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Second Chances

Chapter 74 Epilogue 2

Loki growled at the computer in front of him. He was familiar with Midgardian technology, it should not be this hard for him to file his reports, but yet again the form had been wiped and his information lost. ‘What is wrong with this stupid machine?’
‘Trouble, Lo?’
He looked up to see his wife standing in the doorway, wearing her suit as she did whenever they had what she called an “office day”. Paperwork catch up and no missions. ‘This infuriating machine has lost my file, again!’
She shook her head as she walked across his office towards his desk. ‘Have you tried hitting undo?’
‘Multiple times.’
‘Redo?’ She suggested.
‘Of course.’ He said frustratedly.
‘Saving regularly?’
He gave her a glare. She knew very well that he often forgot to save his work if he left for a cup of tea, and Team Science were still trying to clear out the alien bugs in the system left by Theoric’s attack. ‘It is not funny.’
‘It’s a little funny.’ She sat on the desk by his elbow, crossing one leg over the other, knowing if he turned her way he would get a front row seat to her lace stocking tops. ‘If you had done this days ago when I did instead of galavanting around with your brother you wouldn’t be on such a tight deadline now.’
‘He wanted a celebration and Steven and I were the only ones who could keep up, constitutionally.’ He reminded her unnecessarily of the excuse the three of them had used.
‘I bet they remember to save.’ She mumbled and he finally turned, planning on glaring at her, but instead noticed the buttons on her blouse were undone low enough to see the edge of lace to her bra, and as his eyes travelled lower he saw more lace at the split in her skirt. He swallowed hard enough that she could see it but didn’t mention it. She knew what this would do to him. ‘So, anyway, it’s a shame you aren’t finished with them yet, because I’m all done for the day.’
‘You have finished all your reports?’ He said skeptically, dragging his eyes away from the nylon clad flesh that did very specific things to him.
‘I told you, I did mine days ago. I’ve been reading through some potential mission objectives with Tony and Sam.’
‘They allowed you into the preliminary briefing?’
‘What can I say,’ she shrugged, ‘I was a good girl and got my homework done so I could play with the big boys.’
He turned his eyes up to look at her. ‘Am I not one of the big boys?’
‘You know you are.’ She winked at him. ‘But you aren’t a good boy because your homework isn’t finished.’ She leaned as far across the desk as she could on her elbow to look at his monitor, knowing it laid her body out in front of his keyboard and with the gaping blouse it might just motivate him. ‘Come on, Mischief, tappity tap.’ She indicated to the keyboard.
‘You are aware you are distracting not encouraging me?’ He asked as he trailed his eyes slowly from her knees, up her body to meet her gaze.
‘Can I not be inspiring instead? Get your work done and this is what’s waiting at the finish line.’
‘You can think of better ways to inspire me, I’m sure.’
‘Not ones you’ll be able to concentrate through.’ She sat up again, realising this wasn’t going to work, at least not as she had planned it.
‘I am a very good multi-tasker, if you recall.’ He turned back to the screen with one hand on the keyboard but the other traced up her shin slowly, sliding over her knee and under the edge of her skirt.
She slapped at his hand then pressed her palm to it, halting his progress. ‘No touching, Mischief, get on with your work and learn how to use the goddam save function.’
‘I will stay up all night if necessary however, for now, I believe there is something more important that deserves my full attention.’ He slid his chair back and she knew what he was going to try so she hopped down off the desk.
‘No, it doesn’t.’ She said firmly, but her lips turned up in a teasing smile. ‘But I’ll do you a deal.’
He narrowed his eyes at her. ‘Your eyes are sparkling with mischief, love. What are you thinking?’
‘That we’re about to find out just how good at splitting your concentration you are.’ She bent over and put her hands on his thighs, forcing his legs apart and dropping to her knees before him. ‘You do your work, you get rewarded.’
He raised an eyebrow, his body responding at not only what she suggested but the position she had put herself in, looking up at him from the floor through her lashes. ‘Or I could have a duplicate complete the reports.’
‘No deal.’ She shook her head as her hands carefully caressed his thighs, going higher but not high enough. ‘Get to work, troublemaker.’
He sighed in frustration. ‘Fine, but I cannot reach the keyboard.’
‘Not a problem.’ She backed up, lowering his chair as she did so she had better access to him, until she was under the desk. ‘Now, get typing. Oh and you have to read what you’re putting aloud to me so I know you’re not faking.’
‘You mistrust me, sunbeam?’ He said as he typed the date into the form again.
‘About this, yep.’ She slid her hands up the insides of his thighs until they reached the juncture and she palmed upwards over his groin, his thighs tensing as she did so. ‘I don’t hear any typing.’ She stopped moving and he let out a slow breath.
‘Very well.’
He began typing and read what he was putting, the run down of a recent attack they had been sent to in Europe, and her hands continued about their task. She unbuckled his belt first, slowly, his legs twitching on either side of her as she released the catch on his slacks before she used the other hand to help lower the zipper, knowing he didn’t own any underwear and it was always worth being careful with precious cargo.
Once she had freed him she ran a hand over his length, not yet fully erect but still so impressive, and his typing paused so she did the same with her fingers. ‘I hope you’re saving up there.’
‘Of course.’ The words fell from his lips breathily and he saved the file before continuing.
‘Good boy.’ She murmured as she leant forward, licking the length of him with a long, slow stroke that made his typing erratic and full of typos for a moment.
‘Holy Valhalla, Sig.’ He whispered and she chuckled with a small hum as he continued to dictate what he was typing to her.
Resting her forearms over his thighs she angled her head slightly, kissing softly from tip to shaft as her hand caressed his length before making her way back up but slower, each press of her lips softer, more lingering and he gave a shaking moan. His dictation continued, as did her slow burn torture, finally licking carefully around his tip with a slow swirling action that had him swearing under his breath.
‘I hope you haven’t just typed that.’ She murmured as she moved her grip to hold the base of him, her lips poised above him.
‘No, no, just…Hel!’ She took him into her mouth and slid herself down his length until her lips met her fingers, then back up again and lapping around the head until she reached the little bundle of nerves that drove him crazy, where she concentrated her attack for some time, until he was squirming in his seat, his hand slapped the desk and both his dictation and typing stopped. She kissed him softly then, barely a touch, speaking in between.
‘You aren’t working, oh great multi-tasker.’ She reminded him.
‘I truly am trying to…’ He stopped talking and she sensed tension run through him.
‘Brother, do you have a moment?’
‘What is it, Thor?’ He said tensely as Sigyn bit her lip, trying not to laugh.
‘I have a few questions, with regard to our last mission.’
‘Can it wait? Perhaps until after dinner?’
‘I will not take much of your time.’
Sigyn pinched the inside of Loki’s thigh and he flinched, glancing down where he could just see her grinning at him. ‘Get to work.’ She mouthed and he swallowed hard.
‘Fine, Thor, what do you need to know?’
Thor evidently took a seat and started asking Loki about what they had found with their team, as they had been separated within the building they were clearing, something about some artefacts, but Sigyn decided to be the mischief maker in this piece, and ran her tongue around the tip again. Loki wasn’t expecting her to continue and the sudden pleasure she gave made him jump in his seat, having to make an excuse to Thor about being uncomfortable having been seated so long doing his reports, but that he should continue and no, he definitely did not need to get up and stretch his legs.
Sigyn continued to tease him with her lips and tongue, and finally a graze of her teeth as she dug her nails into his thighs. She hummed a low moan that not only sent vibrations through him but the sound, knowing only he could hear her, had him glancing down with an alarmed look, but finding her eyes turned up to him with a wicked smile on her parted lips had him glance back up at Thor.
‘Brother, I am almost finished with my report. I will send it to you the second I am done and you will have all the answers you seek.’ Loki said rapidly and Sigyn could only imagine the look on Thor’s face.
‘Are you well, Loki?’ Thor’s confusion was evident.
‘I’m afraid Sigyn is quite less than impressed that I have not completed the reports. She gave me quite a mouthful.’
She had to bite her cheek to stop from laughing out loud but at least Thor took the hint.
‘Very well, we must keep our ladies happy. Send me the report as soon as you are done.’
‘And could you close the door, please.’ Loki called as she swirled her tongue around him again. She heard the door close and Loki’s hands slammed on the desk. ‘Dammit, love!’
‘Do your work.’ She kissed at his head as his fingers clenched on the wood, making it creak.
‘I cannot continue while you torture me.’
‘Isn’t it a sweet torture though?’ She asked and he glared down at her just as she took him as deep into her as she could, breathing deep through her nose until her airway was cut off and the sight was too much, his head rolled back against the chair and his eyes fluttered closed.
‘So sweet.’ He growled.
She raised herself and took another breath before taking him fully inside her again, humming louder than before and bringing her other hand over to caress the soft skin of his sack, his body tensing as the first tremor ran through him. She lathed him with her tongue, swirling and tasting until his hips bucked and he gave one final groan, his body bucking and spasming as she drained him of every last drop of pleasure.
His eyes were closed as she looked up at him with a smug smile on her face, his breathing was heavy and his hands still clenched at the table like it held him afloat. ‘How’s that report looking, my prince?’
He took a few more breaths before he was able to raise his head, his fingers releasing the table as one hand wiped over his face, the other stroking her cheek. ‘I may need a little more convincing.’ He managed.
‘Well,’ she started, pushing the chair so he rolled back and she could get to her feet, ‘if that’s the case,’ she leant over him so her lips were by his ear, ‘you finish this report and I will be waiting for you in our quarters with very little else than a smile, and the Nutella on standby.’ She moved back from him with a lazy smile on her lips before leaving the office with a swing to her hips he couldn’t help but watch appreciatively. ‘And don’t forget to save!’ She called over her shoulder before she was out of sight.



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