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What Lies Beneath

Chapter 5

Felicity could honestly say she was having trouble with this whole, a matter of survival thing, because this was not something she had expected. He was very serious, she could see that on his face as they stood after finishing their food. She didn't think she liked New York City anymore. She wanted to run, and keep running till she hit the Pacific Ocean, put as much distance between herself and what was going on here as she possibly could.
“You should relax, you're far to tense.”Loki said lightly and looked down at her as they left the restaurant and started down the street again.
“I'm fine.”She lied, looking around at everything.
“No, you're not.”He called her out, without even thinking twice about it,”You're not going to get hurt or end up dead, even if something were to go wrong...well anyway....those, like the man inside, wont hurt you.”
“Go wrong....what do you mean go wrong, like they kill you or something?”She asked, and looked over to him for a moment. He wasn't looking at her anymore. She was finding herself both curious and scared, the more she thought about it, the more she didn't like this.
“Or something.”He replied softly.
Felicity didn't know why, but something in his tone made her throat tighten a bit. She didn't like that, she shouldn't be feeling any emotions towards her kidnapper other then anger. Right? Except he keeps telling her, he's trying to protect her. What's up with that? This...man...god...is trying to protect her from....something....something big, why shouldn't she be a little emotional over that?
“What's going on Loki?”She asked, reaching out, not thinking about it, and touching his arm just slightly.
“This is something I must do, and if I fail...if I can not do what I'm intended as a god....”He started before looking at Felicity and pulling away, straightening himself up again, and squaring his shoulders off,”Just...know that no harm will come to you, and be at peace with that much.”
Felicity yanked her hand back away from him, and shoved it in her pocket quickly, looking away from him. She gritted her teeth, fighting off the urge to scream at him for reacting like that. That was the most emotion she'd seen out of him since well...he had kidnapped her. Her mind was spinning in circles over what he was after, what he could possibly be planning. She bit her lip slightly as she looked away from him, and watched a few people passing them by as they headed back to the hotel. She grabbed the door handle and was getting ready to step inside when there was a sound behind them, and then she felt Loki's arm wrap around her waist, pulling her away. She let out a small yelp, having not expected that. She was pushed away from him, and stumbled before regaining her balance, to see that there were two men standing before Loki, and he was looking at her, not them.
“Run.”He said simply.
Felicity was froze. She wasn't going to run. She didn't think her feet would carry her. She stared at the man in the red and gold painted iron suit. Iron man. She'd seen things about him in the news. Then it clicked in her head. Tony Stark. That's who had spoken to them earlier tonight. She blinked. What did he want with Loki? And what about this guy in the all american uniform, with a...shield. What the hell was up with that? She started towards them, but Loki held his hand up, telling her to stop where she was. She did so without much thought of it.
“Go, now.”He told her again, urging her with his voice to get out of there.
“L-...”She started to say, but it was cut off when she choked on the word, because in that moment, Iron man hit Loki up into the sky with a force unlike anything she'd ever seen.
That got Felicity to burst into action. She took off running, however it wasn't in the opposite direction. She was heading towards the two that had just come at them for no reason. She stepped in front of Iron Man, putting her hands up in front of him, trying to tell him to stop, but he just took off into the sky after Loki. She let out a scream, before looking at the All american boy with his shield.
“Make him stop!”She cried out, desperation in her voice.
“I can't do that, ma'm.”He replied simply.
“Why?!”She screamed before looking up in the sky, feeling her throat getting tight again, her eyes wide and full of fear.
“He's not someone you should allow to court you around, ma'm, I'm sorry, but this is what we do.”The man said before he turned and took off into the crowd, apparently going to catch up with Iron Man, and Loki.
Felicity just stood there, a numbness seeming to just surround her for a moment. What was that about? Loki hadn't done anything....not that she knew of. Yeah, okay according to mythology, he was a bit of an ass, but in the last day, she hadn't seen him do anything wrong. Not a single thing. What were they doing? The god had saved her. That meant he wasn't completely bad, right? Her head was spinning, and she didn't think as she took off running after the American wonder, wanting to catch up and see if she couldn't stop this somehow. What was she going to do exactly....she had no idea, but she needed answers, and she needed them to leave Loki alone.
Loki landed on top of a building, a grunt slipping through his lips as he looked up to see Iron Man hovering over him. He slowly got to his feet, a grimace on his face as he glared at the man, before shaking his head. Iron man slowly landed on the ground, waiting, as if he expected Loki to fight back in this very moment.
“What are you doing?”Loki asked, raising an eyebrow,”You were just seen by several million people attacking an innocent person, Iron Man.”
“You're not innocent, and you're not welcome on this planet, not after what you pulled the last two times you were here.”Tony Stark replied, a clear smirk could be heard in his voice.
“I wasn't doing anything wrong, I took a lovely woman out to dinner, after, I might note, I saved her life two nights ago.”Loki replied, as he started towards Iron Man,”You know....you're going to end up making yourself the bad guy here.”
“Look, We're aware you're up to something, and we're getting Thor back tonight, he knows your out of Asgard and have returned to Earth, you've messed up this time, we're well prepared for whatever you're planning.”
“You assume I'm planning anything,”Loki counted, a smirk on his own face,”Clearly I haven't done anything wrong, you're just being biased based on when we last met, Avenger.”
“Yeah...well...I have a good reason for that.”Tony replied, letting out a small laugh,”You caused a lot of damage last time you decided to take a vacation.”
“I have served my time, as I mentioned earlier, I'm a free man, and there is nothing you can do about me being here.”Loki snapped at Tony Stark, giving a mocking laugh as he shook his head,”It doesn't matter what you think you're prepared for, you wont stop me this time, because you wont know what's happening until it's too late, that I promise you.”
“No, we're going to stop you, because we're taking you in, and we're holding you until Thor arrives to take you back to Asgard.”Tony said as he started towards Loki.
Felicity felt her heart racing, where had they gone? Her eyes were wide with fear as she nearly knocked people over, her feet trying to carry her to Loki, to Iron man, to this fight that shouldn't even, in her head, be happening. She was panting, sweat covered her brow. Where were they? She grunted as an arm went around her waist, and she started to struggle, kicking at the person's shins, and trying hard to get an elbow to the face.
“Listen ma'm, I'm going to have to stop you right there, you're not going to keep following me into a fight that isn't yours.”The voice behind her said.
“Listen, Patriot act....you're hurting the wrong person.”She growled as she struggled against the man.
“No, we're not, we know exactly what we're doing.”He informed her with a voice so serious, she was almost willing to accept that.
“Look....he saved my life two nights ago....and while as he has gone to extremes to make sure I get better...”She said, not wanting to say that he'd kidnapped her and dragged her several thousand miles from her home,”He hasn't done anything wrong, whatever is going on, you've got the wrong person.”
“I'm afraid we don't, and one good deed doesn't make up for all the bad.”The man said as he started down the ally.
“Where are you taking me?”She asked as she continued to fight against him.
“It seems, ma'm, as much as I hate to do this, I'm going to use you as leverage.”The man explained.
“Do what?”She snapped as she began fighting harder, just an elbow to the face and she could get away,”I'm not...no...you can't make me damn it!”
“Well...unless you can break my arm, I'm not letting go.”He said, making it a clear challenge in Felicity's head.
“Okay well....I just might!”She snapped at him as she began kicking again, hoping to at least slow him down a bit. She wasn't sure where this was going, where he was taking her, but she was now leverage....for a man....that had saved her life, kidnapped her, confessed to being a norse god...a man she just watched get his ass handed to him by Iron Man....a man that....she really shouldn't even, in all honestly, give a shit about. But she was starting to. She had started to. She was in trouble now. Felicity was in way to deep, and she was pretty sure, it was only going to get worst from here.
Loki dodged Iron man this time, getting a good hit in that sent the man flying through the air, hitting a building close to them. Iron man didn't let that phase him as he got right back up and started at Loki again. Neither man was willing to back down. Loki was looking around as he fought Iron man, keeping his eye out. Had Felicity gotten away? He wasn't so sure. He'd seen how she'd froze when Iron Man and Captain America had arrived. He snarled his lip as he reached his hand out, his staff forming in his hand from a thick black cloud of smoke, and he held it up, a bright beam of green light shooting out of it, and hitting Iron Man, sending the man, once again flying back with such force that Loki honestly hoped he wouldn't get up. He watched as Iron man went rolling, and stopped, taking a moment to get up. Good, he was slowing down just a bit. That's when everything went to hell in a small pretty hand basket.
Loki heard screaming, and turned to see Captain America heading his way, and in his arms, was Felicity fighting for all she was worth. Loki snarled his lip and started towards Captain America, wanting to get that girl away from the Avengers as quickly as possible, when the man in red, white and blue, stopped, and placed Felicity on the ground.
“I told you to run, stupid girl.”Loki snapped at her.
“Technically I did...”She grumbled back, but the fear was evident on her face.
“Listen, Loki, I don't want to do this to her, it's clear she's innocent, however, she's been around you enough to have information that we can pull from her, and we will take her back to our headquarters if you don't surrender right now to us.”Captain America said, making it clear that he wasn't playing around about this.
“Don't....don't listen to him...”Felicity said, before looking up at the man with way to much patriotism, then back to Loki,”It's a game, you know I don't know anything....don't you dare listen to him, I don't care if I have to punch you again, you're not doing this.”
“Now, Loki.”Iron Man said, as he came up behind the God of Mischief,”Give up, or we take her with us....and trust me, you wont find her to get her back,”
“Loki....don't.”Felicity snapped at him.
Loki held his head up and turned to look at Iron Man, which caused everyone around to tense up just slightly, however, Loki simply held his wrists out and let Iron Man cuff him. Felicity let out a yelp as she was then cuffed as well. She was wide eyed and looking up at the man that had dragged her there, the one with the shield.
“I'm sorry....you know to much.”He said simply,”We have to.”
“But....I don't know anything...”She mumbled as she was ushered to move along.


I'd love to read a sequel to this story!
It's really great
drakkya drakkya
Please update I'm addicted I need more
larasong larasong
I love this story!!! Please update soon!!!!
JKinzz JKinzz
Saw your footnote in chapter 8 - you're welcome! :) I feel bad for Felicity and how she has to start moving around just as she got settled in. Can't wait for the next update!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy
Woohoo! I love when you update! Please do so more frequently, because I'm anxious to see how this turns out. :)
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy