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The Sun Hasn't Died


Welcome to the new age...

Like most of the world in the aftermath of the Chitauri, Loki, Thor, and the Battle of New York, Captain America is having an existential crisis. A chance meeting with a female priest leads him to look for some answers on how to make sense of his new reality. What Cap gets instead, however, is a 1,000 year old secret society, a new deadly threat, an unusual perspective, and an unexpected romance.

Story contains crossover elements from X-Men (if you squint) and The Secret World (not-so-much-squinting-required to identify that one). Also contains strong spiritual/religious themes, having been inspired by Cap's declaration that "There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that", but nothing too preachy. Faith is a major theme, taken from a pluralistic point of view.

Rated for sexual themes; may increase as the story progresses.


  1. Prologue

    Eli's POV

  2. Man Out of Time

    Captain America's POV

  3. Welcome to the New Age

    Steve tries to find his place; Fury makes an unwelcome house call

  4. Blood At Twilight

    Captian Americ's POV

  5. Darkness, Slithering

    Darkness consumes Mother Eli and Steve can only watch


Ah!!!! I love this! It is so different from anything that I have read. Please please please keep writing. Eli is such a diverse character, I mean she's somewhat timid yet when she puts on the mask she fierce. Very believable character. Cant wait to read more!

caitlinjones012 caitlinjones012