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Second Chances

Chapter 72

Sigyn sat at the table in the window of their apartment at the compound, her chin rested on her arms, staring at the apple before her. She hadn’t yet changed out of the armour, to be honest she was a little too shell shocked by all that had happened to contemplate the brain function needed to unbuckle all the leather. Everyone had been pleased to see her back safe and well, Loki had had so many talking to’s by the team about not screwing things up again that his head rung with it, but for now they had peace. She hadn’t said much since their return, the silence unnerved him, and he knew there would be some lasting damage despite her acceptance of his apology. He had a long way to go before she would trust him again.
He had showered and dressed in his green shirt and slacks, forgoing his tie and shoes, and when he came out she was in the exact same position as when he had left her.
‘Sig.’ He said as he approached her but she didn’t move.
‘Mmm?’ She replied quietly.
‘They don’t eat themselves.’
‘Who doesn’t?’ She asked absently.
He walked around the table until he stood opposite her. ‘Apples.’ She rolled her eyes up to look at him. She looked so innocent, so young and fragile, and it pained him.
‘Once I eat it, everything changes.’ She dropped her eyes to the fruit again.
‘For the best.’ He pulled the chair out and sat down, putting the apple between them.
‘Is it?’
‘Why would it not be?’
She shook her head, her chin wobbling on her forearm. ‘Life hurts. I can’t imagine trying to go through another five thousand years like the last twenty-four hours.’ He sighed and she glanced up at him. ‘That’s not a dig, just making a point.’
‘All the same, twenty-four hours ago you would not have considered this a bad thing.’
‘Live and learn.’
‘And learn again.’ He added. ‘I am sorry, for trying to push you away. All the good intentions in the world will not make what I did right.’
‘You did it so well.’ Her eyes fell back on the apple. ‘I can’t live like that, like this, Loki. I have to know that this will be worth eternity. That every time something comes along that we’ll face it together and you won’t do some stupid I’ll-hurt-you-to-save-you bit. Flattered you want to protect me but breaking my heart every time will only last so long.’
‘No more breaking your heart.’ He crossed his own. ‘Did I do that correctly?’
‘Crossing your heart?’ She frowned.
‘It’s a Midgardian practice, I believe?’
She nodded, her chin crinkling cutely. ‘You did it right, but if you don’t know what it means does it mean anything?’
‘I know what it means, and I promise to honour it.’
‘If you don’t I’ll spend the next five thousand years making you wish you were in Hel.’ She promised.
‘I’ll spend the next five thousand making sure you don’t have to.’ He turned his hand in the air and one of his daggers appeared. He picked up the apple and cut off a slice before offering it to her. ‘Come on, sunbeam. You know I love you and this will be all worthwhile, I swear to you.’
She didn’t answer, instead she sat up and took the slice from him, holding it between thumb and forefinger. ‘I love you too.’ She said quietly before putting the slice into her mouth.



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