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Chapter 3

Tony was watching the whole thing from his cage of punishment "This is gold! Jarvis are you recording this!?" Tony asked. "Indeed sir," Jarvis said "Stop Thor!" Clint yelled Thor picked up Clint by the scruff of his neck. Thor hopped off somewhere with the small rabbit "Okay Tony your time is up!" Natasha said she came and opened his cage. She picked up Tony by the scruff of his neck she spotted Clint's clothes on the floor. "Clint went nude," Tony chuckled "I will get him back I just bought this cute purple dress," she said. Tony chuckled Natasha was going to give him a bath just that he didn't know about it. When she got into the bathroom Tony began to put two and two together. "No!" Tony yelled but Natasha placed him in the warm water he was thrashing around in the water.

Meanwhile Thor made a little nest with t-shirts that belonged to Tony, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, and Clint. He built it in Tony's lab under Tony's prized Audi he placed Clint in the nest. "What are you doing?" Clint said in the nest somehow he knew what it was and was hopping around to find a spot. When he did he settled down his eyes where getting heavy and somehow he fell asleep Thor hopped into the nest and settled in himself to sleep.

Tony was done with his bath he had a red bow tied around him "Now aren't you adorable! I like you better in this form you are so cute and easier to manage wait till Pepper sees you!" Natasha cooed. Tony broke free from her and made a fast dash to his lab where he knew he was safe. "Jarvis lock the lab!" Tony said "Yes sir," Jarvis said Tony hopped off to his Audi only to be surprise what he saw under his baby. It was Thor I a somewhat nest of t-shirt! "That's where my Black Sabith shirt went," he said he crawled under the car and was not surprise to find Clint snuggled close to Thor sleeping. The sight was adorable "If you can't beat them join them," Tony said he hopped into the nest laying beside Clint the three rabbits slept there that noon.

Meanwhile in the common room, Bruce was searching every where to Clint and the others. Mostly Clint he had a soft spot for the rabbit he loved it when Clint snuggled close to him. "Bruce what are you doing?" Steve asked walking in with Natasha. "I can't find him-I mean them! I can't find them!" he said. "Whose them?" Natasha asked. "The rabbits!" Bruce said while he was under the coffee table. Steve and Natasha began to worry as well they made a frantic search for the rabbits "Jarvis where are they!?" Natasha asked the AI. "They are in the lab miss but Mr. Stark told me to lock it," he said. "Steve give me a boost to that air vent!" Bruce said Steve rushed over to him and did "Where are you going?" Natasha asked Bruce popped open the air event and hopped in. "Clint showed me around the air vents I know how to get into the lab," Bruce said crawling away.

When Bruce found the air vent that lead to the lab he began to crawl as fast as he could when he got to the vent that lead to the lab he kicked it open. He hopped down "I'm still not use to that," Bruce said "Jarvis where are they?" Bruce asked patting his clothes out of dust. "Under the Audi Dr. Banner," Jarvis said he walked over to the Audi "Where are they?" Bruce asked again look around the car and inside it. "Check under," Jarvis said Bruce got on all four and looked under the car "Aw!" Bruce said he pulled his cellphone he clicked a few pictures and sent them too the rest of the gang. In the common room, Natasha and Steve where watching Transformers "Do you thing Tony can make a robotic car?" Steve asked he was into the movie. He liked Bumblebee and Sam "Probability but lets not show him this movie or else he would be locked in his lab for years!" Natasha said. Soon they heard their phones beeped at the same time they pulled them out there was one unread message. They opened the message Natasha squealed and Steve went 'Aw' "That is my wallpaper!" Natasha said Steve made it his wallpaper as well. In the picture Tony was curled into Thor while Thor was just sleeping but the cutest thing ever was seeing Clint sleeping on top of them.




When will you be Updating!?!?!
I LOVE this story.
This is actually really cute!