’t mean…’
‘It’s alright.’ She chuckled. ‘You’re cute when you’re flustered.’
‘Do you realise how hard it is for me to get flustered? It is quite a feat.’
‘Unlike getting me to blush.’ She confessed she knew she did it with him, a lot.
‘The colour suits you beautifully.’
Maia couldn’t help herself, she leant up and kissed him. It was a lovely compliment and he was so close it was almost an instinct rather than a conscious decision.
Loki quickly overcame his surprise and gave himself over to the kiss, releasing her hand to run his fingers into her hair, his palm grazing her cheek. Her lips were parted invitingly and he tentatively traced her bottom lip with his tongue. When she didn’t pull away he drew her closer with the arm still around her, kissing her fully and with great attention, ensuring she could have no doubt as to how he felt.
Maia’s arms curved around his back, her fingers pressing into the muscles underneath his dress shirt as they explored one another with barely contained passion. Loki slowed the kiss; soft, wet caresses that allowed them both to begin to catch their breath, finally ending with their foreheads pressed together, hearts pounding.
Loki lowered her back into the pillows but put no space between them. ‘By Midgardian terms, what does this make us?’ He nudged her nose with his own.
She gave a small laugh. ‘I’m not sure. We haven’t made it on a date yet, so I don’t think dating fits.’
‘Plus although I have invited you on a date I do not particularly like the term. It makes you sound like you are nothing more than a mark on my calendar.’
‘I hadn’t thought of it that way before.’ She pulled a face. ‘What would you call it on Asgard?’
He looked thoughtful, his thumb still grazing her cheek. ‘I suppose courting is the closest thing.’
‘Is that what we’re doing? Courting?’ She said in surprise. It seemed very formal and more than she was expecting him to say, given how long they had known one another.
‘I would like to pursue a relationship with you, if you will permit it. And I would like to make it official at the party this evening, if you feel well enough to attend.’
‘Official how?’ She tilted her head curiously.
‘In your terms, it would be our first date, on Asgard we would be claiming our intentions for all to know what we are to one another. A couple, I suppose is another good description.’
‘Holy shit, I’m in a relationship with the God of Mischief!’ She laughed suddenly as she realised he was serious about this going somewhere, and it was infectious. He laughed along with her, finally kissing her once more.
‘You most definitely are, my little Midgardian, and I shall make sure all know that you are mine and mine alone.’
‘Oh, you’re the jealous type.’ She teased.
‘I protect that which is mine.’ He slowly edged back. ‘And what is mine requires food and rest before tonight.’
‘And a shower. I smell like disinfectant.’
‘You smell lovely.’ He assured her.
‘How about if you go home and shower, I’ll shower and meet back here for breakfast?’
‘Do you actually have any food to feed us?’ He teased. ‘Your cupboards seemed particularly bare.’
‘Cafeteria?’ She suggested.
‘I offer you, dear girl, a compromise. Shower and dress then break your fast with me on The Avengers floors. The supplies are plentiful and I have proven myself quite skilled in the kitchen.’
‘You want to cook me breakfast?’ She said in surprise.
‘Has a beau never cooked breakfast for you before?’ He sat up and effortlessly drew her with him.
‘Actually, no, unless taking me for drive-thru counts?’
‘It is my opinion some of those items barely constitute as edible.’ He screwed up his nose. ‘It is settled. Go shower.’
‘You’re bossy.’ She grinned all the same and quickly kissed him before swinging her legs off the bed.
Loki watched her go and smiled to himself. He wasn’t sentimental, nor one to let his emotions get the better of him, but for one reason or another Maia had, in a very short space of time, worked her way into his affections, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He would show her that being his was no bad thing, that it wasn’t possession but sharing, protecting and perhaps, eventually, loving.



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