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Chasing Liberty


She was born to Danielle Watson, a sixteen-year-old Junior at Matignon High School in Somerville who had everything going for her. Danielle was gorgeous, popular, and a complete brainiac as her friends would endearingly call her. She was what people would refer to as “perfect”.

She never knew her father. He was merely a person who helped bring her into the world. If there was one little tidbit she did know, it was that he was an exceptionally intelligent man. His intelligence surpassed his peers and he was a very handsome man for only being sixteen — according to her mother, Danielle, that is. Danielle always said she had her father’s brown eyes and dark locks of hair.

Danielle gave her up at the age of four when she realized her daughter was different. Her daughter was different in what many people in society referred to as the worst of ways. From that day on, Danielle’s daughter was teased and bullied, and called “freak” and “monster” every single second of the day. Some went as far as expressing their hate towards the girl with balled up fists and kicks. The caretakers of the orphanage never minded, not caring for the girl in the least like they should have.

It was only when a bald man in a wheelchair appeared did she believe that there was a place for her in the world. Until that fateful encounter, she believed what her hateful peers had said. She thought herself to be a freak and a monster, someone who was not worthy of life. When she met that man named Charles Xavier, her life made a turn for the better.

Charles Xavier gave her training. He gave her a home. He gave her friends. He gave her a family. He gave her a father figure to look up to. Most importantly, he gave her a reason to stay alive.

She would do anything for the Professor.



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Good job so far. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

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I love this, please update soon!xx
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