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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 1 New home

"Loki Odinson! For your crimes against earth you shall be punished!"
Odin's voice boomed in the hall. Loki stood there, him mouth bound along with him hands. He glared at his father, who simply looked at him with disappointment.
"You shall be stripped of your magic and you shall join Thor on Earth. There you will learn the ways of humanity and until you can appreciate its life, you will stay there. When you have been seen to have learned your lesson, we will see, if you may return home.
"Thor rested a firm yet gentle hand on Loki's shoulder.
"Brother d not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours. You just need to see it."

Loki looked over to see Frigga watching him, his 'mother'. If there was any one person he felt guilty around, it was her. Loki did not understand why he had bonded so well, with someone he now knew was not his actual mother, but he did. Her eyes held sadness and relief in them. Sadness, probably from what he had done, but relief that his punishment was not quite as sever as some would believe it should have been. Loki supposed that he was also relived. He could be sent off to be torchured and silent for the rest of his days, instead he was being sent to the place he tried to destroys. To live with the pathetic people of earth. Loki closed his eyes as he felt the mouth piece and wrist bonds leave him. A small feeling of freedom came to his mind. Thor grabbed Loki's arm, asking him to the portal being held open for them. Thor desperately hoped that Loki would soon see the mistake he has made and come to enjoy earth as much as he has. Maybe, just maybe, even make a friend..or more.

"Come brother, we must see Stark, he will know how to go on with your life here."
Tony looked at the many papers sitting in front of him. A mess of information he did not quite consider important.
'Sir' Jarvis said. His electronic voice rang through the house.
"Hum?" Was Tony's only response.
'There is a "Thor"' here, requesting your presents.'
Tony looked up from the papers.
"Show me the camera." Jarvis did so and in view came Thor and Loki.
"Let them up." Tony marched over to the elevator and waited for Thor.
When the doors opened Tony crossed his arms.
"Big guy, why is raindeer games here?" Thor smiled, and pulled Tony into him with one arm.
"Loki is here to learn the ways of your people, until he can learn to accept the human race, he is to live like one."
Tony raised an eyebrow and then looked at Loki.
"Seriously?" Thor nodded and gave another confident smile. Tony bursted into laughter.
"Oh, this is to good. You try to kill everyone on earth, and now you have to live like the same people you tried to kill? Ha! Good luck with that." Loki glared at Tony.
How dare he laugh at him.
"Tony, I need your help, I am able to go to my beloved Jane at any time, but Loki, does not have someone to go to. He needs to adjust some how." Tony backed away from Thor and waved his hands at him.
"'Woah woah woah, you want me to take care of mr, sneeky-pants over here? Um no, he is your problem, not mine." Loki didn't like this, being talked about as though he was not standing right there.
"I will not be part of this any longer." Loki turned away and made his way to the elevator. Tony rolled his eyes.
"Here is what I will do, Peppers got this friend, tough cookie, but she is a softy for those in need, I will give her a call and see if she can help you out until Loki can stand on his own to feet." Thor hugged Tony.
"Thank you!" Tony shrugged him off.
"Yeah, yeah, I will have Pep get a hold of Jane when I find out alright, until then he will have to stay with you and her." Thor nodded before going to catch up with his brother.
"Oh and big guy?" Thor turned to face him.
"Get some normal clothes on the two of you, you look like a bunch of midevial nerds."

"Brother!" Thor called. Loki turned around to see Thor approching him.
"Tony has agreed to help but for now we shall go to see Jane." Loki rolled his eyes.
"I dont need charity." Thor sighed.
"Brother if you want to return to Asgard, your going to have to accept this, you know if you were anyone else, your punishment would have been much worse." Loki crossed his arms but said nothing, knowing the statment was true. It was only because Odin thought of him as a son that he was not casted away with a much larger charge.

Pepper walked into the large apartment her and Tony shared to find Tony flipping through an address book. She raised an eyebrow.
"What are you doing?" Tony looked up as Pepper approached him.
"Im looking for Bella's number. I cant find in in our system or in theses fuckin address books either."
Pepper crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.
"Maybe that because she didnt want you to have her number anymore." Tony scoffed.
"And why would that be? Her and I have been friends forever!"
"Yeah then twilight came out and you kept asking her how Edward and Jacob were doing." Tony waved his hand and Pepper in a dissmisive motion.
"Its a joke." Pepper moved closer to Tony and placed her hands on his shoulders.
"Tony..shes a comedian, she can take a joke, but it gets old." Tony rolled his eyes again.
"So do you have her number or not?" Pepper nodded and looked through her phone giving him the number.

Tony dialed the number infront of and then listened to the soft ring.
"Yello." A female voice answered.
"Hey Bella, its Tony!" He hered a small sigh on the other end.
"What is it Tony." Her voice was clearly unhappy.
"Hey dont be like that! Anyway I have a huge favor to ask you."
"No." Was all she said. Tony frowned.
"You dont even know what it is yet."
"I dont need to, when ever you ask me for a favor I end up wanting to kill you." Tony scoffed.
"Name one time-"
"Hey! That was an emergancy!"
"I dont care Tony."
"Please, please please."
"Ugh, what is it?"
"I have this...friend, and he needs a place to stay, he is, from really..really far away and doesnt have the means to be on his own yet." Tony could hear Bella making a dry laugh.
"And you cant place him somewhere in your huge ass house?"
"No, personally..I dont like the guy, infact Im doing it for his brother, who is also from far away and is staying with his own chick, who does not have room for the two of them."
"What are you not telling me?" Tony bit his lip.
"Nothing my ass, who is the guy? A fucking crazy person?"
"No! His name is l...eon...Leon and he is not crazy, at least not as crazy as you. Please Izzy! I need you, he needs you! teach him the ways of life!"
Another sigh came from the other end of the phone. "Fine, but I swear to god Tony, if this guy ends up being a fucking serial killer, I will blow up your god damn building, and you know its true."
"Yes! Great! I will call you when he is on his way, Im sure he will be there sometime tonight.
"Fine, bye."

Tony closed his wist and thrusted it back while raising his knee.
"I am guessing it went well sir." Jarvis stated. Tony nodded.
"Yes, but I still have some work to do, call Jane and have her get Loki and Thor here." Jarvis did as he was told and within a half hour Loki and Thor were at his door.
"Good news! She agreed, of course I had to use some of my Stark charm on her but in the end I got my way as usual." Thor smiled.
"This is great!" Tony nodded but put up a finger.
"Yes, but wait, there is a catch." Loki rolled his eyes.
"Of course there is." Tony smirked.
"She does not know it is Loki thats going to be staying with her." Thor gave him a confused look.
"But will she not know when he arrives." Tony didnt say anything for a moment but simply looked at Loki. Lokis eyes widened.
"No, absolutly not."

"You dont look bad brother!" Loki glared at Thor who grinned foolishly. Tony crossed his arms.
"I think I did well." Loki looked in the mirror unamused. Tony had cut and died his hair to be a brownish blonde color as well as contacts to change his eye color from green to blue. He admited he did look pretty different. Loki had also noted that he had not shaved in a while, and it helped distinguish the look.
"Now, you can not only full Bella, but everyone! You wont have to worry about an angry mob chasing you down. Though that would be funny." Loki glared at the man who now smirked at him.
"Come on, lets take you to her house, not you though big guy, we didnt change you." Thor nodded and patted Loki on the back.
"Good luck brother."

Bella brushed her messy blonde hair. It was light and thin, so it tended to get in her face a lot. A buzz came from the other room. Bella quickly made her way to it and pushed a button.
"Hey its me!" A voice that belonged to non other than Tony Stark. Bella buzzed him in. She unlocked the door and then headed to the kitch to poor herself some tea. She could hear the foot steps approching the door.

"Ok now remember, your name is Leon, your from great Britain, and keep the talking of any past to a minimum. If she finds out who you are it will be the death of both of us alright?" Loki nodded, but was very annoyed.

He was being treated as a child. Loki could only imagin what the sight of this woman would be, probably short, average to look at, with nothing special to talk about. Tony knocked on the door but didnt wait for a responce, simply opening it. Loki looked around the living area of the appartment with thought. The walls were a light blue color and were covered by many different things such as paintings, book shelves and odd decorations. The furniture was a slightly different color more on the purple side. The coffee table was oval shaped and sat infront of the main couch, it had coster and magizines on it, as well as two remote controls. The couches faced a large Tv set on a nother table with shelves on it that held a Dvd player and a few movies. There was one lamp that stood between the couch and chair, it seemed as it was only used at night considering the window on the wall infront of him let in a very great amount of light. To his left the wall came up only half way, making a sort of wall window into the next room that was the kitchen. Its walls were a pale green color along with dark green cabinits that didnt reach all the way to the cealing, but instead had what looked to be fake plants ontop of them. A small round table that seated four was also there. It was white and the chairs where also except for the light green padding on the seat.On the table was a mug, that was steaming slightly, the contents was unknown. Loki had to admit, that he would not mind living here, and that her home was rather nice. That of course is not something he would say out loud.

"Bella?" Tony called out.
Loki was preoccupied with examining his wearabouts, that he did not notice Bella come out from another room carrying a hamper.
"Hey, sorry I was gathering laundry, is this they guy?" Bella asked nodding her head in Lokis direction.
Tony nodded.
"Yeah this is Leon."
It was not until Loki heared his 'name' that he turned. When he did, he felt the need to blink a few times to realise what he was looking at. Bella moved the hamper so that it rested on her hip, and with her other hand made its way for Loki to shake it.
"Hi, Im Bella." Loki just stared at her for a moment, taking in her form. She was not what he had expected. Bella had medium length blonde hair. He eyes where a light blue color and they were shaped in a way that almost made her seem mysterious. She was taller than he expected, standing at about 5'10 give or take an inch and her body was slender but curved, completed with olive skin. Loki took the womans hand and shook it.
"Hello, I am Leon." Bella gave him an akward smile.
"Ok, well, you can let go of my hand now." Loki quickly let go of her hand.
Stupid stupid stupid, get a hold of yourself Loki, you are a god. She is nothing but a mortal, a very attractive mortal. Damn it!
"Well here." Bella put down the hamper of clothes on the couch.
"Let me show you to your room."

Tony and Loki followed her to a small room. Its walls were white, and the had a small closet to the right. The wall infront of them had a small window. The cealing had a light that could be turned on with the switch set on the wall beside the door frame.
" I have an air mattress that you can use, and the closet is a pretty good size so it should be ok for now." Tony elbowed Loki and gave him a look.
"Oh, yes, Thank you." Bella smiled.
"Not a problem, at least not yet, we shall see how this works out. Ok, so follow me and youll see this is the study."
The room was not much bigger than Loki's and in his terms was not much of a study. There were two book shelves against the white walls and in between then was a desk that held what Loki recognised as a computer, along with a few piles of papper that were stacked in a slopy formation. There were also chairs that did not match to the left. One was a dark leather chair and the other was a cloth chair that had leg rests extending from it. Between the two chairs is a a plane brown and table with a small lamp on it and 2 costers. Bella turned around and walked out of the room.
"And over here is the bathroom."
Loki found it to be average sized. Red walls with a single window at the far end, a tub that also hade a shower part in it and one sink with a small mirror cabinate above it. Beside the sink was a white toliet with a red floor mat under it, one that matched the walls along with the other matt beside the tub. A larger cabinate was also there, it seemed to be where towels and other items were stored.
"And thats about it, my bedroom is over here and you have already seen the kitchen and living room."

Tony clapped his hands together.
"Well this is great, I'll just go grab Leon's suit case from the hall and I'll be on my way."
Loki watch as Bella reached for the hamper that she had rested on the couch.
"Where do you take that, I did not see a place in your home."
Bella looked down at the clothes then back to Loki.
"Oh, the laundry room is down stairs in the basement, its open to everyone in the building." Loki nodded.
Tony walked in with the black suit case filled with clothes and such that he had given to Loki to start off with. He could always go out and get more for himself later.
"Here is is." Tony said as it rolled in behind him.
"Ok, well the air matress is in the closet already so while I go put these in the wash why dont you help him get his stuff put away or whatever."
With that said Bella made her way out of the apartment and to the elevator. Tony looked at Loki.
"Ok, well lets get this done then."

Ok thast the first chapter follow, favorite, comment, and more!



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

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