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Second Chances

Chapter 61

Girls night was a late finish and Loki was asleep when Sigyn finally climbed into bed beside him. She had had a good time, even if most of the night did seem to revolve around her and Loki’s relationships. She didn’t mind sharing, and it did help her get her memories and thoughts in order. That night she dreamt of their wedding again, in its entirety, she was sure because Darcy had asked her to tell the full story of the wedding at the next girls night, which she was trying to organise by the weekend just so she could get her romance fix.
Loki left her to sleep late the next day, he had no idea when she had returned to their apartment but it was late and he was sure she needed her rest. It had been a very tiring few days for her. He made her a coffee about eleven o’clock and took it through, finding her sprawled on her front almost diagonally across the bed, the t-shirt she had slept in risen up showing the pert cheeks of her rear in their black lace. Even when she was asleep she was a temptation and it was more than he could resist. Removing his clothes he bent over the bed and kissed the back of her knee. She moaned softly as he made his way up the back of her leg before finally biting the soft mound of her cheek and she was awake in an instant.
‘Ow, what?’ She mumbled sleepily, looking over her shoulder. ‘Oh, morning, Mischief.’
‘Morning mischief, indeed.’ He ran his hands over her hips and began raising her t-shirt.
‘Do I smell coffee?’ She asked, knowing full well where this was going and it wasn’t towards caffeine.
‘It’s too hot to drink just yet. We have at least a good twenty minutes.’ He bit her ribs and she let out a shuddering breath.
‘Well, what are we going to do for that twenty minutes?’ She asked.
‘Your coffee will be cold. I’ll make you more.’ He promised, pushing the shirt up to her shoulders and off.
‘You say the sweetest things.’ She moaned as he bit his way up her back, leaving perfect teeth marks.
‘Mmm. How was girls night?’
‘They stole Tony’s wine too.’ She smiled at him, raising herself on her elbows as he continued his path.
‘The Avengers ladies have good taste.’
‘They also know a lot more about us than they ever did. Or perhaps ever wanted to…oh God.’ He slid his hand between her legs, making her underwear vanish as his fingers caressed her.
‘And what did you tell them?’ Her head dropped down as he bit across her shoulder. ‘Talk to me, sweet girl, or I stop.’
‘Dammit.’ She murmured.
‘Not what I meant.’
‘Sif was at girls night.’ She managed before biting her lip at just what his fingers were doing to her.
‘And, um…’ One finger trailed around her entrance then stopped.
‘I mean it.’
‘Hel. Darcy asked weirdest place we’d all had sex.’
‘And what did you tell them?’ He slid two fingers inside her and her hips shuddered.
‘Odin’s throne.’
‘Oh, that was fun. What else?’
‘I made them all cry.’
He stopped and raised his head. ‘What did you say?’
‘I’m still talking, you don’t get to stop.’ She reminded him.
‘Sorry.’ He chuckled before biting at her shoulder blade.
‘They wanted to know the story of how we ended up married if your father forbade it.’
‘That’s quite a tale.’ He nuzzled into her neck through her hair.
‘Better than Titanic, apparently.’
‘Much better.’ He nipped at her earlobe.
‘You’ve seen Titanic?’
‘Isn’t it just a boat that sank after hitting an iceberg?’
She turned her face so she could kiss him. ‘Innocent little Asgardian.’ She pouted playfully. ‘It’s a movie, based on the event.’
‘That makes a little more sense.’ He worked her with his fingers as he kissed her lightly. ‘Keep talking.’
‘About what?’
‘Which part made them cry?’
‘Your verbal repression, for one thing.’
‘Not funny.’ He stopped moving again.
‘Okay, not really. But I thought Darcy was going to kill me when I told her the betrothal Father had was for Theoric, not you.’
‘I changed my mind, don’t talk, at least not of him.’
‘He was a big part of our story.’
‘And yet the least important.’ He removed his fingers and moved over her, positioning himself at her entrance. ‘Where did you end the story?’
‘With our betrothal.’ She whispered breathily as her hips twitched against him. ‘Waking up in the healers bed with you there.’
‘Not of our marriage?’ He pushed his way inside her and she groaned, unable to speak or even think. ‘I won’t move until your pretty lips do.’ He whispered against her ear.
‘You’re a torturer.’ She murmured as he moved just enough to have her attempting to writhe underneath him, despite being pinned.
‘Talk.’ He demanded.
‘Not the wedding.’ She managed and he began to move. ‘Darcy wants another girls night at the weekend, oh God, Loki.’
‘Did your tales drive them to a new addiction? Our romance?’
‘Perhaps I am not the only silvertongue.’
‘Perhaps I’m just a good story teller.’
‘One day you can test those skills on our children.’ He thrust hard into her and she cried out, a sharp pleasure starting deep inside her as he gave up trying to get her to talk and instead concentrated on their joined bodies, his teeth finding her skin again as his hands slid under her, one touching her skin wherever he could, teasing her, the other lacing with her fingers in a tight grip, the only tell tale sign of how out of control she made him feel.
He lost himself in her body, her scent, this moment was all that mattered, and before long her little moans became a cry of pleasure as her body tightened, releasing in a hot rush that spilled Loki over his own edge. His cry met hers and together they rode it out.
Sigyn collapsed onto the bed with Loki draped over her, their hands still clenched tightly, his cheek pressed to hers.
‘God, how do you do that?’
He nuzzled at her cheek, kissing it softly. ‘Do what, love?’
‘Break me so easily.’
He laughed with his lips against her skin. ‘That’s funny, pet, because with you I feel whole. I love you.’
She closed her eyes and swallowed. ‘You really got over your repression, didn’t you?’
‘I learnt the hard way not to leave things unsaid, and not to say things I do not mean to those I love.’
‘Wise words, and I love you too.’
‘Good.’ He kissed her cheek solidly. ‘Recovery then shower?’
‘And the coffee your promised.’
‘How could I forget?’ He rolled free of her before pulling her into his arms. ‘Do you remember our wedding day well?’
‘How could I not?’ She looked up at him. ‘I thought the feast would never end.’
‘You were particularly anxious to get to the bedchamber.’
‘Unlike you, I suppose. The man who had my underwear off before we even left the hall.’
‘I did tell you not to bother.’
‘That would have gone down really well with the handmaidens and my father.’ She frowned slightly. ‘Is he still alive?’
‘Your father?’ She nodded. ‘I’m afraid he died during the dark elves attack, doing what he loved.’
‘Fighting.’ He squeezed her gently. ‘But no doubt he even now looks down on us from Valhalla, realising just why he couldn’t find you when he arrived.’
‘I hope he’s not looking down right now.’
He laughed. ‘Perhaps not right now. But in general.’
‘I don’t think he ever understood us.’
‘How do you mean?’ He frowned.
‘Partially the fact we weren’t just childhood friends with a crush on one another, or that you actually loved me in return. I know he was amazed at what we had. I think if he had believed it sooner he might have talked The Allfather around himself.’
‘That would have solved a lot of problems.’
‘They were unbearable at the feast, weren’t they? Imagine if they had realised sooner.’
‘I had forgotten about that.’ He smirked. ‘How they fuelled one another’s alcohol intake in the shared joy of their children’s unity.’
‘Your mother despaired.’
‘I think the realm despaired.’
‘They did celebrate harder than most.’ She laughed, resting her forehead on his chest. ‘Do you have any regrets? About what happened with us? I mean not my death, we couldn’t have prevented that, but everything else?’
‘So many regrets. None we could effect directly but I would rather we had had more time together, both before the matter was settled with our betrothal and because you died so prematurely. We wasted a lot of time; when I could not ask you to allow me to escort you, when we were forced to keep what we were secret, when I wouldn’t say I love you. And I regret we never had children.’
‘I regret that too.’
‘One day, love. One day.’



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