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The Ant and the Boot


[center]I hate my brother. I hate that man, that god who says that he is my father. They left me for nothing, looked at me as though I was nothing. Every time I stood by their side their eyes passed through me as though I weren't even there.
I'll show them what I'm worth. I'll show them that, even without their blessing, I can still be a mightier god than they could ever hope to be. They will all kneel before me and they will see who should have been the king of Asgard.
I will show them the meaning of true power.
[size=140][i]- Loki[/size][/i]
[size=130]“We have no quarrel with your people,” Fury said, staring down the demigod who stood complacently within his cage. Loki simply smiled.
“An ant has no quarrel with a boot,” he replied.[/size]
I always dreamed of being a superhero. It just never really fit into my job description. Now I feel like I've been drawn into the war for good and evil, and not only don't I have a single superpower but I really don't know which side I'm on.
[size=140][i]- Dove[/size][/i][/center]



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