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Second Chances

Chapter 26

Loki didn't sleep well that night. Maia's words were ringing in his ears, and he could not quiet them. He knew his true heritage still bothered him more than it did anyone else, except perhaps Odin, and while he was sure she meant well it was a private struggle he was still not happy to address. He agreed it had its benefits, which he was happy to exploit, but his entire life had been a lie. All the same...he owed Maia an apology. He would make it up to her, she was just being her normal sweet self, accepting him for what he was yet again with innocent curiosity and kindness, and he had, quite frankly, been rude. Frigga would have been ashamed. Hel, he was ashamed.
He was up early the next morning, with his apology plan in mind, while most of the other Avengers were still sleeping off the night before. Most. Steve had already been for his morning run and was more than happy to run an errand for Loki.
Just before twelve there was a knock on Maia's door. She knew it would be Loki, he had said he would come, but honestly she was still a little mad at him for leaving the way he did and how he acted. She wasn’t going to skirt the issue either. They were going to discuss this.
She opened the door and folded her arms, trying to ignore the fact he held before him large bouquet of yellow roses, giving him a wholly unimpressed look.
‘A rose by any other name?’ He offered the bouquet to her.
She took it one handed, turned and threw it in the kitchen sink as she walked back into the room. ‘No, try again.’
‘You touched a nerve.’ He came into the apartment and closed the door.
‘And?’ She turned, refolding her arms and leaning against the couch.
‘And I apologise for leaving without saying goodnight.’ He offered a small smile he hoped would work but her face didn’t change from its angry expression.
‘Are you honestly that emotionally constipated?’ She glared at him and his carefully schooled pleasant expression slipped for a moment. ‘Telling me my opinion is worthless isn’t the way to a girl’s heart, and being a martyr isn’t going to help your case. Now grow a pair and talk to me.’
He closed his eyes and sighed, lowering his head. ‘I did not mean to belittle your opinion. I am sorry.’ He looked into her eyes as he said the last and she could see the regret in them.
‘Better.’ She narrowed her eyes at him. ‘Now, show me.’
‘Show you?’
‘Yes, show me.’
They stared one another down, but Maia refused to look away. She had thought long and hard about this and if they were going to have any kind of relationship there had be honesty. Finally, Loki gave an exasperated sigh. ‘You do not know what you ask.’
‘I ask that you trust me, like I’m trusting you.’ She said angrily. ‘I am literally putting myself in your hands when I’ll be at my most vulnerable, and until last night I was happy to do that, but now…’
‘Are you sure your lack of trust is not because of what I am, not what I will not share?’ He spat.
She stepped forward and poked him in the chest as she spoke. ‘Don’t you dare try and turn this around on me! You don’t trust easily, I get that, but if you want me to willingly and repeatedly drop unconscious in front of you this is the least you can give me!’
‘Is this what you want?’ Loki’s Jotun form flooded him, the sigils raising on his skin as his eyes turned blood red with his anger. ‘Do you want to see why every Asgardian child fears my kind? Why I am a…a thing?’
Something inside Maia gave way; he really hated himself and he shouldn’t. She couldn’t let him. He was beautiful and he couldn’t see it. The hand she had against his chest grasped the front of his tunic, pulling him down and crashing her lips into his. His touch was ice cold but gave enough of a tingle that it didn’t matter.
Loki was over his surprise at her actions in seconds, his hands sliding down her back and onto her thighs, lifting her easily and wrapping her legs around his torso.
Maia locked her ankles together behind him as her hands sought out his hair, her fingers threading into it as he took the two strides to press her back against the wall by the bedroom door, his tongue plunging into her mouth hungrily as he pressed her into the plaster. His hands kneaded the soft flesh of her rear and it made her arch against him with a groan. She pulled at his hair with both hands and tore her mouth from his, angry passion coursing through her.
‘You’re an asshole.’ She gasped before his lips sought hers again, pulling away after just seconds.
‘Get used to it.’ He growled before pulling her away from the wall and side stepping into the bedroom, dropping her onto on the mattress in such a way that he ground against her core, causing sparks that had her bite her lip against the sound it elicited from her. ‘No, love, let me hear you.’ He kissed at her until her teeth let go and his hand slipped over her hip and under the fitted t-shirt she wore, her breath catching as his cold flesh touched hers. ‘Too much?’ He asked and she shook her head.
‘I want all of you.’
He froze in place, his expression one of wonderment at her confession, looking down at her beneath him, her lips pink and swollen, her hair thrown out around her errantly, and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. ‘Even like this?’
She untangled her right hand from his hair and traced the sigils on his face with her fingertips in a ghost of a touch. ‘All ways.’ She clarified and his eyes closed as his hand took hers, leading to it his lips to kiss the palm before biting his way to her wrist until she was moaning her pleasure for him.
His thumb brushed the underside of her satin clad breast, the chill of his touch penetrating it easily, and setting her nerve endings aglow. He kissed any flesh he could reach, biting and licking, her response to each one different yet encouraging, but the strangled cry she gave when he bit at the junction of her neck and shoulder had him pressing her firmly into the mattress.
He was making his way towards her breasts when his phone began to ring and he cursed under his breath.
Maia dropped her head back on the bed as Loki took his phone out of his pocket. ‘Stark.’ He sighed.
‘Cock blocking bastard.’ Maia groaned as Loki answered and put the phone to his ear, his blue shade fading back to its normal hue.
‘Yes, Anthony?’ Maia detangled her legs from Loki’s back as he spoke and leant up, kissing softly across his jaw as he tried to speak. ‘Of course we will be there…I am with her now. We will leave shortly...No, I shall ask her in a moment…indeed.’ And he hung up. He gave her a look of regret. ‘Our presence is awaited at Dr Banner’s cell.’
‘Dammit.’ She dropped back onto the bed with a small bounce.
‘We shall continue this another time, I promise you.’
‘Good.’ She smiled up at him as he sat back on his heels between her legs. ‘Is that all the iron chastity belt wanted, besides to spoil our fun?’
‘To ensure I had told you of the plan in the event you lose consciousness. I fear some parties are concerned I may take advantage of you.’
‘Chance would be a fine thing.’
He laughed. ‘This is a serious matter, pet, one I do not take lightly. I would like your permission, should you fall into your recuperative sleep, to administer more elixir and to put you to bed to recover rather than return you to the medical facility.’
‘You’ve got it.’ She said.
‘Good. I believe Anthony has drawn up a consent form for you to sign.’
‘On one condition.’ She interrupted him.
‘You wish to set conditions?’ He regarded her curiously.
‘Just one, for now.’ She pushed herself up and back so she could sit crosslegged. ‘No more hiding, no more talk of being a monster. You aren’t defined by your father being a frost giant any more than I am by mine being a dentist.’ The comparison had Loki shake his head but before he could argue she put her finger over his lips, trying to ensure his continued silence. ‘I trust you, Loki; whether you’re Odinson, Laufeyson, God, prince, trickster, Avenger. You’re all the the same person, you just need to embrace every one of you, and let me help you learn how.’ She slowly took her finger away and he opened his mouth to reply. ‘Just say yes because you haven’t seen me at my worst yet either.’
‘I hardly think they are the same.’
‘But?’ She encouraged him.
He sighed. ‘But I shall afford you this courtesy, because I fear if I do not then I risk what we have made. However, the moment I sense fear in you, this ends. Am I understood?’
‘Almost. But you have to be sure it’s fear of you and not something else, because if you take something the wrong way and go all sulky again I won’t be happy.’
‘I do so want to keep you happy.’ He smiled.
‘So say yes and let’s move on.’
‘You drive a hard bargain.’ He sat up straight, his chin raised. ‘Very well, I accept.’
‘Finally.’ She rolled her eyes.
‘But we must seal our word.’ He offered her his hand but she didn’t miss the sparkle in his eyes. He was up to something. She narrowed her eyes at him but offered her hand all the same. ‘Such an untrusting little thing.’ He took her hand and dropped his other on the bed beside her thigh so his face was a breath away from hers. ‘And with good reason. I would seal this with a kiss.’
‘I image you’d seal every one with a kiss, given the chance.’ She said cheekily.
‘Only with you, fair one.’ And he pressed his lips to hers. It was nothing more complicated than their lips meeting but it still gave Maia a buzz of excitement and when they parted after just seconds her heart rate was already beginning to accelerate again.
‘You’re so dramatic.’ She teased as he licked the taste of her from his lips.
‘As you are headstrong.’
'But mine isn’t a bad trait.’ She pointed out as he climbed off the bed, drawing her after him with their still joined hands.
‘That is a matter of opinion.’ He replied with a raised eyebrow.



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