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Second Chances

Chapter 52

Loki had been confused when he looked for Sigyn after dancing with his mother. Thor seemed to be missing too and he went to their friends, frowning his confusion.
‘Have you seen Sig?’ He asked immediately.
Sif and Fandral shared a look. ‘She made an excuse of being tired and left. Thor went after her. She would not say what but something had upset her.’ Sif explained.
Loki’s confusion only grew from that point as he set off after his brother and Sigyn, his mind racing with what could have changed in so short a time. He saw Thor, alone, coming back towards him with a grim look on his face.
‘What happened?’ Loki asked.
‘Father.’ Thor replied. ‘Sigyn is quite distressed and I am unsure it is wise for you to see her so.’
He frowned. ‘What did Father do to upset her?’
Thor sighed. He did not want to be the bearer of this news but it may be easier than Sigyn trying to explain. ‘He told her as a prince you and she are incompatible in status, and will never be anything more than friends.’
Loki’s face slid first to confused then sad realisation, his breathing picking up as he glanced at the ground. ‘Father said that? To Sigyn?’
‘She is hurting, brother. Perhaps you both need a little time…’
‘I don’t need time.’ He snapped, looking up at his brother angrily. ‘I need Sigyn. Father cannot just…’
‘He can, and he has.’ Thor rested his hand on his brother’s cheek, willing him to listen. ‘Leave it for this night, brother, allow Sigyn to calm down and then speak with Mother. She loves Sig as one of her own and would see you both happy.’
‘I have to see her.’ He broke away from Thor’s touch. ‘He cannot stop us being together.’ He started down the corridor and turned to see Thor smile at him.
‘Fight for her, brother, you know I am on your side, but do it properly, not out of foolhardy spontaneous instinct. Think it through.’
‘I will marry her, Thor, one day, and nothing in the nine realms will stop me.’ He called back.
Sigyn’s lady in waiting would not allow him entry, not matter how much he begged. Lady Sigyn was not to be disturbed. Eventually he turned away, but did not give up. He went straight to the nearest staircase and out to the gardens, walking to beneath Sigyn’s window. He could see a light burned inside and he didn’t want her to go through this alone.
Many of the rooms above the gardens held climbing plants, ancient and established they were easy to scale, despite the snow, and he started up the wall easily. Four floors up and he leant to the side, looking in the window and thanking his luck that the drapes were not drawn. Sigyn was wearing a long white nightdress, sitting on her bed with her knees drawn up to her chest, staring blankly at the opposite wall. The door to the room was closed so he knocked on the glass.
Sigyn thought she had heard tapping, but really paid it no mind. It could have been the fire crackling, but when it came again, harder this time, her head shot around to see Loki at the window. Her eyes went wide and she quickly got off the bed and threw the window open, admitting both the young prince and a chill breeze.
‘What are you doing?’ She whispered harshly as he climbed effortlessly through the frame and closed the window behind him.
‘I am making sure you know I do not share whatever ridiculous sentiment my father fed you.’
‘Loki, he was very clear. I am of the wrong status for a prince of Asgard. Had I remained a lady, and not pursued the fight, perhaps I may have been, but you have a duty…’
‘Damn duty!’ He said loudly and she shushed him. If he was caught in her bedchamber there would be hell to pay. ‘No, I shall not shush. I care not for duty, I just want you, Sig.’
She sighed, her shoulders slumping and he realised how drained she looked, so little like the girl who had all but glowed in his arms just half an hour ago. ‘I want you too, Loki, but…’
‘No buts.’ He interrupted, cupping her cheeks in his hands. ‘We belong together, you and I. I have never believed in anything as much as I believe in us.’ She shook her head, closing her eyes but he didn’t stop. ‘Be with me, Sig, even if we have to hide what we are to one another until I can convince Father otherwise, and I will.’
She opened her eyes again and looked up at him, his face so full of hope and determination. She so wanted she and Loki to be together, could see them happy, but to hide what they had? It would be hard, especially as they had the same close circle of friends. ‘Can we? Will we be able to hide?’
‘If it is the only way we can be together, yes. It matters not what anyone else thinks, as long as there is you and I.’
‘You and I?’ She repeated and he nodded. ‘Alright.’
He kissed her then, so relieved she had agreed. They would be together and there was nothing anyone could do to stop them, not even The Allfather.



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