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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 2 to have a friend

It has been 3 days since Loki moved in with Bella, and as he sat at the kitchen table, watching her put together breakfast, Loki realized he knew nothing about this woman. After long consideration Loki had come to terms with some things.
One, Bella was attractive, he would now openly admit that, it was a rare quality for humans and he was glad he ended up as fortunate as to be with her, rather than some average woman.
Secondly, Bella was a very, very good cook. She could make the most simplest thing into something great.
Finally she slept, a lot.
Bella was not home the past two nights and slept most of the day. Loki was surprised to see her up when he awoke.Loki was curious to know what she did at night that she couldn't do during the day. He found himself wanting to know more about the woman he shared a home with.
"So, Leon, tell me about yourself."Bella asked, placing eggs and bacon onto two plates. Oh, well that worked.
"I am a younger brother, my family is from Britain, and I am 28 years old."
Bella laughed and Loki liked the sound, Bella sat the plate of food in front of him and joined him at the table.
"Well OK, why did you come to America?" Loki shrugged.
"Why does anyone?" Bella shrugged.
"For better lives. There are people around the world with very little they can do with them self's." Loki nodded.
"I had a fine life, my father insisted I come here to learn about other..cultures." Bella smiled.
"Well that's cool. Um, have you thought of how your going to make money?" Loki silently cursed himself. He had not taken the time to think about how he would uptane currency.
"I will admit, not much." Bella reached behind her and grabbed a news paper.
"Well, you can look in here to see if there are any jobs available, or you can look on the computer. Did you go to any type of schooling or collage for a specific career choice?" Loki looked down at the paper.
Oh you know, just some magic and battle teachings.
"Not really."

The paper had a few different job openings on it, most though, were personal adds for house cleaning, cooks, and care for children. Loki looked up at Bella who was eating her breakfast.
"What do you do?" Bella looked up at him.
"Oh I am a comedian." Loki was not formilure with the term. Clearly his confusion was visible.
"I make people laugh for a living, you know when I leave at night, I am going to a club to do my show."
She was a joust? A fool? They have those?
"I know its not ideal, but I like to make people laugh. My mother hates it. How are you with your mother because mine cant stand me." Loki gave her a doubtful look.
"My mother is not pleased with me at the moment but I doubt yours has any problem with you." Bella sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.
"Ok get this, I'm my family there is my brother, CEO of fuck-in one of the top companies in the world, has 5 beautiful kids, all his and from the same woman, and coaches little league. My sister, 2nd grade teacher 2 beautiful kids, tutors def kids and works at homeless shelters. The there is me, My best friend is gay, I have no kids and people pay me to say fuck on TV."
Loki tried his best to hold back his laughter, but it was no use. He began laughing full heartily. Bella smiled.

An hour or so later Loki sat in font of the TV with Bella as they watched a movie called Are we there yet.
"I would have sent those kids to be severely punished." Loki said in disgust as he watched.
"I see why you have chosen not to have any children of your own." Loki gave a small glance at Bella who did not reply to the comment, but instead looked in deep thought.
A moment went by when her door swung open.
"Hellllooo!" Bella looked up and smiled as two figures walked in.
One was a thin male with short black hair, the other was a woman who was on the shorter side and had dark brown hair, she wore a red suit jacket with matching skirt that matched her bright red lipstick.
"Honey! I'm hooomme!" Her voice was nasal and Loki found it rather annoying to the ear. The males voice was not very deep, and Loki assumed he was the homosexual Bella had mentioned.
"Oh and who is this cutie booty over here!" Bella got up and hugged her two friends.
"Linda, Jack, this is Leon, he is staying here for a while." Linda placed herself an the arm of the couch and held her hand up.
"How do you do." Her voice in an attempt to be seductive. Loki was about to take her hand when she was pushed off the couch and replaced with Jake.
"I do well." Loki's eyes widened a little as he scooted away from the arm.
"Jake he isn't gay, I don't think." Bella took a moment to think.
"Yeah, I don't think so." Jack turned to her.
"I'll be the judge of that." Linda placed her hands on her hips after she got up.
"And you! Where have you been?" Bella raised an eyebrow.
"Riding a llama in Never land. Where do you think? I was working." Linda rolled her eyes.
"So is this your new man candy?" Bella laughed as she looked at Loki trying desperately to get away from Jack.
"No, I just met him a few days ago. Linda clapped.
"Oh! It's the oldest story in the book. Boy meets girl. Boy wants girl to do dominatrix film. Girls says, "Naked?" Boy says, "Yeah." Girl says, "No way." Boy says, "Okay how about you just wear this rubber dress and beat this old guy with a scrub brush?" Girl says, "How hard?"" Bella stops and takes in what Linda just said.
"What?!?" Jack finally gets up and hugs Bella from behind.
"You want to go out tonight? We could grab an Italian. And then go for dinner after wards." He giggled evilly.
Bella smirked. "Sorry guys but I think I'm going to pass." Linda pouted.
"Fine,then lets do Shots!" Loki frowned. "Its 11 in the morning."

The alcohol didn't take long to kick in as the four laid around in the living room. Jack played with Bella blonde hair. "You're so generous for letting this cute homeless man stay here. I swear, if you weren't Athiest, you'd definitely go to heaven." Bella nodded.
"Thanks, Jack. And if you weren't gay, you'd go there too." Linda stared at Loki with bug eyes.
Loki looked back awkwardly.
"Your drunk." He stated.
"Your sexy." She replied and continued to stare.
Loki looked over to Bella who looked to be in another world. She looked over to him and smiled. She had such a nice smile.
"Having fun?" Loki gave a dry laugh.
"Tons." Jack got up abruptly.
"OK I am bored and I know just what to do!" Bella yawned.
"What?" Jack raced over to the TV and looked through the DVDs.
"Lets watch Isabella be entertaining." Bella's head went back.
"Oh gosh, really Jack?"

Loki, Bella Jack and Linda watched Bella as she did her stand up routine. An hour and a half of random fits.

'You know I hear this thing about kids all the time. Oh children are our future.' She pauses for a moment and licks her lips. 'Children are not our future, and I can prove it with my usual, flawless logic. Children can't be our future, because by the time the future arrives, they won't be children anymore, so BLOW ME'

'In today's America, no child ever loses. There are no losers anymore. Everyone's a winner. No matter what the game or sport or competition, everybody wins. Everybody wins, everybody gets a trophy, no one is a loser. No child these days ever gets to hear those all-important, character building words: "You lost, Bobby!"
"You lost, you're a loser, Bobby!" They miss out on that. You know what they tell a kid who lost these days? "You were the last winner." A lot of these kids never get to hear the truth about themselves until they're in their twenties. When their boss calls them in and says "Bobby, clean the shit out of your desk and get the fuck out of here, you're a loser."'

Linda and jack burst into laughter, Bella smiles and Loki chuckles softly.

'Now, speaking of parents and speaking of bullshit, two ideas that aren't always mutually exclusive, by the way, I'd like to mention a special kind of bullshit that has taken hold in this country in the last thirty to forty years. It's a form of bullshit that really can only be called "child worship". It's child worship. It's this excessive devotion to children.' Loki smirked at this. 'I'm talking about today's professional parents, these obsessive diaper sniffers who are over-scheduling and over-managing their children and robbing them of their childhoods.Even the simple act of playing has been taken away from children, and put on mommy's schedule in the form of "play dates". Something that should be spontaneous and free is now being rigidly planned. When does a kid ever get to sit in the yard with a stick anymore?You know? Just sit there with a fucking stick. Do today's kids even know what a stick is? You sit in the yard with a fucking stick... and you dig a fucking hole. You know?And you look at the hole, and you look at the stick... and you have a little fun. But kids don't have sticks anymore. I don't think there are any sticks left; I think they've all be recalled because of lead paint!Who would have thought that one day, the manufacturing of sticks would outsourced to China?'

The last part Loki did not understand very well, but everyone else seemed to find it rather amusing.

'Personally, when it comes to rights, I think one of two things is true: I think either we have unlimited rights, or we have no rights at all. Personally, I lean toward unlimited rights - I feel, for instance, I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. So where you gonna find a fairer fucking deal than that? So the next time some asshole says to you, "I have a right to my opinion," you say, "Oh yeah? Well, I have a right to my opinion, and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion." Then shoot the fuck and walk away!'

The four watched this for about a hour and a half, cracking up and enjoying the company. When it was over Jack and Linda were passed out on the floor. Bella way half asleep herself but managed to get up. Loki stood as well and followed her to the kitchen. Bella rubbed her eyes.
"Well I think I am going to take a nap, um there is food in the fridge if your hungry, I.. I'm sorry, for my friends they can be a little much." Loki smiled a little.
"Its fine, their fine." Bella nodded.
" Night Leon." Loki frowned a little.
"Good night." Bella made her way to her room and fell to her bed.
Loki looked at the time and found it to only be around 4. Loki grabbed the news paper and made his way to his room.He scanned the jobs that were available with boredom.

  • line cook & dishwasher (Logan Square)
  • Compensation Manager at ADP Dealer Services
  • Upper Level Science Instructor
The last option caught Loki's eye. A Science instructor? How better to learn how mortals thing then to go and gather ideas of science from younger ones. That is what he would do. Loki would read up on the subjects involving science, he was sure to be able to find something with Bella's help. Loki tossed the paper to the side and stared up at the ceiling. He wondered how long he would be here, how long it would take him to not only leave Bella, but earth in general. Unable to sleep Loki went back to the living room. Linda and Jack were still passed out. Loki sat on the couch and turned on the TV. He flipped through many channels, looking for something to watch. Nothing looked to be of interest. Looking over Loki noticed a large set of Grey's Anatomy DVD's. e curiously picked up the box labled one and read the back. Interested enough he opened the box and popped in the first disk.

Bella woke at 3am in a daze. Her head pounded slightly. She walked to the bathroom and took some Ibprofins. Walking out Bella noticed the glow of the TV from the living room along with some voices. When she looked she saw that Jack and Linda where gone but Leon sat on the couch, watching Greys Anatomy with an intence gaze.
"Leon?" He looked back at her for a moment.
"Hum?" Bella crossed her arms and leaned against the wall with one eyebrow raised.
"How long have you been watching this?" Leon shrugged.
"A few hours, it is very interesting. This woman, she helps people, but is so distracted with other problems. Her own mother has forgotten her. Even when she is standing right there." Bella nodded.
"Well, yeah, she has Alzheimer's disease." Leon paused the show.
"Is this a common thing in your reality?" Bella blinked. She was not expecting that, common in my reality?
"Um, yeah, I would assume it was common in your reality to, or do not many English people get that?" Leon shook his head.
"'I am not fumilure with it." Bella walked over and sat next to Leon and sighed.
"Well, as we get older, every once in a while a person gets Alzheimer's. Its when parts of your brain, usually the part that holds your memories.." Bella tried to find the right way to put it.
"it's the most common form of Dementia. You can have long term memory loss." Loki did his best to understand.
"Do you know someone with this?" Bella nodded.
"My grandmother had it. I would go visit her and she wouldn't know who I was. She died last year."
Loki was unsure on how to act. He was not in touch with his emotions, and was not the person people came to during sad times. Loki placed his cold hand on top her her warm one and tried to give her a small smile. This guesture seemed to work, because Bella smiled back.

"I'm going to the store do you want anything?" Bella called out as she grabbed her keys. Loki stepped out to be seen by Bella, wearing a suit and tie.
"Well don't you look all snazzy, got plans today?" Leon nodded.
"Yes, I have an appointment for a job this afternoon." Bella smiled.
"Oh! That's great, well good luck, like I said I am just going over to the store to pick up some things. Did you want anything?" Leon shook his head.
"Nothing imparticular." Bella nodded.
"Alright, um, do you need a ride?" Loki took a moment to think.
"Yes, actually." Loki followed Bella to her car. It was a small 2 door Honda that is the color blue. Bella smiled at Loki. "Thats my baby, nothing special but I keep good care of her."
Loki nodded but said nothing. Why does she refer to this inadimate object as a female? They got into the car that was all black on the inside, except for the poka dot seat covers.
"Why are these here?" Leon asked pointing at them. Bella looked at her covers.
"Oh, so that when its hot I dont burn myself trying to sit down. Not many small cars like this have material covers anymore, just leather." Leon nodded and Bella raised an eyebrow at him. This man was so odd, he acted as though he was from a completly different planet.

Bella dropped Leon off at the address he had given her and drove away. Loki looked at the building, it was small compared to most of the buildings in this city, rising at only 3 floors. Loki walked in with curiousity. The lobby area was rather dark and empty besides a few leather chairs surrounding a coffee table. A desk with a woman behind it sat at the far end. She was a heavier woman with glasses and red hair in a tight bun. Her sweater looked old and wrinkly. Loki walked to the desk and looked at the woman, who gave him no attention. He scratched his throat.
"Ehem." The woman looked up at him with a bored expression.
"I am here to see the head of this establishment for a job." The woman looked at her computer.
"Leon." The woman lookd back at him.
"Leon what?" Loki glared at the woman.
"Just. Leon." The woman rolled her eyes.
"I dont see an appointment just Leon." Loki's glare hardened.
"Look here you!"
"Excuse me, is there a problem here?" A mans voice said. Loki turned to see an older man, maybe in his 60's standing there in his gray suit looking that the two.
"No sir, this man came here for a job, he doesnt have an appointment though." The man laughed.
"I am not busy right now, its fine. Come on up son, lets talk." Loki glared at the woman one last time before leaving with the man.

Loki followed the man to an elevator where he took him to the third floor. The walled down the hall to an office that Loki assumed was his.
"My name is Carl Hilmen, I am the dean of this school, so tell me, what is it you want." Carl walked over to his desk and sat down in the chair, leaning forward and rsting his elbows on the hard wood.
"My name is Leon and I am here for a job in the area of science." The man raised an eybrow at him.
"And what experiance do you have teaching young minds?" Loki cursed himself.
"Enough." Carl frowned slightly.
"I can not hier someone who has no experiance teaching children, let alone one who does not even have degree in teaching." Loki said nothing, he simply gott up and began to walk out.
"Young man!" Loki turned around with an annoyed expression.
"If you expect to get any jobs around here, you are going to have to be more qualified." Loki considered this.
"How do you suppose I do that?" The old man placed his hand on Loki's shoulder.
"Here is what I will do, you can work here, but not as a teacher. You can help out around here, maybe even tutor if I see you know your stuff. Help out the other teachers. Its not much but it will get you some cash." Loki was shocked st the mans kindness. The man did not know Loki, or at least he didnt think he did, and yet he was offering him away to make currency.
"Thank you." Carl nodded.
"Yes, well I expect you here Monday at 7am sharp." Loki nodded before turning to leave again.

Bella carefully placed the food away. She herd the door open and looked over to the living room.
"Leon?" Leon looked at her.
"Yes, it is I." Bella smiled.
"How did it go, the interview I mean." Leon sat down at the table.
"Well actually. I did not get the job I intended but a different one. I am expected Moday at 7am." Bella rushed over and hugged Leon.
"Oh thats so great!" Loki did not expect the hug, and didnt know how to respond, of course it was over as quick as it came. Bella held Lokis face in her hands.
"I am really happy for you Leon." Loki looked at the softness in her eyes, and felt a bit of warmth fill him. A warmth he wasnt formilure with.
Is this it? is this what its like to have a friend?

Ok Thats the second chapter, remember follow, favorite, comment!



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

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Chapter 3 was really good.

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