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Avengers Assemble!

Chapter 5

I reached the front of the deck. Everyone else in the group was already dressed and was waiting for Nick to arrive. “I’m assuming everyone felt that.” I said breaking the tension in the room.
Natasha looked at me like I was an idiot, I blushed with angry running through my veins. “Yea, we felt it.” She replied back. She sat on a desk and crossed her legs. She flipped her short fiery red hair. The men looked at her and turned quickly away when she lifted her head. Even a bear would take not just two but at least five glances at her. My anger just rose higher. Nick arrived just seconds before I was to reply.
“Something hit the ship.” He said as he slipped on his trench coat. Maria was right behind him. She had a concerned look on her face. I know that I showed it too. I walked around; looking at agents frantically trying to find the cause of what hit the helicarrier. “Alright, Stark get into your suit and look around to find what hit this damn thing. Banner stay in the science room until further notice. Romanov, Hawkeye take the east interior of the helicarrier. Ana, Rogers take the west interior.” Fury instructed, walking away with Hill behind him. “We’ll take the east and west exterior. If you find something out of the ordinary, do NOT engage and contact us immediately.”
And with that they left. Everyone stood and stared at each other. Captain America sighed and folded his arms. “Alright, team I guess we start doing what the man says.” I looked around and saw that everyone was reluctantly moving to their positions. I know what they were probably feeling; just half a year ago they stopped a crazy ass god from nearly taking over the world. If they didn’t killed each other first that is. During the process one of the agents that Iron Man knew very well was killed just as Loki escaped. Agent Phil I believe his name was. Nick doesn’t really talk about him just told me what happened and that was it. I never bothered anyone on who he was and if his family even knew he was dead. “Used one of his damn abilities to make an exact replica of himself. Stabbed the son of the bitch from behind.” Nick had said to me about 2 months ago. “One thing about his death though,” I remember him looking at me as we stood outside late that very night, feeling the breeze flowing in my hair. Nick chuckled, “it gave that team the damn push they needed to fight and work together.”
“You’re awfully quiet solider.”I snapped out of my memory and suddenly realized that I was with Captain America. I blushed wildly; I didn’t remember leaving with him.
“I guess so; I never really did a mission before.” I replied back looking at him with a small smile. “First time really for anything.” I looked around trying to spot anything out of the normal.
“Ah, first timer…I remember my first time actually fighting as Captain America.” He smirked like it was just yesterday, even in reality it was over 70 years ago.
“So do you remember everything about your past or no?”I asked.
A moment of silence before he replied, “Yes, unfortunately. Sometimes I love seeing my good memories but every time I think about my final moments,” Captain paused. “This image plays over and over again, seeing me putting the God forsaken plane down into the freezing water. Saying goodbye to the woman of my dreams Peggy.” I stopped looking for a minute and listened to his response with sympathy. “Still never had that dance with her and I never will now.”
I felt my heart sank deep into my stomach. My throat was starting to swell for some reason and my eyes were getting blurry too. I will never understand human emotions I thought, blinking like a crazed person. Suddenly we heard a loud bang on a wall near Captain America. “What was that?!” I yelled.
“I don’t know but stay close to me.” Captain said calmly. “Team, Anastasia and I just heard another noise from our side. You better come quick-“BOOM! The wall right next to me exploded with such force I fell onto Captain America who caught me and safely moved me out the way. “Fury we need back up now!!” he shouted into his ear piece, getting ready into position for a fight. He held his shield with so much grip I thought he was going to break his own hand. I stood up swiftly, getting ready as well. I held my handgun, any moment our attacker would come and make his or her move.
Seconds felt like hours as a shadow finally came out of the debris and limped toward us. “Oh my Go...” Captain America started to say and lower his shield. Fury and the others came to our aid. The shadow came into view and all I say was a long red cape falling to the ground.
“HILL! Get the Medics!” Nick shouted. “He’s hurt bad!” Fury walked towards the fallen shadow and uncovered his face. I gasped in disbelief. It was Thor the demi-god from Asgard. I looked at Captain America and he looked straight back at me. He knew what I was thinking, whoever this is. We’re dealing with something a lot worse than the god of mischief himself


Hey fellow Avengers nerds!!! Wow, nearly 600 views!!! Thanks for the people who enjoy reading my story! I'm the crappiest author ever!! I keep saying that i would post a story soon and i end up posting it months later! I had serious writer's block since the last chapter. But without further a do I finally have the 5th chapter! I feel like this chapter was a little too serious but I'll let you guys decide on that! So here it is Chapter 5! I'll post more soon!! Love ya guys!


I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover
I totally think this could be a GREAT story i hope you update soon!!!!
Lokilover Lokilover