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A Soldier's Goodbye


My Dearest Annalise,

You don't know how many times I've written this letter to you. I swear, I must have killed at least a tree in the process. I just feel like everything I write is wrong. Words can't express how I feel, they don't do my emotions justice, and my only wish is that I could be with you right now instead of having to say what I must through this Godforsaken letter.

I asked Peggy to send you this if I wasn't able to return, and I'm sure you know what this means. I'm not returning home. We both feared that this would happen, and I'm sorry that it did. I should have been more careful and I should have thought of you, or at least more than I did. I'm proud to have gone out this way though, and I would do it all over again if it means getting to protect you and the country. I would do anything to keep you safe.

Do you remember, Annalise? Do you remember the last time I told you I loved you? I do. I hated saying goodbye that day, but I was glad we shared the night before. That night is a reminder of the love we share, of the bond we have. It's something I find myself thinking about often, and as I think about it now, I'm disappointed that we couldn't have had more nights like that together. I wish we could have had more nights that would strengthen our love for one another. I wish we could have made a family all our own, have sons and daughters that would have your compassion and my "daring good looks" as you put it.

I love you. You're the person that drives me, and even though you're thousands of miles away, whenever I think of you it's like you're right here beside me. You're everything I could have asked for and more, and I'm so grateful we fell in love together. Please know that my feelings for you will never waver, even in death.

I'm sorry I won't be able to return your heart, and that I won't be able to give you mine. I hope you don't mind that I'll be keeping yours with me for the rest of my life. I love you, Annalise.

Sincerely your Captain,

Steve Rogers

[Warning: Graphic Smut]



I loved it!!! I think this is really good! I love the whole heart thing and how he ended up coming back to her after all. I love the summary too! The letter he wrote and that probably went to Anna...sad to say I cried at the end...but it was really good none the less! :)
Alright then sure! I'll send you a message with some info I need and I'll try to get it out whenever I have time. :)
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
Girl, I'm bad about stuff like that too! And I totally understand about the college stuff. I'm a junior, and a resident advisor, and I ride horses, and I have a boyfriend. I haven't updated my Captain America story in months!
But if you get some time, I'd like to see a Hawkeye/ OC? The poor guy doesn't get enough loving. And your writing is simply amazing.
blasttyrant blasttyrant
Alright, I'll let you know! :)
Well, I'm awful at getting them out, especially since I have college classes and a responsibility to my own stories. In fact the two Thor one-shots are from my Halloween Candy Bowl on Mibba.*facepalm*

With that said, I'm not sure when I'd be able to write it up and post it. If you really want one then I'd be happy to write it, but as I said, not sure as to when it would get out. *even bigger facepalm* Lol
Aishiteruyo. Aishiteruyo.
Yes ma'am! Please do!
Do you take requests?
blasttyrant blasttyrant