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Second Chances

Chapter 67

‘All I know is she is on Asgard.’ Heimdall said grimly. ‘I cannot locate where, or with whom. It is as though a cloak is drawn over her.’
‘Can you find the cloak? Even a vague location?’ Sif asked.
‘I will continue to search.’ Heimdall informed her.
‘Thank you, Heimdall.’ Thor said. ‘We should bring Loki here, to aid in the search. He always knew where to find her.’
‘For that you must tell the Allfather exactly what has been going on.’ Sif reminded him.
‘He would have found out eventually, regardless of our efforts.’
‘Would you like me to come with you?’ She offered.
‘Perhaps this is something I must face alone.’
Odin knew there was something going on involving his sons. He was not stupid, but as to what he had no idea, so when Thor purposefully strode towards the throne he thought he was about to get answers.
‘You have visited Asgard many times in the last week and not once have you visited me, your own father. Do I take it your presence here now is to ask my aid or make your excuses?’
‘My apologies, Father, but a great deal has been occurring on Midgard that requires my attention.’
‘And the assistance of your friends. Tell me, what has this to do with the appearance of a drake at the observatory?’
‘Everything. There is a magical threat seeking out Loki, the drake was just one of the attempts made on him.’
Odin stroked his beard. ’A magical threat? He has made some interesting enemies in the few years since his fall from grace.’
‘You are as aware as I that he is attempting to pay penance, Allfather. And amongst all this bad news some good has come.’
‘Good news? Where Loki is concerned? It has been a long time since anything came of that.’ He sat forward, interested as to what the news could be. ‘Tell me, my son.’
‘There has been the return of a long dead loved one.’
‘A return, you say? Such as reincarnation?’ Thor nodded his head once. ‘Such a thing is rare. Who has returned?’
‘Lady Sigyn.’
‘Sigyn?’ Odin said in surprise, rising from his throne and walking slowly down the steps. ‘You are quite sure?’
‘We are certain, Father. Even Heimdall could see her for who she is.’
‘I would see her myself. Bring her to me.’
‘Unfortunately that is why I visit now. She has been taken, abducted from The Avengers Compound by the unknown power. Heimdall can no longer see her other than to know she is here on Asgard and cloaked from his view.’
Odin studied his son. He knew both Thor and Loki had loved the girl, in their own ways. Frigga had doted upon her. He himself had to admit the girl was as pleasant as she was skilled and she had a way of keeping Loki in line that no one had before or since. If it were true she may be just what Loki needed to find his way back to the light he hoped he still held. ‘This girl, tell me of her.’
‘Once she is safe. We must find her. She could be in great danger.’ Thor explained.
Odin nodded. ‘Find her, use all the resources you need, but I would meet her as soon as she is safe.’
‘You are not…’ Thor let the words trail off, unsure what he was going to say.
‘Suspicious? Doubtful? Were it any other man but my son standing before me then yes, each would cross my mind, but if this girl is who you say she may be the answer to making Loki feel whole again. I ask not for miracles, just help where it can be found.’
‘Thank you, Father.’ Thor bowed to him and began to leave. ‘May I have permission to bring Loki back to Asgard to aid in the search?’
Odin paused and Thor knew it would not be good news. ‘If he is to aid with the search he will need access to his powers. There would be nothing to stop him from absconding. I cannot permit it.’
‘I understand.’ Thor said, disappointed.
‘The girl, she is mortal?’ Odin called after him.
‘She is, yet she carries sorcery.’
Odin gave a raised eyebrow. It wasn’t the answer he was expecting but it was an interesting one. ‘Keep me apprised.’ He said as he returned to his throne.



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