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Me, Myself, and I

Never going back

We finally landed back at base and Loki was immediately taken in by a bunch of armed guards. I felt completely helpless as I stood there watching the shackle Loki's hands and feet together and all I could do was stand there and watch him. I had to hold back the tears that were beginning to form in my eyes. I wiped the stray tear that rolled down my cheek and took in a deep breath to calm my nerves ‘okay Catarina, get yourself together’ I told myself out loud. Shaking the feeling of sorrow away, I pushed all thoughts of Loki to the back of my mind or at least I tried too. I walked through the halls and to my bedroom as fast as my feet would carry me. Once inside I slammed and locked my door, then slid down it allowing my head to rest on my knees. I slowly ran a shaky hand through my hair and allowed a sigh to escape my lips ‘what has this man done to you Catarina, you swore to never let anyone effect you like this ever again…not after the last time.’

My head remained motionless on top of my knees as I tried to steady my breathing. A loud pounding at my door made my heart jump into my throat as a small shriek sprung from my mouth “w-who is it and what do you want” I hissed to whoever was on the opposite side of the door. There was a moment of silence when finally a voice spoke up from the other side, it was Coulson “Director Fury needs to speak with you, get dressed and meet in the war room.” I didn’t reply but got up from the floor and got dressed back into my SHIELD uniform again (http://www.polyvore.com/catarinas_uniform/set?id=63584490&lid=2074537 ).

As soon as I was dressed I grabbed my gun and slid it into its holster and then exited my room and made my way towards the war room like I was told to do. I pried open the big metal doors and slid inside. Thor, Tony, and Steve were already inside sitting at the round table that was in the middle of the room. Once I entered their attention landed on me. Nobody spoke which was a smart idea because I had no clue what I would have said to them. I mean I have feelings for the enemy and I think all of them could tell due to the incident on the plane, and I was being forced into helping them and I didn’t like it. I made my way to an empty seat and sat down and waited for Fury to arrive. A couple minutes went by and he still wasn’t here and I was starting to grow impatient. I was just about to get up and leave when the screen at the front of the room turned on which showed Loki standing in the glass cage that was intended for doctor Banner just in case his other half decided to make an appearance.

Director Fury circled the cage, like a predator with its prey. He stopped in front of the control panel for the cage. He and Loki were having some sort of conversation but I zoned out so I didn’t hear anything that was said between them. “He really grows on you, doesn’t he” Bruce’s voice brought me back to reality. Was this what Fury wanted me to see. This was just a waste of my time. I stood from the table and made my way towards the door and as I left all I could hear were Tony and Steve bickering back and forth. I had to get out of here and back to my old life because something bad was about to go down and every bone in my body was screaming at me to get out. The only thing that was stopping me from escaping was the nagging feeling of going to see Loki one last time.

I slowly made my way towards the cell where they were keeping Loki prisoner. I peeked in through the window and couldn’t see anybody inside besides Loki who had his back towards the door. My heart was pounding a million miles per hour as I reached for the handle “hey…” I froze dead in my tracks. I was in trouble now. I slowly turned in the direction of the voice which belonged to the red head who had helped to capture me I believe her name is Natasha. She slowly approached me doing the same thing as myself her eyes scanned over all of my features when finally she spoke again “Fury needs to see you…something about helping with the lab work.” I gave her a false smile and headed towards the lab ‘damn it just when I was about to see Loki and get the hell out of here.’

I made my way to the lab and entered to find Tony and Banner working on something. They seemed not to notice me so I cleared my throat to announce my presence. Both Bruce and Tony’s eyes flew up to meet my gaze and then went straight back to the computers they were working on. I was surprisingly good at using computers so I sat down in front of one and got to work trying to track the Tesseract. I knew I could, but I wasn’t really trying because I didn’t want to help these people. After an hour or two of trying Fury entered the room and started arguing with Stark and Banner and that is when Natasha, Thor, and Steve entered. I continued to stand in the back of the room reveling in all the chaos. This was the kind of thing that I loved it was sending surges of pure energy through my veins and I wanted more. Banner had picked up Loki’s staff and grasped it firmly in his hand and this made them all a little jumpy. The computer saved them all as it started to beep making banner drop the scepter and go check what was happening.

Out of nowhere the ship was rocked off of its course by an explosion. Everyone in the room lay on the ground covered in rubble and dust from the floor caving in which swallowed both Natasha and Banner. Tony and Steve hopped up off the ground and raced to go fix the ship, Thor had taken off to go check on his brother and Fury was gone too. This gave me the perfect opportunity to grab Loki’s scepter. I picked it up off the ground and grasped it tightly in my hand and I could feel the energy pouring off it and my body was absorbing it sending a strangely euphoric sensation coursing through my whole body. The only thing that raced through my mind at the time was to get to Loki and to help him no matter what happens to me. I raced down the panic filled halls as people rushed passed me not even noticing the staff that glowed in my hand as I made my way towards Loki.

I got to the room just in time to see Loki’s hand hovering over the button ready to send his brother to his 30,000 foot death drop. I stepped inside and Loki’s eyes darted towards me and the staff. He walked towards me holding his hand out for his scepter which I gladly handed over to him as I bowed in his presence. He smirked at my actions as I quickly took a step to the side and awaited any further instructions from him. He returned to what he was previously doing before I entered and Thor just stared me, betrayal and hurt was clearly present on his face. Loki chuckled darkly at his brother “any last words brother before I drop you to your death.” Thor glared at me and he shook his head yes “yes brother, but the question is for Catarina. Why, why have you turned on us.” I smiled coyly at him “oh Thor this was always my plan, I am not one of you guys, I never was. Fury was forcing me to help it was that or be locked in a cage. Plus I was about to run but something was pulling me towards this place and now I know it was Loki’s presence, I now know that my life’s goal is to assist king Loki in any way possible.”

Thor just stared at me and this is when Coulson entered holding a gun to Loki’s back telling him to back away. Oh this was just way too easy, Loki must have a trick or two up his sleeve and just like that the Loki in front of Coulson disappeared and he reappeared behind him as he pierced the tip of his scepter through Coulson’s chest causing him to fall to the ground. Thor let out a loud cry of anguish as his brother made his way over towards the cage hitting the button causing the cage to fall from its holster to the ground and to Thor’s death. Coulson lay against the wall letting out short, shallow breaths until finally his breathing ceased. Loki chuckled and extended his hand to me as a hole was blasted in the ceiling and a latter was dropped down allowing us to escape. This was it and there was no going back after this and I was perfectly fine with that. A war was coming and I was going to be on the winning side for once.


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