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Second Chances

Chapter 83 - Epilogue 11

‘Who was it?’ Sigyn stalked into the common areas where Steve and Sam were playing pool, Tony was mixing drinks, Clint was, pointlessly, playing darts alone as no one would play against him, Rhodey was checking out the new mods Tony had made to his “legs”, Wanda and Vision were playing chess and Bucky and Amelia were out on the balcony, but turned at Sigyn’s yell.
‘Who was what?’ Steve asked as he straightened, noting her angry glare and flushed cheeks.
‘Who made the list of movies that Loki and Thor should watch?’
‘We all contributed.’ Clint said, looking at her but hitting a bullseye anyway. ‘Why, what’s up? Didn’t like Lord of the Rings?’
‘That one isn’t the problem.’ She looked at Rhodey. ‘Did you suggest anything?’
The Godfather trilogy.’ He narrowed his eyes at her. ‘It didn’t give Loki ideas, did it?’
She waved her finger at him. ‘You know what, no, not yet. I’m going to confiscate this damn list and vet it. Steve?’
‘Don’t look at me, I don’t know what the hell I’m watching half the time.’ He held up his hands in submission.
Jackie Brown, Blues Brothers, The Goonies.’ He counted off on his fingers and she nodded.
‘Fine, okay.’ She turned to the bar where Tony was busy, too busy, his head bowed. ‘Stark?’ She marched across the room but Steve met her half way.
‘What’s happened?’
‘Some genius suggested they watch The Lion King!’ Tony burst out laughing and she pushed past Steve. ‘And I think I know which damn genius it was!’
‘Whoa, hold on.’ Steve caught her arm and realised she was trembling with anger. ‘What exactly is going on?’
‘What’s going on is I have two grown Asgardians in my living room crying and hugging each other because two goddamn lion brothers fought over who got to be king!’ She yelled as Tony doubled over in laughter. ‘It was you, you bastard, I know it was!’ She pulled out of Steve’s grip and darted around the bar where Tony was trying to apologise while still laughing so hard no actual words came out immediately.
‘Oh, Red, I’m sorry, honest. I thought it would be funny!’
She slapped his arm, hard enough to rock him sideways, then grabbed the front of his t-shirt, effortlessly dragging him behind her with her new Asgardian strength. ‘You’re a dick, Stark! You always have been! What the hell else did you recommend?’
‘Nothing! I mean, nothing like that! Star Wars!’
‘Conflict with an absentee father? Really?’ She continued to drag him across the room and Steve once more put himself in her path.
‘Where are you taking him, Sigyn?’ He said calmly as she stopped and glared up at him.
‘I’m going to engage in the Asgardian sport of Stark tossing!’
‘Don’t!’ Steve pointed at Tony as he went to give a smutty retort. ‘Come on, let him go. I bet you can think of a much better torture for him than just throwing him off the balcony.’
‘I don’t know, it sounds pretty good about now.’ She growled, turning on Tony as she realised Steve wouldn’t let her throw Tony out of a window. ‘You owe them.’ She poked him in the chest. ‘You owe me! What the hell am I supposed to do with them both in this state?’
‘Take photos? Ow!’ Sigyn punched him, having to stop herself from hitting him as hard as she now could, and she still had hold of his shirt so on the rebound she pulled him down to her level.
‘Listen up, Tony, because I’m only going to say this once. No. More. Recommendations. You hear me? Nothing! I don’t care if it’s innocent or funny, you are now officially banned from offering pop culture education!’
‘Okay ,Cherry, I’m sorry, really.’ He said as she shoved him back. ‘You might want to head back though. I told them The Road To El Dorado too.’
‘Jesus Christ!’ She yelped and set off running back towards her and Loki’s apartment.
Tony turned to Steve with a small smile and was rewarded with a disapproving look, arms folded. ‘Oh come on, can no one see the funny side?’ He asked and was met with silence. ‘No one? Jeez, you’re all humourless.’ He muttered before going back to the bar. He thought it was hilarious.



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