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Second Chances

Chapter 78 - Epilogue 6

‘I do not see why you desire to spend the evening at an establishment with a good many scantily clad men you can only look at when you could stay home with me and touch all you like.’ Loki wrapped his arms around Sigyn’s waist where she stood at the mirror fastening her necklace under her hair.
‘This from the man who I happen to know has a VIP room booked at one of the more exclusive lap dancing clubs in town?’ She gave him an unimpressed look in the mirror. ‘Where we are going the men are merely shirtless waiters. You are going to be shoving bills in the underwear of complete strangers.’
‘If you stay home I won’t go.’ He swept her hair to one side and kissed across her shoulder.
‘Nice try, Mischief.’ She pulled away from him and went to the bedroom door, opening it fully. ‘Darcy, he’s trying to talk me out of it again!’ She yelled at the top of her voice.
‘Nooooo!!!!!’ Came Darcy’s shout back and before Sigyn had even made it back into the room she came racing down the hallway with her shoes in her hand. She had ditched her glasses for the night in favour of the contacts she rarely wore and with the smoky eye make up and red lipstick she looked stunning, and that was before you reached her figure hugging little black dress. ‘Don’t you dare, mister!’ She waved her finger at Loki as she stalked into the room. ‘I have been planning this night for two months! You let this girl have her last night of freedom!’
‘And if she does not want to go?’ Loki asked simply.
‘I want to go.’ Sigyn argued as she fastened her earrings in place.
‘Are you quite certain?’ He gave her a skeptical look. ‘If you go I will have no choice than to go and spend my evening with a selection of half dressed women.’
‘Nice try.’ She smiled at him as she picked up her bag.
‘Quit trying to talk her out of it!’ Darcy punctuated every word with her fist into his arm. It didn’t faze him but it made her feel better.
‘Very well.’ He approached his bride to be. ‘You are taking a coat?’
She screwed up her nose at him. ‘It’s warm out, I don’t need a coat.’
‘On the contrary, you definitely need something.’ He curved his hands in the air and created an ankle length black coat, holding it out for her.
‘No.’ She said simply.
‘It would not do to have you suffer from exposure, and that dress does not cover enough to keep you from the elements.’
‘It’s not the weather elements you are worried about and I am not wearing a coat.’ She complained as he stepped towards her and tried to drape it over her shoulders but she waved her own hand and made it vanish.
‘I won’t let anyone touch Sig that she doesn’t want to have touch her.’ Darcy promised. ‘Just let go of the damn apron strings for one night! She looks awesome!’
Sigyn smiled. She was rather pleased with how she looked. The dress was black and sequinned, falling above her knee in layers of pleated chiffon, a simple belt at the waist and round neck. It was shorter than she normally wore and her wedge heels made her legs look longer than they were. ‘Thanks, Darce. You’re looking pretty fantastic yourself.’
‘Oh, this old thing?’ She said dismissively, knowing Sig had been with her when she bought the dress.
‘You both look beautiful, however I would make one change.’
‘Here we go.’ Sigyn rolled her eyes as power danced over her skin and the dress changed from black to green, the subtle sequins becoming gold and more plentiful, her shoes the jade green to match.
‘This way people will be reminded who you belong to.’ He smiled at her smugly.
‘Really? Because that works both ways.’ She snapped her fingers and he looked down as his shirt was covered by a bright pink t-shirt emblazoned with “Future Mr Sigyn”.
He looked down at himself and pulled on the material. ‘I cannot go out in this.’
‘Sure you can.’ Sigyn picked up her bag. ‘The spell on it won’t break until midnight. Don’t wait up.’ She grinned as she walked past and joined Darcy at the door.
He frowned as they left. Spell? He tried to remove the shirt but it wouldn’t budge, it was welded to him with power and he couldn’t get it to move no matter how hard he tried. ‘Sig!’ He yelled, heading to the door. ‘Sig!’ He reached the common area where Steve and Thor were already waiting.
‘The ladies have just left.’ Thor informed him, looking over his brother’s attire. ‘Is there a dress code I am unaware of?’
‘Sig put it on me and now it won’t come off!’ He complained, trying to shift his clothes into his armour, anything to get out of this ridiculous t-shirt, but it wouldn’t work.
‘Can you put something over the top? A jacket?’ Steve asked, covering his smile with his hand.
‘I may have to.’ He growled in frustration.

Hours later and both parties had staked their places at their chosen venues. Darcy had set up her camera to record the events, which she had promised would be heavily edited before it went online. All The Avengers ladies were present, no one wanted to miss this, along with Sigyn’s mom, cousins, Sif and several of the X-Men. She had been given a tiara with a veil attached and a sash stating “Future Princess Of Asgard” which only made her laugh as it reminded her of the t-shirt she had virtually cursed onto Loki. Drinks were flowing, Tony had put on limos for the night so no designated drivers, and Darcy was just double checking the camera was still running before one of her surprises was brought out.
‘Okay!’ Darcy came back to the table and grabbed one of the shots she had lined up. ‘Next on the agenda!’
‘How much more can there be?’ Sigyn asked in desperation, having already been put through various challenges and games, not to mention being made to drink twice as much as everyone else due to her improved constitution, and having to pay a forfeit of taking a double shot every time she said Loki.
‘Just a few more.’ Darcy turned her to face the camera. ‘We need to see the look on your face when you see it!’
‘Well, it’s an it.’ She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.
‘Bring it out!’ Darcy yelled and the double doors to the staff area opened, and being pushed out on a trolley was a four foot ice sculpture of Loki wearing nothing but his helmet, in the most dramatic pose she could ever imagine, one hand on his hip, the other thrown out before him, his back arched and head tilted back, one leg bent at the knee.
‘Oh my God.’ Sigyn dropped her head into her hand as all the women laughed.
‘Yes, he is!’ Darcy grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. ‘Now, we need to know, just how anatomically accurate is it?’
‘No, no, no.’ Sigyn blushed furiously.
‘Oh, come on!’ Darcy encouraged her and Sif joined them at the sculpture.
‘We do need clarification. If this is accurate, well, I have been underestimating him for a very long time.’ Sif added.
Sigyn sighed and looked over the ice sculpture, in particular the part the girls were most interested in. ‘Okay, it’s not bad.’ She admitted and turned to smile at Darcy. ‘Bit on the small side.’
‘What?’ Darcy gasped, knowing she had ordered it specifically to be what she considered on the large side. ‘You have to be kidding?’
Sigyn shrugged. ‘What can I say, even to scale it’s not big enough.’
‘Maia!’ Her mom called over from the table and she turned to face her.
‘They wanted to know. It’s not my fault Darcy was right about giant in the sheets.’
‘Jeez, how do you walk?’ Darcy muttered.
‘Carefully.’ Sigyn assured her. She had been to enough girls nights now to know that sometimes you just had to be blunt and honest with Darcy, she just wasn't used to being the centre of attention.
‘You should totally lick it.’ Darcy grinned at her.
‘I’m not licking it, you lick it!’ She laughed.
‘Okay.’ Darcy passed her her glass. ‘This is my only chance at this so, hell yeah!’

Loki was unsure as to the point of this ritual. Certainly the girls who paraded themselves to the group were attractive, and good at what they did, but it was not his idea of a good time. Tony certainly seemed to know the etiquette and was constantly shoving bills into Loki’s hand in the hope of getting him to put them somewhere scandalous. The closest he came was handing a pile of cash to a tall blonde and inviting her to show Captain America just what he fought in the war for. The look on Steve’s face was completely worth it.
The room was luxurious with various chairs and raised platforms, some with poles, and even a cage in the corner, and a TV on one wall showing various entertainment channels, some adult, some comedic, and it was when he next glanced at the screen he spotted someone he recognised on one of the small boxes.
‘Why is Sigyn on the TV?’ He asked loudly.
‘I’m sure it isn’t Sigyn.’ Thor said from his other side.
‘No, the third from the right on the bottom row. That is Sigyn, I would know her anywhere.’
Tony went up to the TV and looked closely. ‘Yeah, that’s her, and Darcy and Sif by the look of it. And a really naked ice sculpture of you, Mayhem.’ He pressed a couple of buttons and the small screen expanded to fill the entire TV, the logo for Darcy’s live stream appearing in the bottom corner. ‘Oh man, we have a front row seat to the bachelorette party!’ Tony grinned at them all.
‘Turn it off, Tony.’ Steve said. ‘Let’s not spy on the girls.’
‘God, no. Leave it.’ Clint said as he joined Tony down the front. ‘This should be funny…wait, what’s Darcy doing? Holy shit!’ He laughed as Darcy leant forward and pressed her tongue to the ice sculpture’s manhood as Sigyn shook her head in despair.
‘How do we get sound on it?’ Sam asked.
‘On it.’ Tony replied, playing with a few more buttons. ‘Hey, could one of you girls get the music turned off in here? Thanks.’ The dancers looked between one another in confusion and shrugged, one of them going to get the music turned off.
‘Is she…stuck?’ Scott asked as he joined the others at the screen.
‘Sure looks that way.’ Tony smirked as he watched Darcy trying to talk with her tongue stuck to a penis made of ice. ‘Hey, Blitzen, you ever had that happen with Sigyn?’
‘Hilarious.’ Loki said as he and Thor joined all the others. ‘But no.’
‘Pity, that’d be a hell of a story.’
‘As will this be, I don’t doubt.’ Thor said as Jane appeared on the screen, obviously horrified by Darcy’s situation.

‘What were you thinking?’ Jane asked as Sigyn headed towards the bar and ordered a coffee.
‘I wath thinkin’ ith woulg be fuggy.’ Darcy said with some difficulty.
‘You’re supposed to be smart!’ Jane got underneath and had a look at how her friend was well and truly stuck to the sculpture.
‘I ang thmart.’ She replied.
‘Here.’ Sigyn had added a lot of milk to the coffee so it wouldn’t scald and used a teaspoon to pour some onto Darcy’s tongue around the sculpture.

‘Ooooooo.’ All the men cringed at the thought of hot coffee being poured on delicate parts.
‘That’s harsh, man.’ Sam said.
‘Less harsh than ripping her taste buds off.’ Steve said as Darcy finally got free, took the coffee off Sigyn and drank it to relieve herself of the freezer burn. ‘Do you think they do this kind of thing at girls night?’
‘Licking ice effigies of Loki’s dick? Maybe. Darcy says they’re pretty wild.’ Tony shrugged. ‘Can’t wait to see what they get up to next.’
‘Do you think they are aware that they are broadcasting live to the entire world?’ Loki asked in concern.
‘Doubtful, look at how many empty shot glasses are on the table. We’ll be lucky if they remember where they live.’
‘I’m going to warn her.’ Loki took out his phone but found he had no signal.
‘Disabled for the night.’ Tony informed him. ‘You’re supposed to be free for this last night, not calling the missus.’
‘I think this situation is a little out of the ordinary.’ Loki’s eyes went back to the screen where he could see Sif snapping one of the fingers off the sculpture and putting it in her drink.
‘Damn right. Who wants nachos?’ Tony asked, looking around.

‘Let’s not do that again.’ Jane suggested as Darcy wiped her chin where she had drooled.
‘It was kinda fun. You ever had that happen for real?’ Darcy turned back to Sigyn.
‘Thankfully no.’
‘But you’ve seen him in his full Jotun altogether, right?’
‘Oh no, this again.’ Sigyn sighed.
‘What’s a full Jotun altogether?’ Her mom asked.
‘Like altogether altogether, but blue and cold.’ Nat explained.
‘Well…’ Sigyn didn’t need to say any more, her face told them everything they needed to know.
‘You have! You’ve rocked the full Jotun experience! Yes!’ Darcy held up her hand for a high five which Sigyn reluctantly reciprocated.
‘It’d be stupid not to utilise all the tools at our disposal.’ She shrugged.
‘Speaking of tools at your disposal.’ Darcy waved across the room and Sigyn turned, her jaw falling open.
‘Darcy, why is there a man dressed like Cap heading this way?’

‘Why is there a man dressed like Steven joining their party?’ Loki asked in confusion.
‘Ohhhhh stripper.’ Clint coughed.
‘What?’ Loki demanded. ‘I do not recall agreeing to this!’
‘Relax, it’s all part of the bachelorette experience.’ Sam told him, but Thor was watching his brother carefully, spotting the signs of anger as they built in him.
‘Perhaps we should turn it off.’ Thor suggested and was pretty much booed into silence.
‘Now what are they doing?’ Loki moved closer to the screen to see the ice sculpture being wheeled away and a single chair being put in the centre of the floor. Darcy and Nat were all but forcing a reluctant Sigyn into the seat as all the other women gathered around.

‘Oh no, guys, I said no strippers!’ Sigyn protested as she found herself sat in the middle of the floor. ‘You’d better edit this out, Darcy Lewis! Loki will kill you!’
‘He’ll never know.’ She promised as the background music that had been playing stopped and a fanfare began.

‘Oh no.’ Steve buried his face in his hand as he realised what was about to happen.
‘Oh no, what?’ Sam asked.
‘I know that music.’

Sigyn’s cheeks flamed red as Star Spangled Man With A Plan begun playing through the club and the Cap impersonator started marching on the spot with his replica shield over his arm. Her friends were whooping and clapping along to the music and the performer, yes, performer, not stripper, okay, stripper, spun the shield to one side and began removing his gloves. Darcy had spent a lot of time finding the perfect gentleman entertainer for their evening and this man had come not only highly recommended but with party games thrown in. She had been looking forward to seeing Sigyn’s face for weeks.
“Cap’s” shirt went next and while he was very well formed he still wasn’t quite as buff as Steve, but as he gyrated his way closer to Sigyn she got a look of panic on her face. He put a hand on the back of her chair and leant over her, lowering himself up and down on her lap without touching and he spoke quietly as he did.
‘Don’t worry, ma’am, you won’t do anything you don’t want to.’
‘You’re damn right I won’t.’ She replied.
‘Just put your hands on my hips and I’ll get you through this.’
‘It’s all part of the fun. You trust the Captain, right?’ He said cheekily.
‘The real Steve Rogers, yes.’
‘Well, he’s not here, so I’ll have to stand in.’ He took her hand and pressed it against his hip.
She screwed up her face as Darcy whistled loudly. She didn’t think she’d ever been so embarrassed in her life, and no amount of alcohol could have prepared her for this.

Loki watched in horror as a Steve lookalike gyrated over his future wife, pulling her hand onto his hip despite her obvious discomfort. He couldn’t watch it anymore, and he certainly wasn’t going to stand for some cheap impersonator touching her. He went for the door, determined to find them and put a stop to this, but Thor’s hand fell on his shoulder.
‘Brother, it is all in jest.’
‘It is degrading.’
‘It’s normal behaviour at one of these things.’ Tony called back.
‘I’m putting a stop to it.’ Loki said firmly.
Tony shared a look with Thor. ‘You know what, let’s crash the girls’ party.’ Tony grinned. ‘Front row seats instead of a stream.’
‘Do what you must, but I am going.’ Loki pulled out of Thor’s grip and carried on, the men all following him, Tony casually bringing up the live feed on his Stark Phone as they went for the car.

The stripper finally finished his act, left in just his red boots, helmet and a stars and stripes g-string. He had finally convinced Sigyn to play along, just a little, and he seemed like a nice guy who just happened to have an interesting way of paying the bills. He had photos taken with various girls from the group, letting them hold his shield, before he set up a game for them.
‘Okay, girls, the aim of the game is to keep the ice cube moving.’ He held up an ice cube in the shape of a penis, at least three inches long. ‘But, no hands, keep it going around the circle. If you drop it, or use hands, that’s a forfeit, if the cube melts or you swallow it, forfeit.’
‘What’s the forfeit?’ Jane asked from her place in the circle between Wanda and Pepper.
‘Jello shot off Cap’s abs.’ He smiled at her as he took his place in the circle beside Sigyn. ‘Bride to be goes first.’ He put the ice cube in his mouth and held it between his lips so just the tip showed.
‘Loki will kill all of us.’ She mumbled.
‘Only if he sees it. Which he won’t.’ Darcy promised from beside her. ‘Now suck that dick!’
‘Jeez.’ She whispered as she leant forward, having to go on tiptoes and rest her hand on “Cap’s” stomach for balance to be able to reach. She wrapped her lips around the cube but he didn’t relinquish it and winked at her before pushing the cube into her mouth with his tongue, making sure it brushed her lips. If Sigyn hadn’t had a mouth full of ice she would have given him what for. She turned around and offered the cube to Darcy who took it with her teeth before turning to Maria Hill.

‘Well, damn.’ Tony said as he watched Darcy and Sigyn all but kiss before Darcy turned and did the same to Maria. All the men had halted at what they saw and it was as the stripper leant in to say something to Sigyn that she spotted Loki across the room, his eyes dark and angry.
‘Oh shit.’ She muttered as she set off through the circle and out the other side.
‘Sig, where are you…uh oh.’ Darcy said as she noticed where she was heading.
‘What are you guys doing here?’ She asked in general but walked straight up to Loki and smiled up at him.
‘We wanted to join in the fun.’ Tony said, passing her his phone that was still running the live stream.
‘Wait, is that…DARCY!’ She spun angrily before stalking back across the room to the camera.
‘What, what happened?’
‘We’re live! That’s what happened!’ She shouted.
‘Oh fuck!’ Darcy pulled the plug on the camera immediately. ‘I swear to every God in this room I did not realise, I am so sorry!’
‘Tony had it on his phone!’ She hissed. ‘Which means Loki has probably seen everything!’
‘Just from when the assistant formerly known as intern got her tongue stuck to the ice giant’s cock.’ Tony pointed out.
‘I’m so, so sorry.’ Darcy repeated, ignoring Stark as the men filtered down into the area they were using.
Sigyn sighed, long and deep. ‘I’m going to have to fix this, I so am.’ She looked across the room where Loki was giving her very serious eyes.
‘It was my fault, let me talk to him.’
‘No, I’ve got it.’ And she headed back towards him.
Meanwhile Steve drew level with his impersonator, glanced over him and nodded. ‘Not bad, kid. But your parting is on the wrong side.’
‘Uh, thanks, Captain America.’ He said in sheer awe that most of The Avengers had arrived. He hadn’t even realised these were the female Avengers, but now he recognised them, and more importantly, recognised the bride to be, and her future husband. ‘I’m just going to get my things and go.’
‘Don’t do that on our account.’ Tony smiled at him.
‘No, I think they’re good.’ He picked up his clothes and shield, made his excuses and left.
‘How much did you see?’ She looked up at Loki as his eyes fell upon her and she realised the darkness in his eyes wasn’t quite all anger.
‘You need reminding who you belong to.’ He growled, taking her by the elbow and marching her towards the bathrooms.
Sigyn’s cousins noticed and started to go after them, worried by the exchange but Jane and Nat stopped them. ‘Trust me, this isn’t a problem.’ Nat assured them. ‘We just might want to turn the music up.’
Loki pushed Sigyn into the ladies room and spun her so her back hit the door hard before his lips were on hers. There was nothing gentle in the kiss, it was rough and angry, and his hands found his belt and zipper before he pulled his lips away.
‘It is not wise to make me jealous, love.’ He growled before his hands reached for her dress, slipping underneath to pull the side of her underwear hard enough it ripped and he let it fall to the floor.
‘Wholly unintentional.’ She murmured as his lips found hers again, his hands finding her thighs and lifting her off the ground.
‘But it still happened.’ He lined himself up at her entrance and slammed his way inside her with no preliminaries and she gasped at the sudden invasion. ‘Say my name, girl, tell them who you belong to.’
‘Loki.’ She said quietly as he pounded her into the door, his flesh pummelling hers.
‘Louder.’ He demanded. ‘Let the entire place know you are mine.’
‘Loki!’ She cried out as his fingers dug into her flesh, his harsh pace rapidly bringing her close to the edge.
He almost lost it as her words echoed in the tiled room but he slammed into her again and again until she was quivering and gasping with pleasure and as he felt his body about to peak he cried out once more. ‘Say my name!’
‘LOKI! Loki! Loki!’ She repeated his name over and over, a scream at first that came down and stuttered as her orgasm took her by surprise, and when he slammed her into the door he followed her over the edge, groaning as he shuddered, filling her completely with every rut of his hips.
Their breathing was erratic and he lifted her to sit on the sink unit, sliding free of her as he leant heavily with his hands either side of her knees.
‘You’re kind of fun when you’re jealous.’ She smirked at him and he raised his head to look at her.
‘Kind of? Dear one, if that is only kind of fun something is very wrong.’
‘Really fun.’ She amended. ‘Maybe I should make you jealous more often.’
He straightened enough their eyes were level. ‘Dove, do not try me, for the power you possess upon saying my name will only go so far. Next time I may have to give you a more…severe punishment.’
‘Promises promises.’ She leant forward and kissed him. ‘What say we get out of here and you can punish me thoroughly?’
‘You would abandon your own party for me? Very improper, petal.’
‘You taught me improper could be fun.’ She shrugged.
‘Indeed I did.’ He smiled at her before rearranging his pants. ‘Very well, let us depart from this place and make our own magic at home.’
Twenty minutes later Darcy looked up at Nat from where they were sipping shots.
‘They aren’t coming back, are they?’
‘I don’t think so.’ Nat grinned.
‘Damn, and we were so close to have a normal party with no emergencies!’
‘I wouldn’t call angry bathroom sex an emergency.’

‘You didn't hear the screaming.’ Darcy said, knowing that both Loki’s demands and Sigyn’s cries would stay with her for some time.



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