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I Know You Don't Remember Me


When a man remembers something that never happened, he thinks they're nothing more than good dreams, but when the faces of his idols slowly form around him, will Tony Stark ever be able to figure out exactly where they all came from?

Or will it just be another mysterious mishap in his life?

An Avengers fanfic featuring Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

The Scattered!Verse takes place after the fight in New York City.

Sequel: It's Not Called K-Pop, You Mewling Quim.




Also known as Leena Moran



Tony's secretary



Also known as Charlie

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers

As known as Captain America

Tony Stark

Tony Stark

Also known as Iron Man


  1. Chapter One

    Warnings: AU, Businessman!Steve, Misleading Monologues, Idolizing!Tony, Stupid Inventions

  2. Chapter Two

    Warnings: AU, Businessman!Steve, Misleading Dialogue, Tony Stark is 5 Smooth 7 You, THE ACTUAL PLOT? GASP!

  3. Chapter Three

    Warnings: AU, References to bad writing in previous chapters, firing secretaries, unnecessary references, crashing, Ironman, why are you even still reading this?

  4. Chapter Four

    Warnings: AU, Businessman!Steve, Angsty!Tony, Misleading Monologues, Dialogue, No That's Not Foreshadowing Why Would You Say That?

  5. Chapter Five

    Warnings: AU, murder plotting, that redhead chick, foreshadowing, that captain stealing witch, angsty!Tony, they are so out of character omg

  6. Chapter Six

    Warnings: Au, Businessman!Steve, Misleading Monologues, Dialogue, Still Not Foreshadowing, That Leena Chick, That Charlie Chick, Tony Stop Calling People In The Middle Of The Night You Obnoxious Little Man, DUM-E is definitely a trigger you should be warned about, Murder Plots are put into action,

  7. Chapter Seven

    Warnings: Au, Businessman!Steve, Dialogue, Still Not Foreshadowing, That Leena Chick, That Charlie Chick, Murder Plots are put into action, Still pretty boring though, I'm sorry did you like that window?, ACDC, Plot? What's that?

  8. Chapter Eight

    Warnings: I'm just sorry about everything, okay?, I don't even know, plot twists, Loki, Amora

  9. Chapter Nine

    Warnings: AU, Businessman!Steve, Angsty!Loki, Character Death, Thor, Whoops?, Amora that bitch, First Realm Problems, Asgard, There are just a lot of trigggers in here, okay?

  10. Chapter Ten

    Warnings: This is the end, sequel coming soon, shitty dream sequence


Thecattygrl Thecattygrl

Well, of course. I couldn't think of anyone else qualified enough to work for Tony Stark.

Thanks. Glad you like it n.n~

Thecattygrl Thecattygrl
Charlie Bradbury ^.^ It's really good!! :D