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This Isn't Freedom, This Is Fear

Gear up, it's time

Steve was in the hangar getting ready when Falcon and Black Widow come over. "Hey Cap, you're going to need our help." Black widow says sympathetically. "She's right Cap, so now that you heard what she had to say, when do we start?" Falcon says. "We just did. Gear up, it's time." Steve says, in an orderly fashion. After ten minutes, Steve, Falcon, and Black Widow were in a Quinjet to New York City, again. "So Cap, everyone thinks this guy, The Winter Soldier, is a myth. He's a brainwashed assassin." Natasha informs Steve. He knew this already, he knew everything, Bucky was his friend. Bucky and Steve were like brothers. The quinjet makes it to the drop off point, and the team get's ready. "So if you ask Kirsten out from statistics she'll probably say yes." Nat says to Steve, smiling. "That's why I don't ask, because I'm too busy." Steve tells her. He jumps out and dives to the ground, and his parachute activates. He lands and soon falcon and black widow follow behind him. They walk inside and they head to the command room. They make it inside and they see him. The winter soldier was waiting for him. And surrounding the three heroes were soviet military officers, who looked like normal everyday U.S. citizens. They were surrounded, with no way out. They had to defeat the Russians, or die trying.



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