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The Woman Behind the Beast

The Beast

Abigail continued to pack up her bags and boxes at her apartment in California to move across the country to New York City. She was tackling her kitchen cabinets when her phone rang, scaring her slightly as it was vibrating loudly from the counter. Glancing at the screen, she read her best friend’s name while seeing a smiling picture of her as well.

“Camila! I’m a little busy right now,” Abigail huffed, trying to heave her toaster oven into a box, while pressing the phone against her shoulder.

“Abi, why do you have to leave me here to fend for myself?” Camila complained on the other end. “Especially against Austin.”

“Cam, you know I would stay, but this is my dream job!” She giggled, thinking about her relationship with Austin. “Plus, you and I both know that you love Austin, and should take the leap. We are not getting any younger.”

“Don’t remind me of my age,” Cam grumbled. “And if he wasn’t so annoying and talked about Doctor Who every second, I would take the leap.”

“You love Doctor Who.” Shaking her head, Abi put her phone on speaker as she started wrapping up her dishes. “I wish I didn’t have to leave you. I love the work we have accomplished, but I will be working for Tony Stark, Cam. Tony Fucking Stark.”

“I know, and I’m very envious of you at the given time. But I am curious on how many times he will hit on you.”

“Probably never, he has Pepper, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t let him take any credit for any of your work, you hear me.” Cam has always been very protected of her friends, but sometimes she could be over baring.

Rolling her eyes, Abi responded, “I won’t. Plus, I won’t be working with him directly. I will be working under his corporation, which is now ran by Pepper. I probably won’t ever meet him, or Pepper for that matter.”

After a few more minutes of Camila complaining that Abi was leaving her to work at a better science institute and with Iron Man himself, she bid her best friend goodbye and hung up the phone. She was hired for the stem cell research that they were working on and to see if they could better understand those with different diseases, mainly cancer. Abi finished up her packing, before taking a leave to sleep because tomorrow was the big moving day. She could not wait until her first day at Stark Tower and to get her hands back at research. Not doing much during the day other than packing was driving her crazy, and she wanted to get back to work as soon as possible.


Two weeks later, Abigail found herself walking the busy streets of New York City. She had ventured out after finally finishing unpacking her boxes at her new apartment. Giving the chance to go out and take on the City, she took it because she was bored and need to do something to take her nerves away for tomorrow; her first day at work. Smiling, she kept her head held high so she could watch those walking around her and to not bump into anyone. Before she knew what was happening, up the street she heard screams and people running every which way. Knotting her brows together, she stopped in her tracks, having everyone around her slowly doing the same.

Abi heard a loud bang and looked up to the sky to find some sort of portal opening. What came out next, scared her to death. This huge eel like creature came barreling out of the portal, sending everyone in a frenzy, including herself. She panicked and followed the crowd, only to duck into an empty alley way. Breathing heavily, she watched as the creature came down in between the buildings, gliding swiftly away from her alley way. Sighing with relief, she stepped out of the alley way, only to be picked up by something else zooming by, making her scream by the sudden movement.

“Why hello, mortal,” a deep voice sounded next to her ear, making her heart race. “You will fare well.”

She listened to his chuckle, not easing up on his grip on her as the zoomed further up into the air. Her breathing became ragged, as she took in his appearance. Long black hair, shoved into an odd helmet, along with him wearing a green and black suit, with a black cape floating through the air with the speed they were going. As she looked down, her heart pounded against chest seeing how high and fast they were going. Upon seeing this, she tightly closed her eyes not wanting to see what was going on anymore.

Smirking, Loki held tighter on the frighten female, making sure she was in view for the task force that aimed their weapons towards him. He had not planned on picking up any mortals, but maybe those following him would second guess on shooting at him if they saw a mortal with him. Plus, she appeared before and he could not resist taking her out of pure pleasure. He came to a stop up above, to survey the human in the red, white, and blue suit take on the Chitauri below, as well as his brother and the rest of his friends.

Peeking through her lashes as they came to a sudden holt, only to quickly close them before she had a panic attack upon seeing how high they still were. She did not know what to do, but sit still with her eyes close. Abi had no idea what this man had in store for her and did not want to upset him, especially seeing all the damage he could do. Quickly looking down once she heard a lot of rumbles, she took noticed that a huge green guy that she knew to be as the, Hulk took out the eel like creature, only to gasp for a quick breath when her kidnapper tightens his grip on her.

“Send out the others,” Loki growled into his com, as he took off again.

This time as Loki zoomed down into the middle of destruction, he noticed he was being shot at from behind. He adjusted to see who was behind him and to show whoever it was that he had a mortal with him. Rolling his eyes, he saw the red headed female who had been one of those he allowed take him into custody as they humans called it. He only went faster. Loki could feel the female taking short gasps of breaths, which made him even happier. Smirking, he heard the arrow that came his way. He grabbed it before it could make impact with him, but as he smirked at whoever shot it, the arrow exploded, sending him and the female into the air.

Abigail screamed as she felt herself flying through air after her kidnapper’s grip loosened on her and she landed on top of the man on a building below. Coughing from her loss of breath during impact, she squealed as the man threw her off him onto the floor with sharp glass shards pricking at her skin. She slowly sat up, as the man stood up, only be scared once again when a big green blur came slamming into her kidnapper with so much force, sending him across the open room. Abi moved quickly across the room, in a corner away from the window.

“Enough!” She heard the deep voice of her kidnapper shout, stopping the Hulk in his tracks with a huff. “You are all beneath me! I am a god, you dual creature! And I will not be bullied by….”

She giggled softly as she watched Hulk toss the god like a rag doll back and forth onto the ground. Breathing in deeply, she began to sing softly to calm herself once she noticed Hulk had finished smashing, what he called a puny god a moment ago. He roared hearing the soft singing, noticing that someone else was in the room with him. Growling, he turned towards a young woman with blood all over from the broken glass. Abi continued singing as tears streamed down her face, taking in that the Hulk now towered over her and she stared up at the large green fellow in front of her.

Hulk paused though, listening to her soft singing, feeling a sense of calm from this beautiful voice. His breathing evened out, not understanding why he felt this way. He felt as if he could not harm her no matter what she did. He stared down at this woman with fiery red hair, taking in her wet face. She watched him, watch her, but kept singing as she understood it calmed the beast. He became so calm, he felt Bruce knocking at his door to come out, and Hulk did not fight him and allowed him to come out. Bruce groaned in pain as he transformed back to his normal self, listening to this woman singing, astonished that she calmed the Hulk enough for him to transform back to himself.

“How,” Bruce gasped, gripping his side in pain, as he inched closer to the red-haired woman to get a better view of her. “How did you do that?”

Stopping her singing to hear what the man who was once the Hulk said, Abi watched as he looked at her as he laid on his side, with amusement. She did not speak. She could not find her voice with what she just witnessed. Yes, she did know that the Hulk used to be a normal scientist named Bruce Banner, who became exposed by gamma rays at a very deadly level, but she never thought she would watch the transformation. Before she could speak, she watched as Bruce gasped in pain once again, only to become the big green guy after hearing shouting from outside.

Hulk roared once again, as he stared down at her with the mincing look on his face that she saw he directed towards the god that still laid on the ground unmoving. Abigail was now terrified of what might happen with the big guy out again. Hulk glared at the woman below him, but he softened his face towards her. It was not for long until he heard the shouting again and walked over to the broken window, leaving the young woman behind. Abi sighed a breath of relief, not understanding what had just happened, but knew she had to get out of there and quick.


Wanted to get this down and out of my head for others to read. Been wanting to do this for a while now, and I'm happy I did! Comment, Subscribe, and Rate! :)


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