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A Soldier's Goodbye

Now You Have My Heart.

Steam billowed up from under the train as it pulled into the station, the young woman rising from her bench as many others did as well. Her feet carried her closer to the railcars as she wanted to find him with haste seeing as his train had already been delayed by a frustrating two and a half hours, if not more.

She was joined by others, people who were awaiting the arrival of their own friends, family, and loved ones who were returning home after having sustained some type of injury due to the war. She knew that he wasn’t among that majority; rather he was leaving for Germany once again in the morning, though part of her wished that he didn’t have to go at all. She hadn’t seen him in what felt like years, though in reality was only months, and now that they were finally reuniting for the first time in a long time, she would only have him taken away again in less than twenty-four hours.

Standing on her tip toes, she raised her chin up high in an attempt to widen her viewing range. He was nowhere to be seen as he was not among the men that were slowly filing out of the cars one-by-one.

Maybe he couldn’t make it after all? She mentally questioned herself, beginning to become enveloped in disappointment as she felt her heart start to break.

“If you don’t mind my asking, ma’am, what has you so distraught?”

Her ears picked up his familiar voice and she spun around on a dime. Diving into his outstretched arms, she smiled and buried her face deep into his chest. “Steve,” she sighed out contently. “I’ve missed you so much, you wouldn’t believe it.”

Steve delicately placed a kiss atop her head and smiled down at her. “I’ve missed you, too, Annalise.” Annalise pulled out of his embrace and they shared a brief kiss, savoring the taste of the other’s lips before pulling away. “Let’s get out of here.” Steve suggested, to which she eagerly nodded in agreement.

As they walked out of the station, they were greeted with a darkening sky, the soft purples, pinks, and yellows that blended together above them continuously becoming darker as the sun set. Seeing how late it was starting to become, Annalise sighed. She hated the fact that their time together was cut in half because of his delayed train.

As if he read her mind, Steve squeezed Annalise’s hand. “I’m sorry about my train getting in late,”

“There’s no need to apologize, it’s not like you could have done anything about it.” She reassured, squeezing his hand back and casting him a small smile of understanding.

“Well, I’m glad to finally be back here with you. I’ve missed this place and the company.”

“I assure you, the company has missed you, too.”

After hailing a cab and taking it into the residential area of the city, they disembarked at Annalise’s home and paid and tipped the driver with a smile. After doing so, they made their way up the cobblestone path and into the warmth of the home, Steve helping Annalise out of her coat and placing it on the rack for her.

“Have you eaten yet?” Annalise questioned. “I could make you something if you’d like.”

“No, but I’m not all that hungry, to be honest.” Steve admitted. “Just make yourself something. I’ll help.”

“I’m not that hungry, either.” She replied with a lighthearted chuckle. “I’m actually pretty tired. While I was waiting for you, I paced around the entire station. I must have walked a few miles around, I swear.”

Steve smiled at her, not surprised that she would do something like that while waiting. He took a step forward and scooped her into his arms, Annalise letting out a soft squeal in surprise. Carrying her bridal style, he brought her up the stairs and went into their room where he placed her upon the bed gently.

“You want to go to bed?” Annalise inquired. “You could have just said you were sleepy, Steve.”

“No, but I just want to lay with you,” he shrugged, plopping down beside her and pulling her into his body. “This is what I miss the most when I’m gone.” He mused out softly. “It feels like there’s no war, hate, or anything really. It’s like it’s only us.”

Annalise smiled and scooted back upon the bed, pulling Steve back with all the strength she could muster. They both laughed lightly when she only pulled him a few inches and Steve moved to the back of the mattress along with her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her back into him, getting comfortable upon the bed.

“That’s how I feel, too.” Annalise whispered softly. “I hate this war so much. It’s always taking you away from me and I’m always worried you might not come back home.”

Steve frowned and placed a kiss onto her neck tenderly. “Don’t think that way, Anna. I will come back. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that I do.” He reassured. “ I still have so much that I want to do with you in life.”

Annalise gave a small smile, doing her best to believe him. “Good.” Tears formed in her eyes and Steve felt his heart beginning to rip itself apart inside his chest.

“Anna, what’s wrong?”

She shook her head and sat upright, wiping away the salty droplets from her cheeks. “I’m just being overemotional, Steve. Don’t worry.”

“Anna, tell me,” he pleaded. “Did I do something to upset you?”

“No!” She burst, her voice raising a few octaves as she shook her head. “God, no…” she murmured. “You did nothing wrong. I’m just going to feel so miserable without you.”

Steve sat up himself and pulled her into him again, rubbing her back to console her. “I’m sorry. Maybe it was selfish of me to come to see you once more before I leave. I think I’m just making it harder for you to say goodbye.”

“I’m glad you came, Steve. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you and I just don’t want to lose you while you’re out fighting the good fight.”

Steve wasn’t sure of what he could say to console her. He couldn’t make a promise to her that he would return to her. It was still war, and he knew he wasn’t completely invincible. Steve did the first thing that came to his mind and placed his lips upon hers with urgency.

Annalise was caught off-guard by the lip lock, her blue eyes widening in surprise at the sudden act of affection, though they closed within seconds as she lost herself in their passionate kiss. Anna’s hands went to his chest, soon sliding up and around his neck and running her fingers throughout his blond locks, ruffling up his perfectly combed hair like she always did. Steve smiled in the middle of their kiss at her familiar tendency, pulling her closer to him as he placed her in his lap.

Steve’s large and rugged hands trailed up and down her thighs, causing for the hairs on her body to stand upright as she earned chills from his touch. The air around them seemed to become hot and humid, and they soon found themselves beginning to experience shortness of breath as they felt their clothes become constricting.

With one final kiss, they separated, and Anna, who had started playing with the hem of Steve’s white t-shirt, lifted it up and threw the piece of clothing to the side carelessly. As the shirt came off, Steve felt a newfound vivacity. He leaned over Annalise’s petite body and guided her down onto the bed, holding himself over her as he began to ravish her neck with his lips.

Annalise gasped and breathed heavily as she felt his lips go at her tender flesh, the sensation of him sucking and nibbling at certain parts of her skin making her mind feel foggy as it was not able to comprehend what she was experiencing. As he found a sensitive area, she bit her lip and softly tugged upon Steve’s blond hair to let him know he found a pleasurable area, and he remained there for a while before continuing on his trail.

His lips continued downward and soon arrived at the collar of Annalise’s shirt. His eyes flashed towards hers, both of their blue orbs being clouded with lust, and she lifted herself up from the bed to sit up straight. Her dainty fingers took hold of the fabric and she began to take it off, deciding to tease him by slowly lifting it over her breasts that were beginning to become firm. Steve smirked at her and reunited his lips with her fair skin before she had completely thrown away the garment.

His lips explored the new skin with excitement, placing kisses everywhere they could reach, working around her white bra carefully. He used his free hand to massage her left breast through the fabric, her breath hitching in her throat when his hand began to fondle her sensitive body part. Annalise let her own hands wander down his well-sculpted chest and begin to gently rub his groin area, causing him to grunt in response to her actions.

Butterflies erupted in her stomach at the thought that she was pleasing him and her hands slipped into his pants, inching closer to his bare skin, going layer by layer. Steve grunted as he felt her slip her dainty hand into his pants and begin to rub him through the fabric of his boxers.

He pulled away from her and started to catch his breath, watching her massage him gently from under him. The sight only aroused him further and he could feel his member begin to grow firm with anticipation.

Steve gently took hold of her forearm and took it out from within his pants a few seconds later. His fingers then grabbed her hips and hooked themselves inside of her skirt, beginning to pull it down and off of her body, revealing her matching white panties. As the pieces of cloth left her body, Annalise felt a cool breeze flow over her body, though she was instantly warmed by Steve’s own body as he rolled onto the bed and pulled her upon himself.

Annalise straddled Steve’s waist, licking her lips as she let her eyes gaze at his body below her. Her hands that resided right above the band of his jeans slowly slid up his abdominal muscles, running over his strapping build and letting her fingers feel his incredibly soft skin. She wanted to take it in and remember every detail about him, about this night. Annalise was going to show Steve what he meant to her.

As her fingers casually drifted over his heart, she could barely feel the few palpitations from his heart from within his chest. Her hands glided back down and Steve let his head roll back, closing his eyes in the process. The feeling of her petite fingers skimming up and down his torso was relaxing, soothing even. Her touch always had that simple sort of gratification that seemed to make him lose himself. It was just one of the many things that he loved about his Annalise.

Her hands left his body though his eyes remained closed, only opening them when he felt his belt become unfastened and be pulled through the loops in his jeans, staring at her lustfully as she pulled it from the last hoop and dropping it to the floor, a soft clack from the buckle barely heard in the room. Annalise’s fingers pulled at the band for a few seconds before going to unbutton the top, soon undoing the zipper and pulling his pants down to his mid-thigh.

Steve’s breathing grew more ragged as he could feel himself begin to fill with fervor. He watched as she then stuck a few fingers between the band of his boxers and tortuously pulled them down at a cautious pace. His erection immediately caught both their eyes, both of their hearts racing wildly within their chest cavities, and both of their minds going haywire at the same time. Neither Annalise nor Steve could believe that they were finally taking this next step in their relationship.

Unbeknownst to herself, Annalise began to lick her lips as her hand wandered off towards his erection. Watching her take his sensitive dick into her dainty hand, Steve could feel it twitch slightly and his breath became shallow.

Annalise’s heart pounded like a jackhammer within her chest, becoming nervous and somewhat embarrassed over what was transpiring. The pair wasn’t married yet and this, premarital sex, was usually, if not always, frowned upon by society. She couldn’t help but wonder if they were taking things too far.

Her eyes curiously glanced up and were met by Steve’s own blue orbs. As they connected, something went off inside of her and Annalise didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care if this was frowned upon and didn’t think that they were taking things too far. She could clearly see it in Steve’s eyes – the love he had for her, and she knew that she loved him right back. She wasn’t going to have sex with Steve, she would make love to him, make love with him.

Annalise began to slowly pump Steve’s throbbing erection, his head rolling back as he enjoyed the pleasurable sensation of her fingers rubbing his shaft. As her hands traveled up and down his length, she could feel herself becoming aroused, her breath becoming shallow like Steve’s.

After a few minutes, she spat into her other hand and switched them, using her dry hand to massage his scrotum. Steve’s erection was soon covered lightly in Annalise’s saliva after stroking him and Annalise was growing tired of giving Steve a handjob. Having never done something so X-rated, Annalise licked her lips nervously before taking in the head of Steve’s dick. When he felt his erection enter Annalise’s mouth, Steve’s breath hitched in his throat, his head snapping to attention and staring down at her in slight amazement. Within seconds, he lost himself in ecstasy as she swirled her tongue around his length and took more of him in.

Annalise took in Steve’s length cautiously, wanting to get used to him in her mouth and also wanting to see what her limits were. When she grew more comfortable, Annalise began to bob faster, Steve occasionally grunting in enjoyment as she picked up her pace. Steve’s hands gripped the bed sheets tightly, his knuckles turning a pale white as she continued to bob, suck and massage his dick and scrotum.

Soon he could feel himself grow closer to that edge. “A-Annalise, you’re going to make me come.” He gasped out softly, moving a few strands of her brunette hair out of the way.

Annalise lifted her head and continued to slowly massage his length. “Do you want me to stop?” She asked, slightly out of breath, her cheeks flushed lightly with color.

Steve didn’t reply as he sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed where she was, lifting her up and placing her on his lap, her knees wrapping around his waist and the two of them gazing into their eyes. His hands went from her petite waist and up to her back, fiddling around with the clasp of her bra before unhooking it and pulling at the straps, letting the cloth fall off her body. Steve snatched it up and threw it to the side of the room carelessly, beginning to kiss her collarbone tenderly.

His hands kneaded and groped her breasts fondly, his rugged thumbs running over each sensitive bud and pinching them gently between his fingers. Annalise’s fingers ran through his blond locks, her head rolling back to expose more of her neck for Steve to kiss, and enjoyed the divine feeling of his touch upon her body.

“Oh Steve, that feels good,” she whispered softly, continuing to lose herself in his kisses.

Hearing her moan of delight turned him on, his dick beginning to throb at the thought of her moaning his name out again. Steve’s lips traveled down and soon stopped between her breasts, pausing for a second to pull away and admire her perky and firm breasts that seemed to desire his touch. His lips attached themselves to her right breast, licking and kissing it tenderly and soon enveloping her erect nipple in his mouth, playing with her sensitive flesh with the utmost care.

Annalise gingerly sighed as she felt his tongue swirl and play with her nipple, her mind going fuzzy with satisfaction. She took hold of his hand that massaged her free breast and brought it to her mouth, taking in two fingers and sucking upon them delicately, whirling her tongue around them like she had previously done to his now engorged cock.

Steve switched breasts and retrieved his fingers from her mouth, gliding them down her body and towards her panties. They played with the band for a second or two before slipping inside and Steve began to play with her soft, fleshy mound teasingly slow, rubbing his fingers up and down her pussy’s lips, causing her to shudder and tug lightly at his hair which her hands were now entwined in.

“Steve. . . “she moaned again sensually.

Steve retracted his fingers from her panties and felt a warmer wetness upon his fingers, soon realizing it had come from her pussy. Annalise was growing restless after having been teased and took Steve’s hand and licked his fingers clean, placing it onto her breast and making him squeeze it tightly.

He pulled away from her breast and stared at her, taking in her appearance to remember how she looked to him. Her head was rolled back as he continued to massage her sensitive breasts, her breath ragged and shallow as she breathed through her slightly opened mouth, and her blue eyes were halfway closed, a lustful gleam quite noticeable in her pools. Her neck was beginning to form multiple hickeys, a fact that Steve was somewhat proud of, her breasts were plump with her dark nipples erect and yearning to be caressed once more, her hips looking desirable and ready to be taken hold of. As Steve’s eyes glanced at her white panties, he believed them to be a mere inconvenience, though smirked as he saw a dampening spot somewhat visible on the piece of fabric. His blue eyes trailed back up her figure and he could have sworn there was a new golden glow surrounding her, she was such an angel to him. . .

Annalise looked down at Steve and pushed herself lightly off his lap to sit down on the bed beside him. Her eyes darted from his blue orbs to his erection that still throbbed with unbearable need and he understood her intentions almost instantly. Rising from the bed, Steve kicked off his pants that remained around his ankles and turned towards Annalise who lay on the bed with herself propped up upon her elbows. He took her in once more and licked his lips subconsciously.

Her panties still remained upon her body and he smiled as he bent over and took the fabric between his fingers, pulling them down from her hips and ultimately off her body, flinging them to the side of the room like they had done with the rest of the discarded clothes. Steve grasped his dick and pumped it a few times as he gazed down at her body in awe.

Annalise’s heart pounded in her chest from nerves, they were so close to making love and as she watched Steve stare at her lovingly, she found herself becoming excited and impatient even. She wanted him – all of him, right there, right then.

Steve took a step forwards towards the bed and bent over to grab her by her hips, pulling her carefully towards the edge of the bed. He hoisted her legs up and upon his shoulders, soon positioning himself by her entrance and gently pushing himself in, her juices making it easy for him, but her hymen preventing him from fully entering. He broke through the wall and Annalise took a sharp intake of air, wincing from the pain.

“Are you alright, Anna?” Steve asked with concern as he noticed the brief flash of pain that swept over her face.

She nodded her head stiffly and let out a breath of air slowly. “Go ahead, Steve,”

He bent down and kissed her tenderly, their lips meshing together perfectly and their tongues dancing with one another as Steve gradually continued to push forward into her. As he fully entered her, he pulled out just as easy and repeated.

She was tight and seemed to fully envelope him in her warmth; he’d never experienced something so gratifying before. Steve continued to pull out and slide back in with ease, each new thrust coming at her faster than the previous one. In minutes Steve was briskly ramming inside of her numerous times.

Annalise’s short ragged breaths and closed eyes were beautiful to Steve. And as her body was soon covered in a thin veil of sweat, her golden angelic glow seemed to brighten. Her small hands grabbed her breasts, playing with her nipples delicately and moaning out his name every once in a while to get a rise out of him. Steve loved the way his name rolled off her tongue with each scream she gave.

A sort of pressure began to swell inside of Annalise’s lower abdomen, and she knew that she was going to orgasm soon. The pressure began to boil up and she bit her lip, her fingers grasping onto the bed sheets for dear life, her knuckles turnings as pale as snow. “Oh God, Steve. . .” She moaned breathlessly. “You’re going to make me come. . . “Her hands went from the sheets to her breasts as she squeezed her nipples. “Oh Steve, I love you so much. . .”

Watching her play with her breasts and moan his name was sending him closer to the edge as well, but he focused on pleasing her more and continued to thrust deeper and deeper into her cervix. “I love you, too, Annalise,” he groaned.

The pressure that had built up inside of Annalise seemed to suddenly overflow, and she gasped out loud, her body writhing and her back arching up as she had her first real orgasm. “Oh, yes! Steve, oh my God!” She shouted aloud, not caring if her pleasurable shouts made it through the walls and into the outside world. “Oh, Steve, you’re making me come!”

Her body writhed upon the bed, her breathing becoming sporadic and her heart racing faster than it ever had before as the pressure was being released. Steve watched her orgasm uncontrollably and felt himself get even closer to coming, too. Watching her squirm on the bed in ecstasy was the sexiest thing that he’d ever seen in his life.

Annalise moaned is name and he picked up his pace, wanting to make her scream his name louder and louder. “Oh God, Steve!”

Steve grunted as he pushed himself into her belly, his fingers grasping onto her hips tightly as he came inside of her, his warm seed shooting off inside of her and relieving himself of his load. “A-Annalise. . .” he moaned, not able to say anything else but her name.

He crawled onto the bed and Steve panted to catch his breath, his chest rising up and down at a constant momentum, beads of sweat scattered across his toned body. Annalise licked her lips and stared at his dick, which was still slightly erect, and smiled to herself and straddled her boyfriend in a moment’s notice.

“I want you to make love to me again, Steve.”

Steve smiled to himself and let his hands intertwine themselves in Annalise’s brown tresses, gently bringing her down to him and kissing her passionately. “I’ll make love to you however many times you want me to.”

The next morning, the couple woke up and showered together. They cleaned the other lovingly, only sharing a kiss in the steamy water every now and then before exiting and getting dressed. Annalise put on her nicest dress and Steve his uniform. When she first took notice of him in his regimentals, she smiled and went up to him to fix his tie for him.

“You and your daring good looks are snazzy in this uniform, you know.”

“Thank you, Anna,” he smiled and kissed her temple sensitively.

After hailing a cab and taking it to the train station, Steve and Annalise walked through the halls that they had gone through only yesterday at a slow, steady pace. The sooner they got to Steve’s platform, the sooner they had to say their goodbyes.

“Will you write me while you’re gone?”

“You know I always do.”

“Will you have time to write me while you’re gone?” She rephrased.

“I’ll make time.” Steve smiled.

“Thank you,”

“You’re going to be on my mind all the time,”

“Same here, especially after last night.” Annalise blushed at the thought and she shook her head in embarrassment after having brought it up.

Steve chuckled lightheartedly and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer to him and kissed the top of her head. “Especially after last night,” he teased.

They walked through double doors and the train stood before them, the whistle blowing and a conductor calling for everyone to board. Annalise watched as many said goodbye to their loved ones as new soldiers picked up their bags and boarded, and Annalise turned to her loved one to do the same.

“I’m really am going to miss you,” she whispered. “I’m going to be waiting for your letters every day so you better start writing, Rogers.”

Steve smiled sadly and nodded his head. “I’ll start when I get on the train.”

“You and your daring good looks better come back,” she warned.

“What if the daring good looks are gone?”

“I’ll take you anyways,”


The conductor made the final call and Steve looked away at the train that was filling up quickly.

All was silent for a moment and the two of them stared into each other’s blue eyes. Tears pricked at Annalise’s eyes and as she blinked, one slipped down each cheek. “I love you, Steve.”

Steve wiped away her tears with his thumbs and kissed her deeply. “And I love you, Annalise.”

“Come back to me,”

“I will.”

“Promise me,”

“I promise I’ll come back.” Steve leaned down and gave her one final kiss, more tears spilling from Annalise’s eyes. “I love you.”

Annalise watched through blurry vision as Steve gave her a reassuring smile and embarked the train, the final whistle blowing and the train steadily moving down the tracks at a snail’s pace. Annalise grasped her purse tightly and felt something wrinkle together. Opening it quickly she found the card she had wanted to give Steve before he left.

“Steve!” She called urgently, rushing after the railcars. “Steve!”

The blond heard her cries from outside and forced his way towards a window and through his fellow comrades. “Annalise!”

The brunette saw she was a few cars ahead of him and met him halfway, walking with him as she pulled the collar of his shirt down and brought her lips to his. “I love you, too. Take this.” She stuffed the card into his hand and slowly stopped walking as there was no more platform to walk upon.

“Please come back to me.” She whispered to herself. “Please come back.”

Steve sat down next to the window in the empty chair and stared at the card for a good while, getting a feel for the red construction paper before opening it up. It was the shape of a heart and inside rested a white sheet with lace paper beneath that. Steve read Annalise’s final message to him with an open heart.
“Now you have my heart,
Keep it with you so we’re never apart.
And when there are no more wars,
Bring it back with yours."

Steve stood up and looked back to see the train station disappearing on the horizon. Slowly he returned to his seat and folded up the card once more, smiling as he remembered her words.

“I’ll come back, Annalise.” He said. “I’ll come back.”


There was a knock upon her bedroom door and she slowly came to, her movements were shaky and slow, thanks in part to her old age, but her spirit was just the same. Annalise was still lively as ever.

The door opened slowly and her fifty-year-old son poked his head inside cautiously. “Mom, you awake?”

“Yes, dear, what is it?”

“You’ve got a visitor.”

Annalise nodded her head, motioning that it was alright for someone to come in, and the man nodded back in reply, shutting the door and walking away towards the living room. There was a bit of muffled muttering from down the hall and heavy footsteps could be heard walking down the hardwood floors. Annalise could only wonder who was visiting her when she didn’t know anyone who had a reason to.

There was another few knocks and Annalise replied with, “Come in.”

The door’s handle twisted and it was opened with a soft creak. As he made his way towards her bed, Annalise couldn’t find words to speak and nothing went through her mind. Steve Rogers stood beside her in the clothes he always wore, beige jeans, plaid shirt and a brown leather jacket. His hair was combed neatly and his eyes still held their youthful gleam.

Steve smiled fondly at the elderly woman and brought out a card, placing it into her shaking hands and kissing the back of them gently. “Now you have my heart, keep it with you so we’re never apart.”

Tears flooded Annalise’s light blue eyes and streamed down her face. “You. . . you came back,” she managed to get out through a choked up voice. “I knew you’d come back.” She sobbed. “Thank you for coming back to me.”

Steve smiled sadly when her eyes gradually began to close, her sobs became softer until they were no longer there, and when she gave a short final breath. He kissed her temple delicately and smiled to himself when he saw his heart still being clutched onto desperately by Annalise.

“I promised you I’d come back.”


I know the ending may have been a bit hard to understand, but if you didn't get it, Annalise passed away right after Steve gave her his heart. I hope you enjoyed this! :)


I loved it!!! I think this is really good! I love the whole heart thing and how he ended up coming back to her after all. I love the summary too! The letter he wrote and that probably went to Anna...sad to say I cried at the end...but it was really good none the less! :)
Alright then sure! I'll send you a message with some info I need and I'll try to get it out whenever I have time. :)
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
Girl, I'm bad about stuff like that too! And I totally understand about the college stuff. I'm a junior, and a resident advisor, and I ride horses, and I have a boyfriend. I haven't updated my Captain America story in months!
But if you get some time, I'd like to see a Hawkeye/ OC? The poor guy doesn't get enough loving. And your writing is simply amazing.
blasttyrant blasttyrant
Alright, I'll let you know! :)
Well, I'm awful at getting them out, especially since I have college classes and a responsibility to my own stories. In fact the two Thor one-shots are from my Halloween Candy Bowl on Mibba.*facepalm*

With that said, I'm not sure when I'd be able to write it up and post it. If you really want one then I'd be happy to write it, but as I said, not sure as to when it would get out. *even bigger facepalm* Lol
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
Yes ma'am! Please do!
Do you take requests?
blasttyrant blasttyrant