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Second Chances

Chapter 73 - Epilogue 1

Six months later…
The hype had been ridiculous. It wasn’t every day a member of The Avengers got married, let alone two of them, and to each other. Loki had proved his worth as a valid and honourable team member, using his tricks to become one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and his romance with their newest recruit was the stuff of legends. At least, that was what Darcy had made it. She had taken it upon herself to document online everything she could about their relationship, both now and in the past, and her website, vlog, vines and YouTube channel were setting records for their hits and subscribers. She had secured interviews with each of The Avengers and this slice into the life of the team had helped Loki’s reputation no end.
Sigyn’s parents, that is to say Maia’s, had been confused enough by their daughter apparently being a mutant, let alone the reincarnation of an Asgardian goddess, but with a little help from Professor Xavier they were able to come to terms with what was an enormous change for and in their little girl. Even now, as they watched her having the finishing touches put on her hair they struggled to see their little girl in the woman she had become.
‘Are you not even the slightest bit nervous?’ Her mom asked as the last of the honeysuckle blooms were laced into her hair.
‘Really not, Mom.’ She smiled at her in her reflection. ‘I keep telling you, I’ve done this before.’
‘Still weird.’ Her dad said from the chair he sat on in the corner.
‘Understatement.’ She and her mom chorused as they often did when discussing her new life.
‘But you’re marrying…’ Her voice trailed off and Sigyn turned to face her.
‘Loki, Mom. I’m marrying Loki. No matter what or who he is or was, I’m marrying Loki. Formerly of Asgard, currently of The Avengers, and always of my heart.’
It wasn’t that her parents disapproved; at first it had been a shock, but his complete devotion to their daughter and the cause of protecting humanity had helped win them round; it was just the speed at which their little girl had suddenly become not only engaged but an Avenger was still a surprise.
‘You know we like him, sweetie.’ Her dad said as the hairdresser left. ‘But he’s an Avenger. This isn’t quite what we saw in your future.’
‘I’m an Avenger too.’ She reminded them. ‘And I know the danger worries you, but it’s what we do, and marrying him or not I’d still do that.’
Her dad came and stood behind her mom, giving her a small smile. ‘We’re proud of you.’
‘I know.’ She got up and they shared a three way hug.
‘Nearly time!’ Darcy’s voice preceded her into the room, carrying her camera as always. ‘Blushing bride and parents, say hi to the internet!’
‘Hi, internet.’ Sigyn shook her head, looking over one of her attendants personalisation of her cream dress with green and gold trim. Knee length and strapless it had an under bust band of gold reflected in the straight neckline, the material in between the two dark green with a slash of the same material running in a line to the hem over the full skirt. It was simple yet beautiful, but Darcy had begged to add green baseball boots, and Sigyn had caved. She admitted that on Darcy they looked cute. Everyone else had court shoes, but not Darce. She wouldn’t be Darce in court shoes. ‘We’re not live again, are we? Because that didn’t go so well at the bachelorette party.’
Darcy pulled a face. ‘Nope, not making that mistake again.’
‘Has the world seen you yet?’ Sigyn came towards her with her hand held out for the camera.
‘In a minute, first, I want your words for the groom.’ Darcy grinned.
‘Words for the groom?’ She bit her lip thoughtfully.
‘Quit it, you’ll ruin your lipstick.’ Darcy reminded her and she stopped, licking her teeth just in case.
‘Okay, words for the groom.’ She looked directly into the camera. ‘Mischief, it’s been seven hundred years since I was last your wife, and if you screw up, I will cut you.’
‘Maia!’ Her mom squealed as her dad laughed.
‘That’s my girl.’
Darcy lowered the camera. ‘Okay, that’s for the gag reel. How about something that will have my viewers crying?’
‘I could show them the bill for the wedding.’ She suggested.
She got glared at. ‘Crying with happiness.’
‘Happiness, okay.’ Darcy brought the camera back up and pointed at her to go. ‘Loki, I’ve waited for this day all my life, even before I knew who you were, or what you were to me. The day you walked back into my world it changed for the better and every day you make it more so. You’re my sun, my moon, my stars, my prince. With you beside me I can face anything. Second chances don’t often come around, but for us they have and I don’t plan on having anything ruin it this time. I love you. I’ll see you at the altar.’ And she blew a kiss to the camera.
‘Oh my God.’ Darcy lowered the camera again with a small pout of joy.
‘You’re filming your feet, Darce.’ Sigyn pointed out and Darcy fumbled to turn the camera off.
‘Five minutes.’ Came a voice from the other side of the door.
‘Thank you.’
‘Keep him waiting.’ Darcy grinned. ‘It’s the least you can do.’
‘I’ve waited too long as it is.’
Her mom came and kissed her cheek, patting her arm. ‘I’ll go take my seat.’
‘I’ll see you out there.’ Sigyn smiled.
‘I’ll check everyone else is ready.’ Darcy said with a wink.
The gardens of X-Manor were decked out with chairs, flowers, a golden carpet and more powered people than you could shake a glow stick of destiny at. Loki stood at the front with his brother, both wearing their full ceremonial armour, less helmets. Sigyn had insisted that they incorporate aspects of Asgard and Loki was happy to give in to her demands. He shifted from one foot to the other and Thor pressed his hand on his shoulder hard enough to make him still.
‘Enough, brother.’ He murmured over the soft music.
‘What if she changes her mind?’ Loki leant towards him. ‘I can’t say I would blame her. I’m not the easiest of people to…’
‘She will not change her mind.’ Thor hissed. ‘She loves you and you complete one another. She has nothing to gain by changing her mind other than hurting both of you. She is not the one stupid enough to do that.’
Loki narrowed his eyes at the truth in Thor’s words and let out a sigh. It would be fine. He hoped.
The music changed to the traditional wedding march and Thor patted his brother’s shoulder before releasing him, as they both turned to look down the aisle.
Sigyn had had a lot of trouble in choosing her attendants, there were so many to pick from, not to mention Loki when it came to groomsmen. They had The Avengers, The X-Men, Sif and The Warriors Three to start with, let alone Sigyn’s human cousins. In the end they kept it low, knowing Darcy and Jane had to be their choice from the team for the girls, and as Tony was instrumental in their meeting in the first place he and Thor were their groomsmen. From The X-Men Sigyn chose Hank McCoy, one of her favourite fellow teachers she used to often wax lyrical about literature with who had also found a good debating partner in Loki, and Jean Grey, who had helped her through a lot when her powers were causing her problems in the early days, not to mention spending a lot of time together as teachers. Sif had asked to be let off the hook of wearing a short Midgardian dress, however she and The Warriors Three were all in attendance in their own ceremonial armour and they knew Heimdall was watching with interest.
Jane led the procession alone, as Thor was already with Loki, a small posey of white roses and deep green foliage wrapped in gold ribbon in her hands. Darcy came next, arm in arm with Tony in the groomsman outfit of a black suit with white shirt and green tie, and he leant in and said something highly inappropriate to Darcy who slapped him with her bouquet. Jean and Hank followed, her red hair caught up in a neat chignon compared to the loose, styled waves of Darcy and Jane, and finally, Loki caught sight of his bride.
She was even more beautiful than she had been first time around. The shoulders of her gown were wide but gauzy, gold filigree on mesh coming in a ‘V’ to her bust where cream material in a sweetheart neck fit at her waist and hips before falling away to the floor in soft waves, coated in the same gold designs, like leaves and branches reaching from her core outwards. Around her neck she wore the necklace he had given her of Frigga’s and on her wrist a duplicate of the snake bracelet she had owned in her previous life. Her hair was styled back from her face, save from a few small curls, and fell into a waterfall of spirals full of honeysuckle flowers. Her make up was golden yet understated, her bouquet dropping in a drape of the same flowers as her attendants. Her smile broadened into a huge grin when she saw him, she couldn't help it. His expression was one of complete awe, his eyes soft and full of emotion, and when she finally reached him, her father handing her over, he couldn’t help but cup her cheek in his hand and kiss her. She started giggling.
‘Keen, Mischief, but we aren’t at that part yet.’ She murmured against his lips and as he pulled away again her mouth dropped open. ‘You’re blushing! I got you to blush!’
‘No, you didn’t.’ He mumbled defensively as the officiant cleared his throat.
‘Shall we begin?’
Sigyn nodded, passing her bouquet to Jane as Loki took her other hand in his.
The ceremony held all the traditional elements of a Midgardian ceremony but the vows were Asgardian and included the binding of their hands in gold cord. No one disputed they should be wed, although Fandral laughed at the pause when Loki started looking around with a threatening glare as though daring anyone to try, until Sigyn raised her fingers to his cheek and made him face her again. There was a line added to the end, where the nine realms was added as part of the officiating powers that be, and finally Loki was able to kiss his bride at the correct time, thoroughly.
Due to the hand joining they were inseparable, and even without it Loki would not have let her go. It was during one of their many dances that Loki had an idea.
‘Did I tell you how very beautiful you look, sunbeam?’ He asked, his hand splayed possessively across her naked lower back where the dress dipped.
‘I think you mentioned it, once or twice.’ She smiled up at him, and it was a long way up. She had long since removed her shoes and the height difference was so much greater than normal.
‘Like the goddess you are.’
‘Still can’t quite get used to that.’ She admitted. The apple had done so much more than they had hoped, not only giving her immortality but unlocking all her magical ability back to sorcery level.
‘You know,’ he bent as low as he was able without it being uncomfortable, his breath brushing her cheek, ‘with our magic we could easily create duplicates of ourselves to continue dancing while we pursue…other entertainment.’
‘Because we didn’t pursue other entertainment enough already?’
‘This will be quite different, dove.’ He assured her. ‘This time you will be my wife.’
She looked thoughtful. ‘I suppose that might made a difference.’
‘Oh it does.’ His eyes glanced around at their assembled guests. ‘Do you not remember our first wedding night?’
‘I remember you waited only until the sun had set to sweep me away.’
‘That long?’ He looked surprised and disgusted all at the same time. ‘That is definitely not acceptable. What was I thinking?’
‘That we shouldn’t abandon our guests so soon?’
‘Is that so?’ He gave her a challenging look. ‘Well then, my beautiful wife, if you can stand the abandonment then so can I, because I believe this husband’s place on his wedding day is somewhere warm and wet, and made just for me.’
‘A bath?’ She asked innocently, despite his words bringing heat to her cheeks and other, lower places.
‘If you wish, but that is not where I plan on burying myself.’ He lowered his head, claiming her lips with his, and suddenly she didn’t care about abandoning their guests.
‘Make with the duplicates.’ She murmured against his lips and he chuckled softly. ‘But we need to be back to cut the cake.’
‘It’s not like they’ll start without us.’ He twisted his hand infinitesimally and she knew they were cloaked and yet still dancing for everyone to see.
‘No, but they might wonder why “we” are ignoring them.’ She referred to the duplicates as he led her away, but not towards the mansion as she thought. ‘Where are we going?’
‘Quinjet, love. I have the dark desire to defile something dear to Stark.’
‘You’re disgusting.’ She laughed. ‘I love it.’



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