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What Lies Beneath

Chapter 34

Loki made haste to return the Great Hall. He knew that he was running out of time, that the hole in her chest would eventually kill her all over again and then this all would have been for nothing. He looked down at the apple, and wondered idly if it would give her memories back once she was healed, and truly alive again, and not just some seemingly walking corpse. He shook his thoughts away and looked around. He had the ability to teleport himself, and should have that sooner, as he closed his eyes, and a wave of magic washed over him, his body phasing from view on the dark corridor in which he'd been walking.
He found himself standing before the others once more, and there was Felicity laying in the floor, Thor holding her head up as she coughed up the black substance that was Sigyn's venom. Loki just stared for a moment, tears brimming in his eyes. Had he done this all wrong? Had he just made a terrible mistake? He moved towards her, kneeling and reaching out, his hand just barely brushing over her arm, her skin nearly as cool as his to the touch.
“Brother, I certainly hope you know what you're doing.”Thor said as he looked up at the man,”I think she will be lost soon otherwise.”
“I am certain what I have will do the trick.”Loki said as he glanced up at his brother, before looking at Felicity again,”Idun gave me one of the apples.”
“She what?”Thor asked, looking shocked,”How is that going to help?”
“If she is found worthy, it will heal her by granting her immortality.”He explained,”Her body will restore itself.”
“And what of her mind?”Thor asked quietly.
“I do not know.”Loki answered, before pulling the apple out, looking down at it.
He slowly reached and took her head, looking up at Thor, letting the God know that he could move now without speaking a word. Thor did so, and Loki moved slowly into his place, letting Felicity rest against him now. He pulled out a small blade that rested on his hip, and cut just a slice of the apple, before bringing it to Felicity's lips.
“Eat this,”He coaxed softly, his eyes full of worry as he watched her crumbled broken form.
She looked up at him with big sad eyes, pain riddling them, as she fought to focus. She opened her mouth, and then closed it again, not sure that she could eat anything right now. She was in so much pain, and she couldn't understand why. Loki brought the piece of apple to her lips, and pushed slowly, watching as her lips parted again, and she slowly bit down. He cringed at the sight of the black substance that covered her teeth slightly, and the way it was against her lips. He wanted to wipe her clean of it.
Felicity felt a jolt of shock at the sweetness of the apple, how she could so clearly taste it. She didn't even get a hint of the bitter stuff in her mouth, she didn't feel the burn of the substance. She felt the coolness of the apple, the way the juices ran down her throat, almost making the burn feel like it had never happened. She chewed the piece that he'd given her slowly, as if she were savoring it for a moment. She didn't know what he'd given her, but she was grateful for it.
Loki watched as she ate the apple, looking surprised. He wondered what it was like. He never knew, simply because he was born immortal, he was born a god. He never had a need for eating the apple. He was aware that in the last thousand years, only two people had survived, only two had made the change. He hoped that she would make three. He couldn't stand the thought of losing her again. Not while she lay so helpless in his arms.
Felicity swallowed what she'd been given, and then she closed her eyes. Her mind was beginning to fog, and her whole body felt so heavy. She could hear movement around her, but she didn't bother to look and see what was going on. She felt something, though it was hard to describe. It was as if she was suddenly aware of everything. Her beating heart, her breathing, the way her blood ran through her veins. All of it. She was just very aware of it. She sighed softly, before going still, wanting suddenly to just rest, to just let this feeling continue to wash over her.
Loki watched her, before glancing up to see that everyone aside from Odin and Frigga were moving closer. He was feeling a tad bit protective as he watched them with wary cold eyes. He knew they wouldn't hurt her, they had no reason, but he couldn't help himself. He just had this overwhelming urge to make them all back up. Like a mother wolf with her pups.
Felicity was lost in her own mind, she was stuck, fog surrounding her. There was this warmth that was overtaking her, and it caused her to gasp, her body tensing just slightly, before there was a muffled sound that slipped through her lips. She was feeling the warmth, all over, however it was getting to hot, like she was burning from the inside. What was causing all this pain? This though, she knew wasn't exactly pain, it was something else. It was like someone had lit a fire and she was just standing in the middle of it. It was uncomfortable, it was burning, and it made her squirm just slightly.
“Felicity?”Loki asked as he watched her, looking confused.
She didn't answer, she couldn't answer. She only heard his voice, but barely. It sounded as if she were listening to him whisper, his voice muffled by something, by the fog maybe? She wasn't sure. She gasped for air, her body tensing and squirming against Loki's. She was trying to get away from whatever was going on. There was something, a light, and she moved towards it. She wasn't sure what was going on, why this light was so intense, or why it didn't scare her, but as she reached it, stepped into it, everything went blank, and she felt a sudden peace pass over her.
Loki watched as she didn't answer him, as she fought whatever was going on, and after a moment, a small whine slipped through her lips and she went still. He sat there for a moment, his face full of the horrors in his mind. It hadn't worked. She was gone. He just sat there for a moment, holding her body, looking at it, as if he wanted to throw something, wanted to scream. Nothing left his lips, not a movement was made. She was still warm, and he suddenly longed to take back everything. He wished, once more that he'd simply saved her from the man, and then left her alone. This was his own fault.
“Brother.”Thor said softly, reaching out only to have Loki smack his hand away harshly.
“Do not try and comfort me Thor.”Loki snapped not bothering to look up at the man.
Thor glanced towards the others, then back to Loki. He wasn't sure exactly what to do, how make this better. He could see the pain, the guilt, all of it, painted so clearly on Loki's face. He frowned and looked down at the ground, wondering idly if there was maybe an inkling of hope for the woman in his brother's arms. He watched as Loki slowly laid her down, and rose, and Thor had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, if the smack at his hand was any clue as to what was about to happen.
“It was a good try.”Tony spoke up, trying to calm the situation at hand.
“It was not good enough.”Loki spoke, turning, his eyes cold as he stared right through his brother.
“Loki.”Odin said, his voice booming through the room.
“No,”Loki said, turning and looking at Odin, that icy glare aimed completely at the All Father,”Do not start with me,”
He turned and started towards Thor, who was backing up, clearly not wanting this fight. He sneered and shook his head, holding the blade, the one used to cut the apple, so tightly in his hand that his knuckles were turning white. He took a deep breath as he finally had Thor backed in a corner, and he sized the elder God up. Thor was standing, his hands at his sides, his body completely relax, as if to tell Loki that he wasn't going to do this.
“You have once again managed to take everything away from me,”Loki spat angrily,”You could have said no, you could have kept her from coming back here.”
“Brother, she threatened to leave without anyone.”Thor replied, shaking his head,”And she is smart enough to have found a way.”
“You claim that, but not even the Guardian would have let her into Asgard, he would have seen and prevented it.”Loki snapped, as he twirled the knife in his hand for a moment.
“I am sorry brother, I never meant for this.”
“That's just it Thor, you have always managed to put me down, shove me back into the shadows, I find someone that sees me as an equal, sees my worth, and you go off and let her get killed.”Loki hissed, his lips curled into a devilish snarl.
“Brother that was not my intention.”Thor protested.
“That, I can believe, though I have to say, your clear lack of thinking on this situation,”Loki growled, panting as he spoke, his eyes filled with both rage and pain,”It shows just how ignorant you are so often.”
Tony and Steve were moving, wanting to pull the two apart before a fight broke out. Pepper stood there, just watching with a sad expression on her face. Loki brought his hand with the knife up, and was prepared to dig it deep into his brother, twist it, and do so repeatedly until he calmed down, or he killed Thor. He started to bring it down when he felt hands grabbing his arms, yanking him back. He turned, landing an elbow straight into Tony's face, the man stumbling back with a grunt. Steve put himself between Thor and Loki in that moment, crouched and ready to pounce, to fight, to protect.
Loki straightened himself and narrowed his eyes at Steve. He would move, either Loki would throw him, or he'd move on his own accord. Right now, Loki didn't care. He didn't care that Odin and Frigga were watching, he didn't care that his own demeanor was slipping, that he was becoming the one thing that he had strayed from for what seemed like an eternity. It hadn't been that long, it had been months. Felicity had brought the good out in him, and she was gone. He was not in the mood for games or pretending any longer. He waited, moving as if a tiger on the prowl, watching as Steve Rogers continued to hold his ground.
“Brother, stop this.”Thor pleaded with the man.
“No,”Loki snapped,”I am done with petty games, I am done trying, I am nothing to you anyway, these halls, this life, it is a lie,”
“That is not true.”Thor continued as he moved forward again, without moving Steve out of the way,”You know that what you speak is the lies, brother.”
“Is it Thor?”Loki asked, raising an eyebrow,”Because as I recall, you were the chosen one, you were the one full of greatness, the once and future king.”
“Why do you have such hatred in your heart, Loki?”Thor asked, as he shook his head.
“I hold nothing in my heart, Thor,”Loki snapped back,”You have taken everything from me, left me to stand in your shadow, to pretend, and despite father revealing the truth to me, I still hate what I am, because I was raised to hate them, and I am left, alone, a traitor to this realm, a terror in Midgard, a bastard son in my own realm, what is there left for me?”
Loki was shaking all over, his whole body ready to attack. He was full of anger, full of angst. He was mourning his loss, and he was ready to deal with what he was willing to do. Thor could have prevented this, he could have kept Felicity from coming back. Loki crouched, and in a moment was in the air, blade out stretched, his aim on his brother, ignoring the fact that Steve Rogers was coming up to stop the God.
Tony was up and moving, ignoring the blood on his face, the stinging of his nose. He was gunning for Loki, wanting to take him down before either Steve or Thor got hurt. Steve made contact first however, and he, along with Loki, went rolling. Steve landed a punch to Loki's jaw, and then the knife came down, sinking into Steve's shoulder. There was a small cry of pain, before Tony was grabbing Steve and moving him, his fist coming down to make contact with Loki this time. Loki was quick to react, coming up and grabbing Tony by the wrist, his teeth bared in a hateful growl as he shoved the man back.
“Loki stop.”Frigga cried out in horror.
Loki didn't take any time getting back on his feet, watching Tony regain his balance, both men standing tall, facing each other. This had happened once before, back on Midgard, though Loki had thrown Tony out the window that time. Thor was moving forward, and Steve had pulled the knife out of his shoulder, all three men standing now, before Loki, prepared to stop him from doing this.
“Back down.”Tony said simply,”This ain't worth it,”
“It is beyond worth it,”Loki barked,”I will not be left in the shadows to rot anymore.”
“You were never left in the shadows,”Thor argued,”You are my brother, I love you.”
“You love your pride and power far more.”Loki stated angrily.
Loki moved again, creating a blade with his magic. He stared down Thor, knowing it was now or never. He could make this move. He could win this fight. He created a second blade, determined to slash down the other two if they got in his way. He then started forward, his icy eyes full of malice for the men before him. He brought the blade up, all three men not bothering to move, and smiled wickedly at them. Their time was now, his time was now. He felt his heart racing with anticipation, his blood pumping that adrenaline through his veins. He was still shaking, he was still feeling that tightness in his throat over his loss, but the blood he was ready to spill, it would make up for what he missed so dearly.
He turned and glanced towards nothing, and then, there were four of him standing there. All of them had knives. All of them shared his look of disgust, anguish, hate, all of them, moving towards the three. They all moved in unison, in a swift movement, as to confuse the three standing before him, as to which one was the real Loki. He stopped, facing Steve Rogers, and as all his holographic copycats did so, his face turned into a cruel sort of smile. Victory would be his. He brought the knife up, and in a swift movement, it was planted hard into Thor's shoulder, he having used the advantage of confusion, to pinpoint where the armor separated just slightly, and he watched his brother's reaction. He then brought his other blade up and slipped it into Thor's side, turning away from Steve in time to avoid being grabbed or hit. He stood there, watching as his brother grunted in pain, gritting his teeth as he slipped to his knees. Creating another blade, he brought it up to bring the final blow, glancing at Steve and Tony, waiting for them to react, to try and stop him.
“Loki.”A voice rang out, causing Loki to stop dead in his tracks, his face going pale and blank.
“Oh sweet Jesus.”Tony said under his breath staring in shock.
“Loki, look at me,”The voice snapped, causing Loki to turn slowly and stare.
“F-”He started but her small hand rose, stopping his words as they began.
“This,”She said and pointed to his brother,”What have you done?”
“I-I'm sorry.”He said softly, his hand releasing the blade that faded with a green smoke.
“Are you?”She asked as she moved towards him, her eyes narrowed.
“Yes.”He replied, his eyes once again brimming with tears, as he frowned at her.
“I don't see someone that is sorry,”She growled, shaking her head, tears welling in her eyes,”I don't see someone that promised to never act out like this,”
“I...”He said before stopping as she turned away from him,”I thought I'd lost you.”
“That is your excuse?”She asked as she snapped her head to look at him again,”That is your way of mourning me, to kill your brother?”
“Felicity.”He said softly, reaching a hand out to her,”Please.”
She turned and caught his hand, digging her nails in as she watched him. He'd flinched at her touch, which was nearly as cool as his. She then moved forward, so that she was standing toe to toe with him, tears trailing down her cheek as she studied him for a moment. She could see that he was sincere, that he was being honest. She could see that it was grief that had over took him. She shook her head and looked away.
“You've disappointed me, Loki,”She said softly.
“I'm so sorry.”Loki whispered, looking down, clearly frustrated and upset.
“I know you are.”She replied, as she turned and walked away from him,”But you just tried to kill your brother, you just attacked innocents, instead of just...being sad.”
“If my brother hadn't agreed to bring you here...”Loki protested before his words were caught in his throat as she looked at him again.
“Your brother was far from agreeing to what I wanted.”She snapped, watching as he swallowed hard, standing there as if afraid,”I demanded that he take me, I demanded that I see her.”
“Why?”He asked, tilting his head as he took a deep breath, unsure of what to do right now.
“Because, she was threatening to kill a lot of people, for what?”She replied,”For you?”
“I-I did not want her.”
“Doesn't matter, she'd snapped, she was jealous and angry, and you were the source of it,”Felicity continued, as she studied Loki carefully,”I was willing to take the risk, to save people.”
“You made a foolish move, and you died.”Loki protested,”You were gone, and if it weren't for Hel, you'd still be lost to me.”
“So, this justifies your actions?”She asked, narrowing her eyes,”You promised me, you would give up these things, that hate, that you wouldn't act on it, that you would not kill, because I recall telling you, that I'd walk away the moment you did.”
“No.”He managed to get the word out, though it was weak, cracked.
“Give me one good reason, Loki Laufeyson, why I shouldn't take my new found immortality, and just walk away with it.”She hissed, raising an eyebrow, letting him know that she was aware of what had happened.
“Because I do love you.”Loki pleaded, falling to his knees in that moment of weakness,”Because when you are near, I want to control myself, I want to be the better man, because I am truly sorry for my actions.”
“Oh?”She asked as she moved so she was standing in front of him,”You love me so much you'd break a promise,”
“I..I wish I hadn't.”Loki admitted, shaking his head,”I wish I could take this all back,”
“You really mean that?”She asked, her eyes softening as she watched him beg.
“Yes.”He said softly, his voice once again dropping to a mere whisper.
“I want you to be punished, reasonably, and I want you to accept it without a fight.”She said before looking at Odin,”I want you to strip him of his powers, and return him to Midgard.”
“Felicity.”Thor spoke up, looking surprised.
“No, he needs to learn, there must be consequences for his actions,”She said as she met Thor's gaze,”I love him, but I will not let this promise broken go by so easily.”
“And will you return with him?”Odin asked, as he watched her closely.
“Yes.”She said as she looked towards Odin,”I wouldn't allow him to face this alone, but he has to learn.”
“Very well, I think it is a reasonable punishment, I did the same to Thor for his misdeeds.”Odin said quietly.
“You still love me?”Loki asked, his eyes still on her face as he remained on his knees,”I have done the worst thing, and you still love me.”
“Whether or not you do things that are questionable, you saved me, I have seen and felt your love, and as mad at you as I am right now, yes, Loki, I love you.”She answered as she looked down,”You're not getting out of this, however.”
“I didn't think you'd allow me to.”Loki answered honestly, and looked down at the ground.
Odin reached out his hand, and as he spoke, Loki felt the change, his body growing weaker, and then suddenly it was over, and he collapsed forward. He gasped for air and turned to see Odin putting something in a jar, a small jar, one that could be worn on a necklace.
“Felicity,”Odin spoke as he held his hand out,”You must wear this, and when you think he is redeemed, you may return his power.”
Loki slowly climbed to his feet, staring at Felicity as she reached out and took the necklace, putting it around her head, so that the jar rested against her chest gracefully. He blinked before looking down, a tap on his shoulder gaining his attention. He turned and that was about the time that Tony Stark knocked him in the nose, causing Loki to stumble back with a cry of pain, blood gushing out.
“That.”Tony said as he wiped his hands on his jeans,”Was for being an ass.”
“Alright, enough.”Felicity said as she stood there, glaring at Tony,”No more fighting.”
Loki was holding his nose, and glaring at Tony, who looked pleased with himself as Pepper walked over and hit his arm, shaking her head. Thor had brought himself into a standing position, though it was clear that he was in pain, and Steve was standing there, blood coming out of his shoulder, watching everything with quiet thoughtful eyes. Felicity stood proudly before looking at Loki, reaching over and touching his arm just slightly.
“No more violence tonight.”She said to everyone, as she took a deep breath,”We need to return to Earth, and Thor, you need to get yourself fixed.”
“I can go to the healers, and return to Earth at a later time.”Thor answered her, his voice strained slightly.
“Alright,”She said softly, looking at him,”I'm sorry.”
“Do not be sorry,”Thor said, as he took a deep breath,”I should apologize for having not protected you better.”
“You did what you could.”She replied lightly before looking at Frigga and Odin,”I don't know what this immortality thing means, and right now, I don't really care...I'm taking Loki back to Earth, taking him home, and we'll return when he's figured himself out.”
“I wish you well,”Frigga said softly, before glancing at her youngest son,”Know that we do love you, we always have.”
Loki said nothing as Felicity took his arm, turning without saying another word herself, and slipped out of there. She noticed that Tony, Pepper, and Steve were following closely behind. Good. She didn't want them to get left here. She didn't want to stay here. She wanted her bed, glancing at Loki, their bed. She wanted to pretend that she hadn't seen Loki do those things, hear what he'd said. She frowned as she looked down.
“You're not left to rot in the shadows.”She told him softly,”I wouldn't let that happen,”
“You..”Loki said and looked at her with both horror and sadness.
“Yes, I heard everything.”She replied honestly.
They had made their way outside, and there were horses waiting on them, and she could see that neither Tony nor Steve looked overly pleased. She laughed lightly and watched as Loki climbed upon the eight legged horse, and she hesitated. This was his kid. She didn't forget that. The horse made a sound at her and she sighed before climbing on as well.
“You have regained your memories?”Loki asked, as he glanced back at her.
“I didn't know I'd lost them.”She said with a laugh,”I do remember being...well...”
“What else do you remember?”He asked curiously.
“Hel.”She said lightly,”The girl that dragged me out of the fields,”
“My daughter.”He said lightly, with a small laugh.
“I figured as much, she seemed overly...protective of you.”
Loki laughed lightly as they headed out, straight towards the bifrost. He wasn't pleased with his lack of powers, though he could feel almost a warmth of them coming from the piece of jewelry around her neck. He glanced back for a moment, and watched as she reached up and touched it, as if she were loving it. He sighed softly and looked away. He had broken his promise, and her harshest punishment that she could come up with, was taking his power away. He wasn't sure what to do with that. There was a curiosity about what abilities she had now, to what extent her powers went. She was a goddess now, immortal. She wasn't a mortal that was frail and easy to break, and she was easily the most intimidating creature he knew. She had control of him, more so then anyone ever could, and she wasn't even aware of it. She wasn't even concerned with it. They were equals. She loved him, and saw nothing but the best in him, despite his overly terrible qualities. He still couldn't wrap his mind around that, he still struggled it, even after months together.
They arrived at the bifrost and each person climbed off their horse, Loki reaching out and taking Felicity's hand to help her down. He turned and frowned. He wasn't sure how he felt about anything right now. He had completely lost himself in that moment he was positive she was gone. He shook his head before feeling a hand squeeze his. He glanced over to see that Felicity was watching him with careful eyes. Loki managed a small smile, before starting forward. It was time to return to Earth, to serve out his punishment, though he was grateful to say that he wasn't doing this alone.
Standing there, waiting, watching as the gate to Midgard opened, Loki felt his heart racing, his whole body shaking just slightly. He would live hell for his reactions to her death. He was so sure of it. The man of iron, and the patriotic one would not let him live it down. They would no longer trust him. He gritted his teeth just slightly. He wasn't truly worried about regaining their trust. Only one person mattered in this moment, and she stood silently beside him. He felt a tug and turned to see that it was Felicity doing so. Loki found himself smiling again, as he felt the pull of the portal, drawing him towards Midgard, towards a realm he would be forced to call home for awhile. Felicity reached up, and let her lips rest against his, and he wrapped his arms around her. They kissed, his body leaning down to match her height as they were both tugged together through, a bright flash of light wrapping around their bodies as they proceeded with the trip home.


I am possibly going to do a sequel but I'm not totally sure yet.
At any rate, I hope you enjoyed this, and I am planning another piece that should be up soon


I'd love to read a sequel to this story!
It's really great
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Please update I'm addicted I need more
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I love this story!!! Please update soon!!!!
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Saw your footnote in chapter 8 - you're welcome! :) I feel bad for Felicity and how she has to start moving around just as she got settled in. Can't wait for the next update!
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Woohoo! I love when you update! Please do so more frequently, because I'm anxious to see how this turns out. :)
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy