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Second Chances

Chapter 28

Loki demonstrated various tricks as Maia watched and all he had learnt was she was a very diligent pupil, who was not afraid to ask relevant questions, and that she was terrified of snakes, which was how she had ended up almost in his lap. Once he banished the snakes he resettled her between his legs and let her feel his power up close, sending it tripping over her skin so she became accustomed to the feel. It was a heady combination, having access to his magic and her in his arms, and he wished they had privacy as there was much more he could show and share with her.
‘Now it’s your turn, darling one.’ His breath ruffled her hair as he pressed his palms to the back of her hands, holding them to face upwards. She swallowed hard enough for him to hear and he nuzzled into her hair. ‘Fear not, love, I have you.’
‘I know, it’s just…’ She sighed. ‘When I was a young I used to have really lucid dreams, and I could wield power in them so easily, almost naturally, they were incredibly real, but they stopped when my mutation showed. I used to think maybe it was what I should be capable of, because one ended when the other began. Almost like a teaser. Here’s what you could have won, if you were any good, but I’m not.’
‘You will be. Just have faith in yourself, and in me, precious girl. Let me aid you. Close your eyes.’ He encouraged her. ‘Free the power inside you and send it forth, just a trickle mind.’ Loki felt her power flare and watched as her hands became surrounded by a warm glow. ‘That’s it. Hold on to that. Now, open your eyes.’ Maia was reluctant, knowing she could feel something but scared of what she might see. ‘Do not fear. I’m with you.’ Loki murmured, sensing her apprehension and, taking a breath, she blinked them open.
Orange power coated her hands and she laughed softly in surprise. It had never happened like this before; such a low level and concentrated, and…suddenly the power burst from her in a rush that shot through Loki in a pulse of pain, making him grit his teeth as Maia slumped in his arms the second her power ended.
‘Damn.’ He said simply.



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