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Second Chances

Chapter 38

Loki kicked the door closed and pressed her against it, kissing her solidly.
‘I want to know everything of how you realised.’ He looked at her sincerely. She nodded and he slowly lowered her to her feet and she took another sip from the crystal glass. ‘What is it you are drinking, exactly?’
‘Bourbon.’ She passed him the glass and went to the kitchen.
Loki smelled the liquid, it was pungent and obviously Midgardian strong. He tasted it, not all together unpleasant, but not something he would choose. He went to her and put the glass down on the counter, she was taking a bottle of water from the fridge, wanting to water down the alcohol slightly as well as quench her thirst, but she was struggling with the lid.
‘Here, Sig, Maia.’ He corrected himself as he held his hand out to her. ‘What should I call you?’
She passed him the bottle and let him open it for her, then accepted it back. ‘Love?’ She suggested before taking a good swig. ‘Both? I don’t really know, I’m not sure who I am. Thor said I’m one soul who’s had two bodies, but it means I have two lots of childhood to remember. It’s…weird.’
Loki nodded. ‘That is perhaps one of the most perceptive things he has ever said.’
‘He’s smarter than you give him credit for, always has been.’
‘All the same, his exile to Midgard worked wonders.’
‘It wasn’t the exile, it was the people he met. Jane has had the biggest effect on him.’
‘A good woman will do that.’ He watched her as she closed the small distance between them, it all so clear now who she was that it was hard to believe it was hidden from him. ‘But I do not want to talk about Thor. I want you, sweet, in my arms so I know I do not imagine you.’ He held his arms out to her and she stepped into him, wrapping hers around his torso and snuggling her face into his chest as he cradled her to him.
‘I’m here, my prince.’ She murmured and it made him hold her all the closer. She was here and he was never letting her go again.



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