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Glass Heart


Scarlett Damien was always on the lookout for danger. Clever, beautiful and dangerous she was a force to be reckoned with but her reckless nature finally caught up with her. Caught in the tangled web of a dangerous terrorist organization disguised as a charitable medical corporation, she swears to find whose behind the evil force of MedCo. Finding that Stark Industries is to blame, Scarlett seeks revenge against Tony Stark only to find there is far more behind what happened to her than she could have ever guessed. Uncover the truth about MedCo and Scarlett in the first installment of my series, Iron Clad.



I didn't know! Sorry I'm having trouble posting on this website. I will fix it though. Thank you so much. XD I hope you like where it's going. It's a big series called Iron Clad. I'm in the middle of the sequel right now :3 I'm pretty excited too, it's going to be an Avengers series eventually!
Khadrimx Khadrimx
I still am excited to see where this story goes. Even if its already finished :) Scarlett is pretty cool and I'm anxious to see how Tony will fit in. Especially since she has a sort of boyfriend. Can't wait for another update. P.S. did you know that the content is posted twice? Like it seems like you accidentally pasted it twice or there was some other malfunction. Just thought I'd mention that.
vendicatore vendicatore
Thank you for your feedback and for reading! I'll have more up soon. This story is actually already done, I'm just giving it another edit.
Khadrimx Khadrimx
I like this quite a bit. I think Scarlett is a smart character and there was a lot of great dialogue between her and the MedCo people. I appreciate the sophisticated vocabulary and it wasn't overdone at all. Overall this is very good so far and I'm intrigued. I hope to see more soon.
vendicatore vendicatore