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Shaun Banner: Agent Hulk II

Vacation: The End

After the battle everyone was allotted a two week vacation. Shaun and Victoria went to the Bahamas together. Bruce went to go see Candice Tellop, they got married and went on a honeymoon to Hawaii. Clint went home to his wife and took her to a resort in Canada. Captain America went to see his daughter (Kayla) and his son-in-law (Luke), along with Tony stark and they all went to ranch in Montana, for family time. Fury went to oops my bad thats classified.

The Bahamas (a month later)

Shaun: This is great.
Victoria: I know, I love it.
Shaun: Me too.
Victoria: Do you think our relationship will go anywhere.
Shaun: Are you talking about engagement and marriage?
Victoria: Yea!
Shaun: I think someday soon, that could happen, but can't give away any secrets.
Victoria: *giggles*.

Bruce and Candice.

Bruce: I love you and I'm sorry for leaving you in the past.
Candice: I love you too, and just never again.
Bruce: Of course.
Candice: Great.
Bruce: Shaun is very talented agent, one of the best.
Candice: I know.
Bruce and Candice: *laugh and relax*...

Clint and family.

Clint: Victoria is doing well and she has a boyfriend and its serious.
Family: *laugh and have a good vacation with Clint for the next two weeks*....

Captain America: Kayla I have missed you.
Kayla: Me too.
Luke: I have heard about Shaun and Victoria, and they might join our team.
Captain America: WOW.
Tony: No more work talk, let's get drunk already.


P.S.: There will be a part two of this.


The end



Part 2 coming soon

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Buddy, you posted the chapter twice

I like it