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Second Chances

Chapter 75 - Epilogue 3

Sigyn lay awake in the room she and Loki shared at the tower. He had long since fallen asleep, his breathing coming slow and steady, both of them spent and marked with both nail and teeth marks, but Sigyn had more on her mind than how she ached in some sensitive places only he could reach. Like a niggling suspicion something was different.
She slipped from the bed and quietly dressed; black jeans and a t-shirt with a dark burgundy hoodie and her Stark Phone in the pocket of her puffa coat, the snow outside meaning she would need the extra warmth. With two pairs of socks and warm boots she was soon stepping out of their bedroom door and into the hallway leading to the communal areas. She fitted her headphones as she walked, heading to the elevator.
‘FRIDAY, if Loki wakes up let him know I’ll be half an hour, max, and I’m only on the end of the phone if he panics.’
‘Will do, Lady Sigyn.’
She rolled her eyes. Loki had managed to convince, read that as somehow hack, into FRIDAY’s programming to make the AI call her Lady Sigyn, and no amount of fiddling by Tony seemed to fix it. She suspected he was actually in on it too. Speaking of the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, he came out of the elevator as Sigyn approached.
‘You’re out late, Cherry.’ He commented as they passed one another.
‘Just running to the store.’ She quirked him a sideways smile.
‘Run out of lube?’ He smirked as she blushed, pulling up her hood.
‘Shut up.’ She hit the button for the lobby as he laughed.
She turned on her music and hummed along on the ride down, then stepped out into the lobby…to find Stark standing by the doors beside one of his suits in sentry mode.
‘Did you just jump out of the window in a suit to beat me down here?’ She asked as she pulled one of her earbuds out.
‘Maybe. I need to go to the store too.’ He said as he zipped up his own coat.
‘You could have called me to wait, or have gone on your own.’ Or left me in peace, she thought, knowing she didn’t want him watching over her shoulder.
‘This was quicker.’ He offered her his arm, a bad habit he had picked up from the Asgardians, and with a shake of her head she took it.
‘So, where’s the store?’ He asked, letting her lead him down the street.
‘On the corner.’ She pulled a face at him. ‘Surely you know where the store is?’
‘I thought maybe you weren’t really shopping and were doing something else.’
‘Like what?’ She wrinkled her nose.
‘I have no idea, but a store run in the middle of the night seems kind of suspicious.’
‘That’s why it’s a convenience store, genius. It’s open when it’s convenient.’
‘Sigyn of Sassgard.’ He nudged her.
‘Mr Stark.’
‘Don’t go back to that again.’ He laughed. ‘So, my annual holiday party is only a day away. I assume you and Trixie have something planned?’
‘I have no idea what you mean.’ She gave him an innocent look.
‘Yeah, just like you don’t know who was responsible for the near code green at the Halloween party?’
‘That was an accident.’ She said defensively. ‘I still say it’s your fault for asking for Loki’s help with illusions to spooky the place up!’
‘Illusions aren’t supposed to jump out and grab you!’
‘You said scary!’
‘I didn’t mean turn Banner green scary!’
She laughed and he joined her. It had certainly made for an interesting night, Nat in her Morticia Addams outfit trying to give Bruce a preemptive lullaby while Wanda sent him calming vibes while dressed as a creepy doll.
‘So, what do you need at the store?’ Tony asked as they reached the door, the bell ringing to announce their entry.
‘Uh, girl stuff.’ She said quickly, hoping he would leave her alone for a little while.
‘Okay, enough said. I’m just grabbing some, I’m just going to leave you to it.’ He stalked down the snack aisle while Sigyn sighed with relief. She didn’t want an audience for this. She darted down the relevant aisle, grabbed what she needed and paid in record time, getting her item bagged before Tony joined her, but keeping the chocolate bar she had also purchased in her hand.
‘Midnight snacks.’ He commented as he paid for his bag of jerky.
‘Thought you wanted girl things.’ He said as they stepped out into the fresh flurry of snow.
‘Chocolate is a girl thing.’ She smiled before indicating to the bag under her arm. ‘They go hand in hand.’
‘Happy hormones, got ya.’ He opened the jerky and offered her some, but she refused, the thought of it turning her stomach.
‘I’m good, thanks.’ She said, biting into the chocolate.
‘You don’t know what you’re missing.’ He shrugged.
‘I’m sure I do.’
They walked silently for a little while when Stark’s phone gave off a text tone and he pulled it out of his pocket, nudging Sigyn in the process and knocking the bag out of her hand.
‘Sorry, Red.’ He said as he crouched for it the same time as she did.
‘Don’t worry, I’ve got it.’ She grabbed for it but it was too late, he had already seen her purchase.
He looked up at her in surprise. ‘A pregnancy test?’
‘Yes, and it’s yours.’ His eyes went wide in panic for a moment. ‘Of course it’s not yours, you idiot, and you need to keep your mouth shut because I don’t even know for sure.’
‘Hence the test.’ He said as they got to their feet. ‘You really think you are?’
‘Statistically it’s possible.’ She shrugged. ‘Physiologically it’s possible. But Loki and I tried before for three centuries, so the likelihood is small.’
‘That was in your old body though. This one’s different. And if you are, is it a bad thing?’
‘Really not a bad thing.’ She smiled. ‘But that’s a serious if.’
‘Wait,’ he stopped her, ‘are you trying?’
‘We’re not not trying.’ She wrinkled her nose. ‘That is we’ve talked about it and don’t use protection, but…’
‘I’m gonna be an uncle.’ He grinned. ‘First Avengers Tower baby. Kid’s going to be spoilt rotten, you know that, right?’
‘Tony, we don’t know for sure!’
‘No, but you will in,’ he pulled the packet out of her hand again and read the box, ‘one minute to develop, plus peeing time, walk back to the tower, maybe five more minutes, say ten minutes? You have to tell me after Mischief.’
She pinched the bridge of her nose. ‘Oh God, Tony, please can I have a chance to take the test and get my head around it first?’
‘You think you are.’ He made it a statement, not a question.
‘Two missed periods is a pretty big red flag.’ She sighed. ‘No pun intended.’
‘Please do this now. I mean not right now, but as soon as you get back.’ He said excitedly. ‘And film Comet’s reaction because it’s going to be gold.’
‘It might not be positive.’
‘Keep telling yourself that, kid.’
Tony walked her all the way back to her room. ‘You are not to stand outside this door and wait. I’ll text you.’ She waved a finger at him.
‘I promise.’
‘I can see your fingers are crossed, Stark.’
He shrugged. ‘Just go pee.’
‘Shut it.’ She said, opening the bedroom door and closing it on his grinning face.
Why did he have to have found her out? If not she could have put this off until the morning, or decided if she really wanted to do the test. It had been so hard for them to fall pregnant before she didn’t want to get her hopes up, but…she had to know.
Longest minute of her life. She sat on the side of the tub, trying to ignore the stick on the sink while she checked Darcy’s latest vines, knowing that should kill a little time. She had caught Thor dancing to Happy by Pharrell Williams while doing the dishes and promised to have it up today, not to mention the argument between Nat and Clint about the most humane way to kill a chicken, and before she knew it her minute timer went off.
Coming through from the bathroom in just her t-shirt and underwear she looked at Loki, now lying on his side but apparently none the wiser for her having left. Had he had the message from FRIDAY he would have called, he did worry about her, which was why he had stipulated their missions were always together. She climbed up on the large bed by his knees and poked him in the thigh through the sheets, but he barely stirred, brushing his hand over his flesh to get rid of the sensation. She tried again but all she succeeded in doing was making him roll over onto his back. This wasn’t getting her anywhere. She sighed and straddled his thighs, laying down on top of him.
‘Mayhem, wake up.’ She said quietly and he began to stir, opening one eye first to look at her, then the clock.
‘Love, it’s two, you can’t possibly be ready for another round.’ He grumbled, throwing his arm over his eyes. She knew he was only cranky because he had had an early start for training and a busy day of meetings, but she couldn’t wait until morning.
‘No, but I need to tell you something.’ She whispered.
‘I love you too, now, sleep.’ He wrapped his arms around her, holding her to him as he snuggled his head back into the pillows and she giggled.
‘Lo, you aren’t listening.’ She argued, wriggling her way up his body so she could put her lips by his ear. ‘You’re going to be a daddy.’
‘That’s nice.’ He murmured.
‘I’m just going to let that sink in.’ She said in a normal tone and waited.
‘What’s sinking?’
She rolled her eyes. This wasn’t working either. So she jabbed him in the ribs with her fingers. That worked. He flinched, jumping physically as a small groan left his lips.
‘Gods, Sig, will you let me sleep?’ He complained.
‘Not tonight. Well, not right now.’ She leant her arms on his chest and rested her chin on them. ‘I’m trying to tell you something important.’
‘So important it can’t wait until morning?’
‘So important it can’t wait until morning.’ She repeated.
He finally opened both eyes and looked up at her with a sigh. ‘It’s not going to be like the time you woke me to ask about whether there is still the little bookshop on Asgard we used to frequent, is it?’
‘Better.’ She smiled.
‘Better than a bookshop? Do I have to guess, sunbeam, because we have to be back in the training room at six?’
‘If you’d listened the first time you’d know by now.’
He frowned. ‘You’ll have to tell me again.’
‘You’re rubbish.’ She shook her head before leaning so close to him their noses touched. ‘We are going to have a baby.’
‘That would be lovely, but do you really want more practice now? You need sleep as much as I do.’
She growled in frustration. ‘No, stupid, we are going to have one, sooner rather than later.’
He narrowed his eyes at her. ‘Sig?’
‘Good grief! I. Am. Pregnant!’ She shouted in his face with a grin.
‘Called it!’ Stark’s voice came from behind the door as Loki’s eyes went wide.
‘You’re…you’re pregnant?’ He breathed and she nodded. ‘Really?’
‘Really really.’
‘Love, that’s amazing!’ His face broke into a grin as he cupped her face in his hands and peppered her with kisses. ‘When did you find out? How far are you? Why are you laying on your stomach?’ He flipped her over onto her side.
‘I just found out minutes ago. The digital test says I’m eight weeks, and I don’t think laying on my stomach at this point is a problem considering what you were laying on my stomach just hours ago.’
‘Gods, we need to be careful.’ He kissed her again.
‘I think you’re overreacting.’ She mumbled into his mouth.
‘Not at all.’ He leant back again. ‘Do you realise just how happy you have made me, my beautiful girl?’
‘Maybe a little?’
'So much more than that.' He leant in for another kiss then stopped with a frown. 'How did Stark know?'

Tony was sworn to secrecy but the entire team realised something was going on, although they assumed it was something to do with the upcoming gift exchange. Tony was humming happily and looking far too smug, while the ever attentive Loki seemed to be hanging on his wife’s every word and move more than ever. Darcy noticed something else was up first, sitting at the bar of the common area and filming the decorations being finished off for the party that night for her holiday blog, Sigyn and Loki came out of the corridor to the kitchen, him walking backwards and holding one of her hands as he spoke excitedly, Sigyn laughing at whatever he was saying. She had finally succeeded in getting him to wear something more casual, although the blacker than black jeans were more smart than casual, but the warm green knitted sweater over a black collared shirt fell somewhere between the two. His other arm held both their coats, showing they were going out, and if that hadn’t been a giveaway then Sigyn’s deep blue bobble hat and gloves with her white snowflake jumper and blue jeans would have.
‘Where you heading, Mr & Mrs Mischief?’ Darcy called and they stopped talking, having not realised she was there.
‘A little romantic stroll around festive New York.’ Sigyn smiled, as Loki led her over to the bar.
‘This close to Christmas? That won’t be romantic.’ Darcy pulled a face. ‘The place will be full of bat shit crazy shoppers.’
‘Ah but if we erect a magical barrier to deter anyone from coming near us we will have a protective little bubble of solitude none can penetrate.’ Loki smiled knowingly and Darcy turned the camera around to herself.
‘You hear that, internet? We got the sass master to say penetrate. That will be going on a loop pretty soon!’
‘Darcy! You cannot keep using my husbands use of certain words to “porn it up”, as you put it!’
‘Mrs Freckles is mad at me.’ She turned the camera back again briefly before putting it back on the couple. ‘What is your plan for today though, besides a walk? Because Stark is walking around the place with a grin on his face like the Cheshire Cat and it’s making me nervous.’
They shared a look and Darcy narrowed her eyes. There was a lot in that look that she didn’t understand but really wanted to. While Loki was a shining example of what a good woman could do for a man, looking at her with nothing but love for every single day they had been together, now there was something more, his gaze softer, looking at her almost in wonder, and Sigyn blushed faintly as she smiled up at her husband. They were planning on dropping into the medical unit on their way downstairs just because they needed it on record as to why Sigyn would have to stand down from active duty on any upcoming missions, and no doubt as soon as that word got around the team would find out, but for now it was just theirs. And Tony’s.
‘What? What did I miss?’
‘Miss, Miss Lewis?’ Loki asked innocently. ‘We have no idea what you’re talking about. Now, if you’ll excuse us.’ He wrapped his arm around Sigyn and led her to the elevator but not before she shrugged at Darcy.
‘Fine! Don’t tell me!’ She called after them. ‘Because me and Sherlock are going to figure it out!’ She looked at her key fob of the famed detective on the bar beside her. ‘Right, Holmes?’
‘We will not hear the end of that until we tell her.’ Loki commented as the elevator doors began to close.
‘I feel kind of bad that Tony knows and she doesn’t. Darcy’s been a good friend and she did ask specifically to know about this.’
‘If she promises not to post the news online until we are ready she can be told when we tell Thor and Jane.’
‘Thank you.’ She pulled him down for a kiss. ‘It’s not like we’ll be able to keep it a secret anyway once I start missing missions.’
‘Unfortunately not, but for today, at least, this is ours.’ His hand came up and caressed her cheek softly. ‘Have I told you today how much I love you, kitten?’
‘Only four or five times, you’re slipping, it’s almost ten.’ She pointed to her wrist where her watch was hidden under layers of clothes.
‘I shall endeavour to make it up to you.’ He promised as his lips brushed hers.
They managed to get a brief appointment with one of the tower’s doctors who made a note on her file and made sure she was exempt from any active duty for upcoming missions before congratulating them and inviting them to make another appointment on the way out. There was blood work to be done and a few other things to clarify. Finally they got down to street level and started their walk, bundled up in their coats with gloves, scarves and one another to keep themselves warm. They started with a walk to the Rockefeller Centre to see the Christmas tree and Loki bought them both hot chocolates and pastries while they watched the skaters, promising next year they would participate. Next they caught the subway to Brooklyn and joined all the tourists at the Captain America statue on Atlantic Avenue. They took some selfies with it and sent them to both Steve and Darcy; Darcy thought it was hilarious and had the pictures posted before they even returned to the tower two hours later, rosy cheeked and smiling. There was an early dinner before the party, during which Darcy watched the couple suspiciously, noting Loki barely left her alone but rather than the heavily sexual looks he normally gave her the softness from earlier remained, looking at her with something close to awe and kissing her hand often. When everyone began to filter away to get changed Sigyn caught Darcy and asked her to hang back as Loki spoke with Thor and Jane.
‘You’re acting really weird.’ Darcy pointed out. ‘Even for you.’
‘Your camera is off, right?’ Sigyn looked at her pointedly.
‘Should it be on?’ She asked with a smile.
‘God, no. Just this once, this is for Darcy only, not the Darcy fandom.’
‘What can we aid you with, brother?’ Thor asked as Loki led he and Jane to the back of the room where Sigyn had waited with Darcy.
‘It is more what we can do for you.’ He looked between them as he went and took Sigyn’s hand. ‘We wanted you to be amongst the first to know that, we are expecting a baby.’
‘Oh my God!’ Jane smiled as Darcy screamed so loud that Steve and Sam appeared at the door, having set off at a run from the kitchen.
‘Sorry, I’m fine!’ She promised and they turned and left again in confusion as Darcy grabbed Sigyn’s other hand. ‘Shit, really? A baby?’
‘A baby.’ Sigyn nodded. ‘But it’s still early days. We wanted you to be the first to know.’
Thor pulled Loki away from Sigyn and hugged him tightly as Jane embraced Sigyn. ‘Congratulations!’ Thor said heartily. ‘When are we expecting the blessing?’
‘July.’ Sigyn confirmed.
‘I’ve got to get knitting.’ Darcy hugged her. ‘Tell me everything, how you found out, how you told him, everything. In fact, Jane, grab your stuff, we’re all changing in my room. Girl talk and stuff.’
‘Can we just do that tomorrow instead?’ Sigyn pleaded, not wanting to drag all her things to Darcy’s room.
‘But I wanna know now.’ Darcy pouted.
‘She crept out to the convenience store in the middle of the night while I slept then woke me to inform me of the news.’ Loki informed them.
‘No wonder you two have been acting all lovey dovey again! I mean, you’re nauseating at the best of times, in a romantic kind of way, but super touchy feely. This is amazing news. So happy for you both.’
‘Me too.’ Jane even hugged Loki, briefly but still. ‘You’ll make great parents.’
‘And look, you didn’t even have to adopt!’ Darcy punched Loki in the arm playfully as he gave her a raised eyebrow.
‘Really, Darcy?’ Loki asked as Thor laughed.
‘Sure! But the way you two go at it it’s a wonder you haven’t got pregnant before now.’
Sigyn blushed. She knew they were very, very physical but she had hoped they had been at least a little subtle, perhaps not though.
‘When will you tell the rest of the team?’ Thor asked, his smile not slipping from the out and out grin he wore at the news.
‘Soon enough. Sigyn has to stand down from active duty and that will raise suspicions.’
‘What if you go into labour when they’re on a mission?’ Darcy asked with a sudden gasp. ‘Oh, can I be your standby birthing partner, please?’
‘My what?’ Sigyn looked at her in surprise.
‘If Loki can’t be there, can I stand in? I’ll rub your back, let you swear at me, bring you ice chips.’
‘I hadn’t even considered that.’ She glanced at Loki, realising his duty was to the team and that might mean he was away at important times.
‘As we draw nearer to the impending arrival I shall request not to be sent too far away so I can be here for you. I’m sorry, Darcy, but I will not miss this for anything in the nine realms.’
‘Good answer.’ Jane nodded.
‘But for now, if we could try and keep this amongst ourselves, the only other people who know are the doctor and Anthony.’
‘Stark knew before me?’ Darcy asked indignantly.
‘He found out by accident.’ Sigyn explained. ‘He came to the store with me, found out what I’d bought then stood outside our bedroom door waiting for his answer.’
‘That’s, um,’ Jane started.
‘A little weird, but I just couldn’t get rid of him.’ She shrugged.
‘Okay, so just Tony and the doc know?’ Darcy checked.
‘Just those and us.’
‘This is so exciting.’ Her grin was back. ‘Are you going to find out what you’re having?’
‘We haven’t discussed it.’ She laughed. ‘Really, Darce, we’re still getting used to the idea. As soon as anything changes or we have anything to report we’ll let you know.’
‘Before Tony.’
‘Before Tony.’ She confirmed.
‘Awesome.’ She hugged her again. She was so delighted for her friends she could have cried.

The party was a black tie event but Sigyn had convinced Loki that that didn’t mean she needed a full length dress. The one she had chosen was black and fell to just below her knee with a cowl neckline at the front, a cut away back and full skirt. With her high heeled black shoes and the top of her hair caught back on each side with emerald and gold slides Loki thought she looked the true embodiment of a modern day goddess. She rarely removed the necklace and bracelet he gave her, unless it was for cleaning, and they contrast beautifully with the entire outfit, small teardrop emerald earrings hanging from her lobes. For a change she was ready first, and she couldn't be sure it wasn’t because Loki had kept being distracted by her getting ready, just stopping what he was doing to watch her doing something incredibly mundane like primping her hair or applying her lipstick. She now sat in one of the armchairs watching him instead as he fixed his bow tie in front of the mirror on the wardrobe.
‘You’re thinking.’ He said simply without looking over at her.
‘Of course I am.’ She replied as his fingers deftly made the bow.
‘You’re thinking about me.’
‘I’m always thinking about you.’ She didn’t know how he always seemed to be able to tell, but he knew when she was having serious thoughts to go with looking at him.
‘You were very specifically thinking about me. So much I could feel it.’
‘Okay, I admit it.’ She got to her feet and walked across the room, picking up his jacket from where it hung on the way past. ‘But I do have a good reason. Several in fact.’
‘And what might they be, princess?’
‘Firstly, you’re the hottest thing in the room. Just being there makes me want to stare at you.’ She held the jacket out and he slipped his arms into it, letting her ease it over his shoulders.
‘Correction, you are the hottest thing in the room.’ He buttoned the jacket then turned to her.
‘I don’t know, we’re going on what’s happening in my head which makes you hottest, so humour me.’ She brushed his lapels down as she checked him over from the contrasting black buttons to his neatly slicked back black hair. ‘Firstly, you’re hot, I like to look at you, and I still can’t believe that you’re all mine.’
‘All yours.’ He wrapped his arms around her waist with a dark smile. ‘Is that lipstick set yet?’
She pressed her lips together. ‘I think so.’
‘Good.’ He dipped his head and very lightly caressed her lips with his own. ‘What else were you thinking?’
‘How lucky we are, on so many levels.’
‘We do seem to have had a very good streak of it.’ He agreed, his thumbs massaging the muscles in her lower back.
‘We have. We found each other again, now we’re married, having a baby; we have amazing friends, jobs we love. It’s like a dream come true.’
‘You are my dream come true. Without you none of the rest would have been possible.’ He reminded her.
‘This is going to get very mushy, isn’t it?’ She asked, knowing he liked to tell her how much he loved her and why regularly.
‘Perhaps. Would you rather go see if the party has begun?’
‘I think we should, because if I start to tell you how many ways I love you we’ll be here all night.’
He put his hand on her back to guide her to the door, looking over her freckled skin, quite clear of any marks. She had given him an ultimatum with the party coming up; either heal her if he marked her back or leave it alone. He had chosen the former and even now all he could think of was placing his lips against the perfect flesh and making his mark yet again.
‘Don’t even think about it.’ She said firmly as she reached for the door handle.
‘Think, love? I don’t know what you mean.’ He said innocently.
‘God of Lies.’ She replied. ‘And you’re not the only one who can tell what the other is thinking. Eyes off my blank canvas until later.’
‘Alright, sweet, I promise.’ He trailed his fingers up her spine instead, making her shiver.
The party was remarkably civilised, for the first few hours. Tony had made sure mimosas were served so Sigyn could drink orange juice and not look conspicuous, which she was grateful for. There was plenty of dancing, laughing, and Loki seemed to have the innate ability to find mistletoe about every five paces. Everyone looked amazing in their finery and there was such an air of calm and happiness it buoyed the proceedings, until there was an emergency call.
The team met at the elevators as Stark brought up a display of where they were needed and what to expect.
‘Not far, two hour flight. Hostiles, small hostage situation. Should be a breeze…what are you doing here?’ He glared at Sigyn.
‘I can man the comms.’ She shrugged. ‘But I’m staying in touch.’
‘You man the comms here.’ Tony said pointedly.
‘Wait, she’s not coming?’ Steve looked between them. Sigyn’s input with Loki had been instrumental in ending a few situations quickly thanks to the magic they could call on.
‘Medical discharge.’ She glanced at him. ‘Nothing active but I can do comms.’
‘We didn’t discuss this.’ Loki said pointedly.
‘No, but I can stay with Bruce in the Quinjet and advise in case of a code green, be eyes and ears on the area from a safe distance.’
‘No.’ Loki and Tony said at once.
‘Perhaps it would be best if you stayed here, sister.’ Thor rested his hand on her shoulder and she glared up at him so hard he actually flinched.
‘I’m not hiding away, I can still be useful.’
‘Not in the field.’ Tony said.
‘Dammit.’ She rolled her head back. ‘Seriously, if we were back on Asgard what would happen?’ Thor and Loki shared a look, knowing full well that pregnancy would not stop their women being useful. ‘Exactly! Stop being such misogynistic bastards and let me help!’
‘Ohhhh.’ Nat said under her breath.
‘Wait, are you…’ Steve let the sentence trail off as she turned her glare on him, but everyone else looked at her. ‘Uh…sorry?’
‘Still doesn’t make me useless.’
‘It may be better if you stayed here.’
The elevator doors opened and she knew it would be a crush because of the sheer number of Avengers heading out but she growled in frustration and stepped into the elevator ahead of them followed by Nat and Wanda.
‘Get in, boys, or don’t.’ Nat commanded. ‘Because I’m voting Sig gets to stay on the jet with Bruce.’
‘Me too.’ Wanda added.
‘Don’t I get a say in this?’ Loki frowned as he stepped onto the elevator, closely followed by the others.
‘No.’ The girls chorused.
The elevator doors closed and everyone was silent for several floors before Steve finally spoke.
‘Congratulations.’ He glanced down at her with a small smile.
‘Thanks, Steve.’ She replied and that broke the quiet, with both Wanda and Nat asking questions, even Scott joined in, as he had a daughter of his own he was keen to offer Loki advice on keeping a pregnant partner happy, knowing what he had done wrong and right, and Clint sort of smiled smugly, knowing how much trouble Loki was in. If he thought he knew love now he had one hell of a shock coming.
Half an hour later two Quinjets were in the air on their way to their destination, Loki was still pouting over his wife’s insistence on coming along and Sigyn wasn’t talking to him because he was pouting. It was going to be a long two hour flight in an enclosed space with them not able to get their argument out in the open but Nat decided to get things moving and maybe even divert it from a fight.
‘So, how far along are you?’
‘Not far enough we wanted everyone to know yet.’ Sigyn muttered as Loki answered; ‘Eight weeks.’
‘Still early.’ She nodded. ‘At least you know the team will keep your secret and this way it’s less awkward, no need to make excuses any more. You can’t have known long, we only had a mission last week.’ She was seated on Sigyn’s left, Loki was opposite, staring at his wife as she avoided his eye. She had deliberately taken the end seat so no one could sit on her other side, specifically Loki, as Nat had already claimed the seat beside her.
‘Not long. Not even two days.’ Loki answered again as Sigyn didn’t seem to want to engage at all.
‘Really happy for you both.’
‘Thank you, Natasha.’
‘Will you tell your folks? When you go for Christmas Day?’ She looked specifically at Sigyn who was tapping her teeth with her thumbnail.
‘Don’t do that, love.’ Loki said and she finally looked at him, deliberately drawing her lip up and tapping a few more times. ‘You have nothing to feel nervous of.’
‘I’m not nervous.’ She unbuckled her belt and went to the cockpit of the craft where Tony was seated with Clint. ‘One of you mind swapping for a bit?’
Clint was on his feet in an instant and leant in to her ear. ‘Keep your eyes on the horizon, it’ll help with motion sickness.’
‘Thanks, Clint.’ She smiled, wishing that was why she really wanted to sit up front.
Thor leant into his brother as Clint came back from the cockpit, taking the seat next to Nat. ‘I have not seen her this mad since you returned from a night with us battered and bruised from that scuffle on Vanaheim.’
‘Well, not all of our arguments were as public as that one.’ Loki remarked. ‘If you’ll excuse me?’ He got up from his seat and went to the cockpit, looking at Tony. ‘Pardon me, Anthony, we will meet you at the rendezvous point at the scheduled time.’ And he rested his hand on Sigyn’s shoulder before teleporting them both from the Quinjet and reappearing on the upper most open air level of the Eiffel Tower, the early morning wind bitterly cold and biting, and as Loki released her he created a large deep green velvet cloak which he wrapped around her shoulders, knowing even in her now standard custom armour she would be cold.
‘What the actual Hel?’ She turned and glared at him, once she realised what he had done.
‘We need privacy to discuss this, sunbeam, and we weren’t about to get that for several hours. I will not have you worrying for so long.’
‘We’re on our way to a mission!’ She yelled.
‘And we will meet the team there, as I promised, but I wished…’
‘You wished to try and talk me round.’ She spat. ‘I won’t stay away from missions entirely just because I’m pregnant. I agree to not being involved directly in the fight but I cannot stay behind and monitor what’s going on remotely as half the time we go radio silent and I’ll be none the wiser! At least this way I can…’
He didn’t let her finish, instead he grabbed her by the upper arms and kissed her forcefully, even as she argued and pushed at his shoulders. When he did finally release her lips he leant back just far enough he could see her clearly. ‘I’m sorry.’
‘And don’t think you can…what?’ She had been starting to argue again but his apology took her by surprise.
‘I said I am sorry. I do not wish to make you feel any less valuable, even though you are worth more to me than anything in this world or any other. I believe we both had different ideas as to what “active duty” means and I should have addressed the matter with you fully before assuming. Forgive me?’
‘You’re…you’re apologising?’ She said uncertainly.
‘Of course. I do not wish to upset you, and you are a valuable member of the team. We need you, even if it is in a support role, and it was wrong of me to try and prevent that.’ He slowly let go of her arms, sure now she wouldn’t pull away.
She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. ‘So, you’ll let me still come on missions while I can, and you’re happy for me to stay on the jet?’
‘I am never happy to be taking you into a fight, but this is a good halfway point for us to meet at. Aid Dr Banner, and aid the team with your presence. Often your non military common sense prevails where we on the ground fail and I for one will continue to welcome your input, petal.’
She let out a sharp breath through her nose that frosted on the air. ‘Okay, fine. Apology accepted, now can we get back?’
‘The team won’t reach the destination for almost another hour, sweet.’ He wrapped his arm around her and walked her round the tower to the other side, where the sky was beginning to lighten with the impending dawn. ‘We have time for this.’ He turned his hand and created a hot chocolate in a mug and passed it to her before creating one of his own. ‘Chocolate and sunrise in Paris. All part of my apology.’
‘You’re an asshole.’
‘Your asshole.’ He reminded her as she snuggled up against him, cupping the mug in both hands.
‘I’m not saying I will be going on missions as Hulk sitter and comms for the whole pregnancy, just while I still feel I can.’ She said quietly.
‘I know, sweet.’ He leant down and kissed her hair. ‘And when you feel unable, if you wish, I will leave a duplicate with you for company who can also relay to you what is happening without the need for comms.’
‘You could be doing that when we’re on radio silence to keep base up to date.’ She pointed out.
‘Yes, but they will ask questions whereas you will not distract me any more than you already do.’
‘I’m smart like that.’ She blew across the steam on her drink.
‘If our child is even half like you it will be the most beautiful and talented being in the nine realms, second only to its mother.’

‘Silvertongue.’ She replied quietly and for the next hour they sat on the observation deck, completely unnoticed by the authorities, watching the sunrise over Paris, wrapped in one another’s arms.



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