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Second Chances

Chapter 68

‘She is on Asgard?’ Loki demanded as Thor finished his walk into the office that had become the command centre for the search.
‘She is. Father has offered us unlimited resources to help us find her.’
Loki eyed him suspiciously. ‘Why?’
‘Because he remembers how good for you Sigyn was, I suspect. She was always your home, brother. Without her you were lost for a long time.’
‘I need not reminding, thank you. I need to find her. Take me to Asgard, remove this cuff and I can search, see if she is using her power. I can trace her from that.’
‘Father refused permission for you to join us.’ Thor gave him an apologetic look. ‘I’m sorry.’
‘Sorry isn’t helping me find her.’ Loki snarled angrily. ‘The cuff?’
‘It may damage our alliance.’ Thor said pointedly, knowing Fury had left as he entered and couldn’t be sure he was not still nearby.
‘Damn the alliance! She is my wife and she needs me!’
‘See, she’s not your wife.’ Tony said as he passed. ‘She’s not even your girlfriend, because you dumped her.’
‘I do not need reminding, thank you, Anthony.’ He shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. There had to be a way, there had to be something he could do, anything at all. He couldn’t leave her at the hands of what or whoever this was. Then it came to him. He went for the door, walking with purpose as he called his armour, heading to the nearest fire escape and running up the metal steps to the roof despite Thor calling after him, his footsteps rapidly following his brother. Loki walked to the centre of the roof, looking around and above him.
‘I’m here! You can have me, you bastard!’ He screamed. ‘Take me and bring her back! Because if you harm one single hair on her head, I swear…’
Thor slammed his hand over Loki’s mouth, his other arm around his shoulders from behind, trying to pull him back indoors. ‘If this power kills you we gain nothing! We will never find her!’
Loki struggled his face out of Thor’s grip. ‘Release me from this cuff! I will find her myself!’
‘You will get yourself killed!’
‘Without her I am already dead!’ Loki all but sobbed.
‘We will find her, but together, brother.’ Thor assured him softly and Loki’s breath left him in a shuddering sigh. When he nodded Thor stepped away carefully as though he were unsure he still wasn’t going to do something rash, his hands still on him. ‘Let us go back inside, I will speak with Father again and see if I can convince him to allow you to return to Asgard for the search, even if it means we have to leave the cuff intact.’
Loki nodded as he wiped at his face with his hand, Thor releasing him as he willingly fell into step beside him. ‘I can’t lose her, Thor. Not when I just found her again.’
‘Nor shall you.’ He assured him. ‘The power did not seem to wish her any harm.’
‘But if it harms her to harm me?’ Thor remained quiet, knowing this was a possibility. ‘That’s what I thought.’
Thor stopped at the edge of the roof by the fire escape. ‘We will find her, brother, I promise you.’
Loki nodded, unsure what else to say that he hadn’t already said. He knew Thor would do all he could but sometimes it just wasn’t enough. Thor held his arm out for Loki to go first and he had his foot on the metal when the power descended, rapidly encasing him and flinging Thor across the roof.
When Thor jumped to his feet the power was gone, as was Loki, not a trace remained of either one.



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